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For Clean Green Renewable and Sustainable Energy: A British Business Leadership Called Scottish Power GREEN: The Humanion Congratulates Its Visionary Leadership in Effectively Declaring Those Who Burry Their Heads in the Dirty Fossil Fuel are Minding Into Dinosaurs and Heading for Extinction












|| October 17: 2018 || ά. The first British Energy Company, Scottish Power has made the news by becoming the first of the large energy suppliers of the United Kingdom, that has effectively and successfully called it a day for dirty fossil energy. From now on Scottish Power to supply 100% energy from clean, green and sustainable sources. The Humanion would like to congratulate the visionary leadership of this company, that understood that the future is not in the grasp of those, who are seeking to ‘frack’ their way into profiteering without regards to what the cost is: fossil fuel is dead. DEAD. Those, who can not see few centimetres away and ahead into the future are still seeking to burry their heads into their ‘fracking away’ through the dirty fossil fuel mud are doing nothing but heading towards extinction. The green energy is not only sustainable and the future but, also, it has become the most competitive in prices. No one can beat clean and green energy now. Let the competition begin.

And, we are delighted that Scottish Power has started this revolution. Within the shortest possible time frame, not decades but years, the United Kingdom’s people will show where to direct their consumption of energy needs and the dinosaurs of the field will, unless, they wake up and stop wasting energy and resources and invest fast and hard into securing green energy, disappear into oblivion, regardless of their ‘mortal grasp on consumers through horrible tariffs and contracts. It is time the energy companies wake up and realise that Scottish Power has, in effect, declared that the GREEN REVOLUTION has effectively begun as of the day it declared going 100% Green, Sustainable and Renewable energy.

It is time the United Kingdom Government wakes up and abandon this ‘madness’ about fossil fuel and fracking destruction and nuclear energy and cease the opportunity to join in this revolution. And, to go with it, it is high time the United Kingdom Government invest in stopping diesel and patrol vehicles and usher in an era of ‘turbo-charging’ the electric vehicles and to support that public transports of all manners and forms, must be, revolutionised so that it is free for every citizen. If, they ask how is it going to be funded: simply, tell them, if, they did not know how to, they better make way for people, who can. Because it can be done and it must be done. It is time, it is high time to end this debacle of air pollution, literally, choking the nation. Let public transport be free for all and declare a war against fossil fuel transportations and begin the green electrification of all transport systems.:::ω.

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|| July 31: 2018 || ά. The Humanion does not ‘publish’ any distorteddia-run advertising nor shall it ever do: because as a newspaper we would like to know who is advertising and who is paying for this advertisement, as well as, what is being advertised so that we have a say as to what is and is not let to advertise. For instance, if, someone or some agency pays to advertise for a ‘miracle’ cure for cancer, The Humanion has a say in it so that it shall reject that advertisement while, if, a community group seeking to advertise a community festival or empowerment programme The Humanion would offer them a discounted rate. Even, in advertisements, the news agency has an editorial role and duty to perform. Whereby, if, an agency, without any real existence, without an office and any location or member of staff, wants to advertise something or other, a responsible news media organisation will not give advertising space to such an entity. But in the distorteddia conglomerate anyone, who can pay, can and does advertise and people, without realising, keep on clicking and keep on making them money and keep on increasing their profits and the more they make the better their share prices get, by which they make a killing as well.

This way, these companies, despite the fact that they have a true worth of a fragment of what they claim to be worth, amass an enormous amount of money simply from the share market and their share price going up, which increases their ‘total worth’, even, to a higher height while their true worth remains as fragmentary as before. In this the entire ‘vasal-state’ by the rest of the world, we are using ‘vasal-state’ simply to show how the rest of the world appears to exist, as, if, simply to support these distorteddia conglomerate to make a killing by supporting, validating, promoting and free-advertising them and giving them ‘prestige’, ‘legitimacy’ and ‘authority and status’, by which the distorteddia get everything and everyone join its net so that they can catch and draw in the ‘money’ and in this the genuine news media agencies are being starved off and a whole lot of outlets have been disappearing and will continue to do so unless and until we wake up and seek to do something to reverse these  desperate harms most systemically done in the most dangerous way for without free, professional, valid, legitimate, transparent, accountable and verifiable press, media and investigative journalism, there can not possibly exist a democratic society for how do the people, the public, the individuals, the communities, the families and all other agencies to know what is happening in society and then make informed choices about the issues? These distorteddia have been let to weed out the garden and it has got to a desperate state and dangerously close to almost kill off the entire ‘free press and news media outlets’ through their profiteering and their support and letting the fake news and data manipulation and abuse and herding of the people and in manipulating the democratic debates and discourse and processes, as well as, the proper functioning of the judiciary.

And when we speak of the news media we must remember that they come in many different mediums: there are print and online-print media, there are radios and there are televisions and there are many outlets that are doing so online. And in them there are national and international newspapers and media agencies, there are national ones, there are supranational ones, there are regional ones, there are provincial ones and local ones and specialist ones and so on. Most of them have been disappearing and those, that are still struggling to survive are friendless for no one seems to take it on board that, democracy always relates to a state, that regulates the total ‘creative output’ of the nation and democracy is the means by which this regulation is to be done, then this state, this national creative output has a duty, job, obligation to do in order to have that ‘vital organ’ of that democracy supported: that vital organ is the bona fide media and press but it is not getting it now. It has been abandoned to the ‘wolves’. It is time this changes and a debate takes place as to whether it is time this state, from the local parish council to the largest of the government body, the central government, every single one has a duty and responsibility to ensure that national, international, regional, provincial and all local news and media outlets are supported not as a charity but the way a Parliament or Broadcasting Corporation or BBC or the Arts Council is supported by statutory means, from that ‘national creative outputs’ so that they remain effective and active and as vital organ of that democratic society and so that they can perform their roles and duties as part of the democratic system and culture.

For without the press the public and the communities will have all leaflets printed out and sent through them by post by various parties and groups, they will have all the manifestoes and programmes and no one will be any wiser as to what these are and why these are there and whether these are all made-up geese or real geese and they will have distorteddia assault added to it all and there is nothing else. There is no scrutiny, there is no debate, no public discourse, there is no way to investigate wrong doing, collusion, corruption, abuse of power and much more besides. It is time this debate begins and people in the media begin to join in this debate for this can not go on as this. It is time to stand up and fight back: The Criterion has been challenged and almost been devastated but the distorteddia has had its field day: no more: it is time the quality, the value, the good or The Criterion is brought back. That is verifiable, transparent, accountable, professional and bona fide journalism: it is done as a ‘public’ service as a ‘service’ to the people and to democracy and democratic society so that people are aware of the reality of a society and the issues, agendas and debates about all socio-political, socio-economic, socio-cultural, socio-artistic and socio-creative issues so that they can engage in the social, political, economic, cultural and artistic discourse and debate and make conscious and informed choices, without such ‘a vital organ’ of a democratic society, without that free press and media they can not do this.

Back to advertising: If, an agency, a business advertises directly with The Humanion we shall know who the agency is because they will have to pay for the advertisement to The Humanion and there is no other hiding place. There’s no ‘murky’ going on. The newspaper or radio or television taking advertisement does not and can not ever guarantee any number of ‘response’ for a particular advertisement but can only present it to an audience. A print newspaper, for example, prints an advertisement and the readers will read it or, they, may, choose to skip it but chances are that those, who were in need of this product or service will notice it. And this one particular reader, listener or viewer, may not, respond to this advertisement now but this is how it works: the Churchill’s Dog advertisement went on and on and on for years, on and on. This to-be-driver read, heard and viewed it and, yet, he did not even drive so he did not or could respond. But as soon as he had passed and got a car he could only remember the Churchill’s Dog and called their number and got an insurance from them.

This is olden days but these days things have become murky and fishy in every way and along the way the distorteddia has come about and the entire world got themselves tangled in their web and they have been making trillions of pounds and everyone ran to advertise with them so that they became the ‘landlords’ and everyone else became their ‘vassal’ ‘outlets’ vying for their ‘click-pennies’ while they made billions. This way the entire range of news media agencies, newspapers, radios and televisions all got devastated and no one sees anything wrong with it. The Financial Times, for example, is a bona fide newspaper and, if, it publishes a story on anything there is every evidence for the public to believe that that story to be true and it can be verified and, if, there is found to be any error, there is every chance and possibility that FT will correct it, particularly, if, it were shown to them. If, they advertise some product the readers will know that company A paid FT for that advertisement and not the ‘murky’ government of ‘Mr Novrosky’ or the others during an election time. Now, it is all in a mess and no one knows who is advertising whose products and who is paying and why are they paying and, yet, they all are making obscene amount of money for the distorteddia conglomerate.

This all has ensured that the phenomenon of fake news became an issue and it begun to devastate the entire democratic systems through its manipulative power and herded people towards directed outcomes at elections and many other public debates and discourse. It is time the world, the entire news media agencies of all types, print, online, of all types, radios and televisions, must work together and claim back their valid, legitimate and professional position and state in the democratic process and culture and demand that agencies, bodies, businesses and all manners of government bodies and public bodies advertise directly with them and support to strengthen the bona fide press and media agencies otherwise the entire distorteddia will keep on strangling the entire democratic society and democratic culture. It is time the news media agencies gather their strength and stop and demand that all agencies, that advertise to do so directly with the news media agencies they would like to advertise and not ‘waste’ their advertising budget to ‘fatten’ the distorteddia conglomerate and help ‘strangle’ the ‘vital democratic organ’ of a democratic society, which is the bona fide news media agencies, publications and organisations, that provide a ‘public service’ as a service to the public. There is no qualitative difference between the job The Guardian or The Financial Times or The Scotsman or The Economist or The Humanion provides to the public than any other public service: the youth centre provides a public service and the youth workers and youth work managers and those elected to lead and keep these workers and managers accountable will have no clue as to what’s happening across the country around youth work, the issues and the agenda and the debates and discourse going on until and unless they are aware of what have been published in these news publications, that would deal with these issues. Take them away and you are leaving the entire society in an imposed but deadly dangerous darkness and this is a scary and dangerous scenario, even, to imagine! 

Further, all the business agencies and many others, bodies, organisations, institutions, institutes, foundations, trusts, banks, universities and the rest must ask themselves how they use their multi-billion-pound annual advertising budgets? Do they keep on fattening the privately owned or even share-holding companies or do they use it to reach the same public but through the proper, professional, bona fide, transparent and accountable journalistic and news agencies and this way these agencies will not suffocate and get strangled towards the end for many would not be able to survive in the long run because it costs resources and money to have a professional journalistic staff to gather news, investigate and authenticate and finally write, edit and design and publish materials. It all costs money and advertising revenue is a major way to get that income. In spending their advertising budget each and every single business leader, every single corporate leadership, every single CEO, every single leadership of any and all agencies must become aware that the money they have to spend for advertising is a resource of this very society, a democratic society and the most fundamental, most vital and most paramount duty we all have is this: that we use every penny of that vital social resource to support, enable and enhance this very democratic society, which, we have shown, can not exist and function as a democratic society, if, there is no bona fide press and media.

And, they all have a duty, therefore, to ‘invest’ that advertising money with two aims: to get their services and products and company advertised but, at the same time, do so supporting that vital organ of a democratic society: the free and bona fide news media agencies and not to ‘fatten’ the distorteddia conglomerate. All these agencies must change and advertise with the news media agencies directly. And here the news media agencies must stop ‘collecting click-pennies’ and demand this change. Free Press and Independent news media agencies are no one’s ‘vasal’ and should get offended that they have to remain free and independent by collecting ‘click-pennies’ from ‘the landlord’ of the distorteddia jungle! It is time Tesco or Sainsburys or British Airways or Virgin Atlantic or all other similar agencies  advertises directly with The Guardian or The Economist or the Mirror or The Times or The Elleesium Radio or The Manchester Teleview or Whatever Is Printing Unprinted. It is time Virgin Media, Barclays Bank or Lloyds or all others This or the other, all businesses wake up and take up their social and community existence seriously. This editorial is the beginning of this shift: There can not but be a Criterion: Ours is a democratic society under the rule of law in reality where individuals, families, communities and agencies exist in a mutually and socially fostered ecology of common goodness, respect, honour and decency where we have a set, established, accepted and practised out criteria of behaving and conducting ourselves and the business of existing in a civic society. Every soul and every agency has a duty, has a job and has a choice in this to do the best to foster, support, nurture, empower and enhance this Criterion and The Humanion and Regine Humanics Foundation invite every soul and every agency to begin this new challenge to dehumanisation and distortification and being redirecting society, social intercourse, debates, discourse, exchanges and interchanges towards the empowerment of this very democratic society in reality, the individuals, the families, the communities and all agencies humaned, run and led by humanity, none which can be done, if, there is no free and independent and bona fide press and media present.

If, these communities, who advertise or rather who have these advertising budgets, who make decisions where and how or how much to advertise keep on following the same route and practices and keep on advertising and fattening the distorteddia conglomerate the future of the free press, media and journalism is going to be bleak and that bleakness will darken the democratic society and direct and dictate its demise into a jungle. And the distorteddia conglomerate will get the public speak Orwellian ‘duck speech’ and no one will know whether it is ‘duck speech’ or ckud screech’! This is where the choice resides: people, might, say, this is why The Humanion has no advertisement: well, we have taken a stand and we invite everyone to take a stand and let us make a start. As the headline of this piece says: you choose to create a garden the weed needs not any such work: it just grows and, for absolutely free, it eats away the garden. The entire democratic society, democratic culture and democratic debates, discourse and public education is under ‘terminal’ threat unless people, agencies and individuals make a choice, make a stand and do: support creating the garden so to ensure weed does not grow and kills off the garden all together.

And, to end this piece, this relates to the single reader, the one and the individual reader: this is where your choice matters: The Humanion is a daily newspaper ‘printed’ online but it is more than that: it aspires to be a twenty-four-seven eternal open and ongoing University of Life and the Universe: Our readers are eternal learners because they believe humanity, as we do, is an infinity unfolding itself and being part of that humanity we can not but be eternal learners and keep on learning. The Humanion is Free to read, that does not mean it can sustain itself without generating ‘financial’ resources because everything requires resources. If, it is free, ask yourself, will it remain in publication, if, it fails to achieve the resources it requires to sustain itself? The brutal truth is, it can not go on forever without the resources being found: And then what happens: it won’t be there and then there is no free for the Reader of The Humanion. So, it is free and, yet, it asks your support and you can pay for a voluntary subscription or make a voluntary contribution. This is a conscious decision, a conscious choice to do something: to support creating a garden and stopping the weed growing wild and eating away the garden. It is up to each one of us to make a choice, take a stand and do something: support creating a garden for this is the only way to stop weed eating everything away.

But The Humanion and Regine Humanics Foundation shall carry on going for the tiny little seed, that we had planted germinated and grew and braved through the stormy and troubled weathers and waters and it kept on growing and it is now a young little plant and it shall carry on going and growing and it will not cease until the landscape of today’s distorteddia dictation and strangulation of the free, independent and bona fide news media agencies and press are re-established and a change in the ecology in the business world, where business leaders will take more and more socially sustainable approach to how we do business and societies will accept that free and independent media and press are vital and fundamental part of a democratic society and governance system and culture and that society, that state, that governments of all layers have a duty, an obligation and an imperative to support, nurture and enhance this vital organ by allocating on the basis of a ‘statute’, a ‘fragment’ of that ‘national creative output’ we mentioned so that they can exist on a statutory basis and not as a charity case! And as part of that things will begin to change and in this each reader, each person, each individual, each agency, everyone has something to do: ask companies why they do not advertise in the press and media and why are they fattening the distorteddia? Why are they not advertising in Sussex Radio? Why have they stopped advertising in The Inverness Chronicle? Why did they stop advertising in The Highland Gazette? Every change begins as a nano-idea: this is the time to bring back The Criterion: it is time to take a stand and keep faith in humanity and keep on resolutely going forward. Regine Humanics Foundation and The Humanion shall keep on going and keep on speaking of the future not as dictated by the dehumanised distorteddia conglomerate but as seen from the viewpoint of humanity being an infinity unfolding itself. Keep on going for we are an infinity unfolding itself. :::ω.

: Regine Humanics Foundation and The Humanion invite all the fellow news, media and press outlets of the world, that  are committed to democracy, democratic society, democratic values and culture and in an independent, free and fearless press and media and in the power of knowledge, learning and human connections, interactions and empowerment through eternal learning but no other 'agency, body or publication', that are opposed to such ideas and ideals, in every country of the world to republish this editorial as it is published here without changing a ‘,’ of it, with the credit exactly as this and link to the address in which it has been published:

The Humanion Editorial: August 01: 2018: Leader Writer: Munayem Mayenin: Editor: The Humanion: London: England: United Kingdom: Advertise in The Humanion: In Any Other Valid Bona Fide Professional Transparent and Accountable News Media and Press Organisations Because You Create and Sustain Good Simply Because a Garden is Always Created But Weed Grows on Its Own and On the Way Destroys the Garden:

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The Two Entities That Have the True Constitutional Power to Give the Constitutional Authority to the UK Government are the Houses of Parliament and the People: Neither Has Given That Authority to the Conservative Party Government to Get the UK Crash Out of the European Union Without a Deal: Therefore It Shall Be Unconstitutional and Therefore the Government Can Not But and Must Go Back to the People for Whether They Want to Leave the EU Without a Deal or Not




|| July 25: 2018: || ά. Today both of the Houses of Parliament have had their last sessions of this sitting before rising for recess until Tuesday, September 04. All the peers and the MPs are now off to their summer holidays and there is the long and winding summer in which the country is left in a ‘white-paper-noise’ where the European Referendum keeps on brewing the same negativity and waste of all positive energy of all spheres. But one hopes that all the members of both of the Houses have set off their holidays realising that the tectonic plates of the UK landscapes spread inside each citizen of the country had been shifting all this time since the Referendum and has now reached a qualitative point of no-reversal: the House they are now leaving is not on the same earth as the people today and, thus, the people of the UK shall have their say and no politician has the power to stop this happening.

The tectonic plates have shifted and the groundwork got rearranged: it is abundantly clear that this government can not get its act together for they are unofficially two governments in an ‘agreed-hostility’, but it’s a terminal truce. This is why it is very likely that they will fail in getting to agree a deal with the European Union because they are unable to accept what they ‘can’ or ‘can not’ want because of their terminal division and they would rather have a no deal and crash out of the EU, yet, this crashing out is an outright and absolute disregard and abandonment of the duty, that a Government owes to its people, if, it calls itself a democratic one. Furthermore, what no one so far has postulated in clear terms: that a no deal break out of the EU would be clearly unconstitutional simply because the ‘constitutional authority’ in the UK law is derived from two sources: either the Parliament gives this authority by passing a law into the statute book so that the Government has the authority to do something as profound as Exiting the European Union or the people themselves give this authority directly through a Referendum or in a General Election.

In this current scenario the Parliament did not give any such consent for the Government to pursue a no deal crashing out and this Article Fifty Bill is nothing of that sort since it does not at all say that the Government could crash out of the EU, if, a deal is not agreed. Further, hypothetically, with the current arithmetic of the Houses, the Government is quite unable to pass any deal, if, it were able to negotiate one at all, pass through these Houses and in this case that deal is thrown out and then there is no deal and then what? But, most importantly, the other party, that has the authority to give that constitutional authority is the people, who did not give that authority either. The European Union Referendum merely asked the people whether they would like the UK to remain in the EU or leave. The majority, albeit, a tiny one, voted to leave but they did not clearly and surely vote to leave in which UK crashes out without a deal or with no deal. At a Court of Law it won’t require much of an argument to satisfy the Court to accept that that EU Referendum can not be taken as a mandate or authority given by the people to crash our of the EU in such an absolutely dangerous way, that will diminish the entire nation and impact seriously negatively on every single citizen of this country nor can it be difficult to establish at the same Court of Law that the Article Fifty legislation does not contain that authority given by the Parliament either to crash out of the EU with a No Deal.

It is utterly absurd to say that the ‘will of the people’ was this: that the government crashes out of the EU with a no-deal nightmare. The Government does not have that authority. The Parliament has, which has not given it and it is highly likely to not ever give it and the people have not given it; they said, yes, to leave the EU but no to crash out without  a deal because the people have not been asked that question yet. This means this: that there is either going to be some form of deal, which the Government can not get through Parliament or there is no deal: in either case: where does the country go: crash out! No, this, as we have postulated already, is clearly unconstitutional and can be challenged at the Court and, were such challenge to be made at the Court the UK Government can not do anything until the Court gives its verdict despite there being a date to depart the EU. Because UK Government is a Constitutional and Democratic Government and it can not act outside the Constitution, meaning without proper political process and authority, which for the major and vital decisions of national and international significance, come either from the Parliament or from the people directly.

Now, since both of the Houses of Parliament, the Upper House and the House of Commons are equally divided in favour of leaving the EU and in favour of not leaving and this divide has divided all the major parties: the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and all others and along with that the entire country has been divided in that two opposing types. And further to this division Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain while England and Wales voted to Leave. But what has been happening through the months since the Referendum is this that people have begun to realise and see the emergence of new body of evidence as to what it really meant and going to mean for the UK to leave the EU, as well as, showing how much complex this entire process is and how wide a spectrum of life and living are involved and impacted by the UK’s membership of the European Union and how far and wide this reaches and what a terrible nightmare it would be to find the UK crashed out of that body without a deal! In addition to all the propaganda, half-truths, full blown lies and fantastical claims about this, that and the other of the benefits of leaving, that influenced the Referendum outcome, are now seen in ‘cool’ heads; all this meant that the tectonic plates began to shift and now this has reached a qualitative juncture of no-reversal.

The Government can not follow the course they are desperately seeking and failing to follow. And because of this tectonic shift taking place there are voices, getting louder and stronger and more organised, unified and unison demanding that the people have their final say. There are many terms being used, a second referendum, a people’s vote, a final say or the other but what it ought to mean is this: that the government tried in this mess, that they had made and failed to do anything in order to reach a deal. They fail and they will fail but they do not have the authority to get the UK crash out of the EU: we repeat that the only two entities in the UK have this power alone: the Parliament and the people: the parliament is divided and unable to make a final call so there is the people: it is not a second referendum but the second part of the first one: which is, you wanted the UK to leave the EU: do you want the UK to leave the EU without a deal or you would rather stick with the EU. Then both the of the two groups of people, who voted for opposing side have the opportunity to say whether they wanted the UK to leave the EU without a deal or they would rather not leave at all.

There is no other constitutional way out of this conundrum, that the Conservative Party had created and in, by and for which they have been consumed in fighting between themselves and along the way the country has had no effective government since the Referendum but two camps fighting tooth and nail and running parallel governments frozen in and by their own agendas. It is time the Government gives up pretending and go back to the real ‘Sovereign’ of this United Kingdom, the people and let them give their Constitutional Consent and on that let the country go forward out of this frozen state of waste. It is time: now for the people to bring an end to this utter, absolute, pointless and tragic waste of national spirit, energy and creativity into all negativity. It is time to bring reason and rationality and let the people speak and decide.

This is the new shifted and rearranged tectonic plates of the UK today as the members of both Houses leave for their holidays. Back on Monday, September 03,  the United Kingdom and the people of this country will begin a new week in autumn and in that new landscape no more pushing and shouting and screaming and using emotive, explosive and expletive language: but the acceptance: it is time to let the people decide. :::ω.

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The Conservative Government: The Beginning of the End Has Begun: But the Country Must Demand a General Election



|| July 09: 2018 || ά. So, it has begun: the departures, one after the other, the Secretaries leaving their government as the Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May tries to brave it off despite the earth quake, that shakes the foundation of her government and her party’s base, as well as, shattering her already non-existent authority. She has appointed a replacement for Mr Davis Davies but another one went so that she found another ‘loyal’ to replace Mr Boris Johnson but she does not realise that her Party’s vital ‘officials’ are abandoning their posts one by one and soon it would begin a parade: a terminal mud slide.

How many is she going to replace? There are, surely, others, who will walk away. This is just the beginning: these faces are not alone and they are working in concert: the only person, who does not think this is the beginning of the end, is Mrs Theresa May. This is the beginning of the end of Mrs Theresa May’s premiership and with it her Conservative Government for whatever is to follo, it all can not but keep on adding to the desperate and irrevocable vacuum of authority of the Prime Minister, who can not remain in her post with that desperate state of diminished authority.

Whatever comes next, the Conservative Party will find itself with a new leader but this must bring an end to this Government. With the current desperate two-opposing party in the one Conservative Party, that new leader can not just simply form a new government because this will create the same paralysis of the last two years. The only way forward is for the country to go to a General Election and, instead of a second referendum or this or that vote about Exiting the European Union, let the parties fix their position as to where they stand and let them go to the people and let the people choose a government on their standing on this issue, as well as, other vital national issues so that without getting bogged down into the terminal waste of national energy and resources into a frozen territory of waste for years, there comes a new government, that has the mandate of the people as to what course to follow with regards to the European Union.

And in this the Conservative Party can not but officially get divided into two: one in favour of leaving the EU and the other on the not leaving. But in many ways, the last two years have shown this: that these two parts of the Conservative Party can not reconcile their positions; they have tried for many many years, particularly, the last two. And failed. But whatever they do is their party business but the country needs to go forward for the problems have been mounting high since over the last two years a frozen and paralysed government means that it did nothing to deal with and tackle these desperate problems, that the country is drowning in. There must be, after all these dramatic departures and positionings, headline making and manipulation of the airwaves and politicking, a new General Election, that can and will offer the country a clean and fresh break from the terrible waste of the last two years. There can not be a ‘replica’ Conservative Government to re-run the last two-years of mortal combat between two terminally opposed sides!

There must be a General Election and the sooner the better. All the political parties must ready themselves for a new General Election because the country has had enough of this grandest and saddest waste of national spirit, national resources and national sense of togetherness and purpose in something, that is utterly and completely a ‘negative exercise’ and in which everything is consumed while the people and country keep on suffering because the government is busy fighting with itself. The nation, the country and everything else, must resume life and business to run the country and deal with the issues and problems, that have been mounting. It is time for change: Time for a General Election. :::ω.

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The Hostile: The Horrid: The Aggressive: The Nasty: The Rotten: The Jingoistic Sociological Filth: Let the Windrush Generation's Despicable Maltreatment Be the Last and the End of All These Nastiness for United Kingdom Has Never Been and Shall Never Be Such a Nasty Place Because This Country is Peopled by a Combined Rainbow of Good Peoples



|| April 29: 2018 || ά. Yes, this image is of the Cheddar Man: 10,000 years ago he lived on these British Isles and, is it not awe inspiring that his living breathing blood lines still exist and live on these British isles and can testify how illuminating the light of science is: Where are We: Cheddar Man 10,000 Years Later You are Still Here in Great Britain: We Used to Call Her Dornuuarana. For where shall we begin? With the Romans? No, there were 'immigrants' or 'migrants' long before they arrived, who were, already, at home on these British isles because these are isles, being as such, they could not have sprung up and out with humanity on their heads! People had to come from other places to people these isles. Therefore, the entire United Kingdom is peopled by countless number of ever-flowing peoples, arriving and settling all along. So, where do we go? The Gits, the Danes? The Celts? The Angles? The Saxons? The Normans? Where do we end of this human migration bringing all manners of humanity to these isles? But, then, where and when do we stop? The Huguenots came, then came many others and then, when the British went around the globe bringing the entire world and world humanity with it so that the entire humanity arrived with their representations and contributions to these already blended peoples so we have the entire commonwealth nations and peoples represented in these peoples of these British isles.

But we would like to begin with the second world war: long before the Windrush Generation came after the war ended, they, these common wealth humanity fought and died along with the people of this country and got buried along the battlefields of the world without their names being printed on their graves like many Second World War soldiers. Many are simply there in a cemetery without any individuality for no one knows their names. These battlefields had the world and the United Kingdom peoples blended with their blood and sacrifice. Which nasty force would or could separate these and say these are souls perished in these battlefields, who were 'not white' and these are the ones, that were whites? For in that case, we demand that they show the colour of these souls! What colour is the human soul? Has anyone seen the colour of the human soul? Can anyone show the world the colour of the human soul:mind:brain:will? And, let them, then, connect the 'white ones' to the Cheddar Man; 10,000 years ago he was not white but following both the evolution of his genome and time in that time his descendents are now all white. But were some of his descendents to have been in some parts of Africa all these 10,000 years, they would have become as dark as the African humanity living in that part of Africa! This is what is called evolution and adaptation and change; because humanity is greatest at this power to evolve, to adapt, to change, it survived while many other similar species, quite like humans, perished away. Anyhow, then came the building and there arrived the Windrush generations from all over the Common Wealth nations and countries and they included all the souls, arriving from the Caribbean countries and these people, with their bare hands and toil and hard work, blood and sweat with all other peoples of these isles worked and reconstructed this country, that it is today. Let no one dare say this is not their country! Let no one dare say that being 'black' or 'brown' or 'yellow' or 'blue' or whatever else, they require anyone else's 'permission' to call these British isles their home for with everyone else they have  constructed this country from the ruin that it had become in the war!

Which nasty force would like to and can separate their work? From which motorway can they separate these people's contributions? From which bridge? From which railway network? From which road network? From which building? From which complexes and housing estate and telecommunications networks and other social, civic, community and public infrastructures? From education? From social services? From universities, schools, banks, law and legal architecture? Politics and governance? Engineering and construction, arts, literature, music and the list goes on. This is how this war torn country was rebuilt the way the very people fought and sacrificed their lives in the battlefields together the same very way they worked in a different kind of war of rebuilding the destroyed and devastated country and these people were not and have never been all inclusively white but they all were British and, that Britishness has never been and can not ever be established as being 'monolithic white' and used that as the basis of nationhood! Chadder Man, who existed, about ten thousand years ago, on these lands, has shattered this mythology, this falsification and this lie that British means white. What is the difference between Mrs Theresa May MP and Ms Dianne Abbott MP? What is the difference between Mr Boris Johnson MP and Mr David Lammy MP? What is the difference between Mr Sajid Javid MP and Mr Philip Hammond MP? What is the difference between Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Ms Caroline Lucus MP and Ms Tulip Siddique MP? Neither person on each set of these names can tell the others that they alone are British and the others are not nor can either accepts that either needs the other's permission to call themselves British. But this 'colour' issue has been politicised regardless of the science and evidence while the plain truth is this that humanity is not the physiology in which it resides: humanity can not be seen or shown but can only be seen through their actions, interactions, connections, interconnectedness and creations. The human physiology is simply the 'jacket' of a home of physicality. The colour applies only to the jacket but not to the person, the human agency, the human mind, the human soul, the human brain, the human will, that resides inside that 'jacket'. For it does not have a colour nor does it have a shape. But this colour politics seeking to impose and lock people in the boxes of colours is utterly absurd but it is devastating the very social, cultural and spiritual cohesion of the socio-political spheres. This must come to an end. In this day in age, when humanity is poised towards reaching Mars and revisiting the Moon we ought to look further into millennia ahead.

 If, British means white, then the living breathing descendents of Cheddar Man living in Britain today, who are, at least, ones, who are known so far, appear as white as any other white persons, can not but be accused of either having done some 'dark magic' or done 'plastic surgery' to appear white while their genomic forebears appears anything but white! The misguided world view, twisted by geo-politics and many other absurdities seem utterly obsessed with physical appearances and, thus, with colours. People live on earth, which is the way it is, means humans living at various and varying parts of this earth will forever be physically different and they, forever, be evolving and changing and this change takes longer in genomic-level so that the physiology reflects the 'outcome' of the evolution in longer frame of time. Human physiology is the 'house' in which humanity exists, that does not have a shape or colour or physicality. That is what humanity is: its physiology is its 'jacket', that can not but change, if, it has to live in Siberia for generations or in the Horn of Africa or in Saudi Arabia or in the depth of China or on the height of the Tibetan or Mongolian mountains or in the spread of Europe or in varying diversity of Asia or Australasia. And, living in these differing places, if, humans do not and can not evolve, adapt and change so to enable them to carry on existing in these places, they will perish away. But we are forced and stuck on a cemented lie and this creates all horrors.

British people have always been a blend of all bloods and all genomic flow intermingling and forming a-new archaeology of humanity. This is the truth and this truth finds many enemies to dismantle it. That is how the Conservative Party could and did follow their path. People said and it was this very party that acknowledged that they had known the fact that people called them the nasty party. And in the last two governments one with the Lib-Dems and the later one by themselves, they set about this path of utter and absolute nastiness: hostile and horrid atmosphere for the 'migrants' and 'immigrants', except, who is not such in this country? Who is not a migrant or immigrant in the United Kingdom: the only difference is by how long a time? For some, this is thousands of years, for some others, a thousand years, for some five hundred years, for some a hundred, others, may be, decades: that is the difference of the British people being migrants. It depends when one's forebears arrived here. But 'when' does not change the truth: but the fact that they arrived here must not be forgotten! If, William the Conqueror arrived today he would be as much a migrant and immigrant as he was when he arrived and conquered England and built his 'empire'. In fact, if, he crosses into the UK today, the way he did than, he would be an illegal immigrant or illegal migrant! Yes, he conquered England but it was not his country, he came to it and, well, the rest is history. Except, we are a living history and this living history has been made into a terrible mess by this Conservative Government.

There have been, rightly, utter dismay, shock and disgust expressed since the horror stories of the horrendous treatment of the Windrush generations have begun to emerge and the degree and scale of 'persecution' of a 'section' of the very people of this state, this nation, this country conducted by its own government. But, so far, only, one voice, in the name of Mr David Lammy MP, has raised this issue but he did not go much deeper of the implications of this: that these people, the individuals and families violated by the government actions, were not 'immigrants', they were not 'migrants', they were, already, British citizens when they came to settle in the 'mainland' of the UK so that their residence status had changed from being British residing in the 'British territories' or the Common Wealth and into British now habitually residing in the 'mainland' Britain. That is the truth. Whether any particular individual among them or a great many of them have difficulty producing documents to prove that that was the case, they have been living here. Lack of 'evidence' or 'documents' does not, can not negate and take away their British citizenship! No government has any power to do that: this is against the very UK law and, most importantly, against the international law: no state or government can declare a section of its own people stateless. This Conservative Government has done precisely that. It has declared these people, who had problems with producing documents to prove that they have been living here, stateless! The cases, where people went to see family and friends in their place of origin, in the Caribbean and on return they were declared stateless and sent back to the place, that was not their 'political home': their political home was the United Kingdom, that refused them entry! That is illegal, that is against international law! So far, not many have elaborated on this most fundamental of all nastiness done against the Windrush generations. The United Nations should have all the reasons to open an investigation as to whether the actions of the Conservative Party Government was such a serious, profound and absolute violation of international law, by which the Government effectively, declared an absolute, vital and inalienable part of the British people, the Windrush generations, stateless and, consequence to that, followed an endless flow of devastating stories of suffering, agony and humiliation to all the individuals and families on either side of the divide: those, who are stuck here in the UK and those, who are stuck in the Caribbean countries.

Apology is not, ever, good enough to 'wipe out' the damage done by this unlawful act against the Windrush generations: that they have been made stateless, that their citizenship has been taken away and they, then, were treated as 'illegal immigrants' and hounded out and arrested and deported back to the places, that were not their countries: because their country has all along been the United Kingdom. This can not and must not be accepted that a government of the United Kingdom takes the view that it exists to inflict this much ignominy, suffering, humiliation and heartaches and all the rest, that follow them, against an absolute, vital and inalienable part of the British people! This is unacceptable and can not be let to go on. People are calling on this Home Secretary to resign, what she ought to have done long ago, but at the very last point of editing, we hear that she has resigned. But to be truthful, it is not just her mess! That mess began and gathered momentum under the than Home Secretary and now the Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May! She has been the architect of the 'horrid and hostile'. People can not forget her standing at the House and bragging about that horrid and hostile. It is time for the Conservative Party and its Government to accept that United Kingdom and the people of these isles are not as horrid and hostile as they tried so hard to prove: The Hostile: The Horrid: The Aggressive: The Nasty: The Rotten: The Jingoistic Sociological Filth: Let the Windrush Generation's Despicable Maltreatment Be the Last and the End of All These Nastiness for United Kingdom Has Never Been and Shall Never Be Such a Nasty Place Because This Country is Peopled by a Combined Rainbow of Good Peoples.

And, therefore, this ends with not apologies nor with a Home Secretary resigning but acceptance that the Government has acted against national and international laws and that it, must, without further waste of a single word come to the house and declare that all the people of this Windrush Generations, who have difficulties with documentations etc, must be, issued with a Passport, FREE OF CHARGE immediately and those, who were deported to, must, receive their Passports, as well as, expenses to return home. Further, every single person, who has suffered by this unlawful act, this violation, this horrid and nastiness from this Government, must, receive 'mandatory' compensation, meaning there has to be a law passed to ensure this terrible injustice is put right so that future governments do not dare do 'politics' with people's lives and act against the very nation and its people, they are supposed to work to support. The Parliament must rise to this challenge to ensure that this happens and that it happens not in the long and cold grass of out of site out of mind but quickly, effectively and efficiently and at the shortest possible time scale. And, each and every person, who suffered, must, receive a personal apology letter from whoever the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister at that point. People outside the United Kingdom must have been scratching their heads wondering and trying to answer this question: how COULD this happen in a country like the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland! But it has happened because this Conservative Government has told the country that this country and its people are:  The Hostile: The Horrid: The Aggressive: The Nasty: The Rotten: The Jingoistic Sociological Filth. And, let us end this editorial by saying this that the Conservative Party and its Government and anyone in them, who think this of the people of this country have no right to govern this country. United Kingdom is not Great Brain because it has nasty people with big mouths but it is great because it has great people, great humanity living and peopling it and who are capable of great actions and deeds and it is the saddest of all sadness that these astonishing people have been under this Conservative Party Government, that believes and acts as low as they have done against the Windrush Generations! The Parliament and all the political parties and everyone in society must stay on guard that this kind of utterly unacceptable violation done against the people by the very Government of this country never, ever, happens again. 

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Syria: They Have Been Slaughtering for Seven Years Anyway: Let Us Kill More and Open Up Endlessly More Killing Fields: Is This What Human Intelligence and Development Have Brought Humanity To: Move Away From Advancing Slaughter Fields: Enough



The World Needs End of All Wars and Not More Bombing in Syria: Humanity Needs Peace and the  End of All  Cruelties Imposed on the Vast Majority of Them Across the Globe: Syrians Need This Seven-Year-Slaughter to End and Not Lengthened by Further Bombing












The World Needs Food and Drink and Jobs and Homes and Education and End of All Cruelties Arising Out of All Manners Forms and Types of Poverty: Not More Wars and More Bombings and Killings: Syrians Need Their Nightmare to End Not Lengthened by More Bombings


















|| April 12: 2018 || ά. The war in Syria has been going on for the last seven years, in which, only, God knows, how many hundreds of thousands have been murdered and how many hundreds of thousands have been made disabled for life, how many thousands of babies and young children got buried in their dusty graves and in that time millions have been put and kept beneath the endless and ever-going and ever-growing merciless bombs, missiles, guns and bullets and, along with them, some use of chemical weapons as well and millions of Syrians have fled away from their birthplace and faced horrendous journeys across the earth, in which a great many of them are still stuck in refugee camps in horrible conditions across the world for whom a great many countries, including, some of the very ones, that are, seemingly, willing now to bomb Syria for the use of the chemical attack, closed their doors and borders! And throughout these seven horrendous and slaughtering years no one has done much, effective that is, to end this slaughter but, conveniently, however, many have got into bed with various players and many have been selling weapons to all sides and making obscene amount of money while at it.

And suddenly, again, chemical weapons have been used, which is most despicable and most abominable of all war crimes and crimes against humanity. But the fact is this: however way humanity is killed: the end is the same: their lives, to which they had a right to continue to exist, have been taken away from them: they have been slaughtered, murdered. It is, purely, academic as to how they were murdered: by bombs or guns or missiles or whatever else but the fact remains the same: they are murdered and they are dead and, a great many of those, who do not die but survive become disabled for life. The murder, the slaughter of the innocent human lives in Syria have been going on for the last seven years and those, who now can not wait to bomb Syria, have been in there: Russia has been there and so has there been America and the UK and France and many others in various ways and means and stages and periods, as well as, others, like Iran and Turkey to name a few more more. So many different players have been bombing Syria! And, readers, may, recall, in the UK, there was so much hyper-drama made about the last UK bombing of Syria, as, if, the very survival of the entire humanity depended on the UK bombing Syria! And what happened? Did any of it change a micro-dot of a thing in that nightmare of a place! Nothing! People do not, even, know how many different parties there are in that war and, those, who are fighting against that brutal Syrian regime as to who and what they are or what they stand for or fight for! And now they are at it again. To bomb Syria and what would that accomplish!

Leaving all others out, we speak of the United Kingdom, which is now led by a terribly weak Prime Minister, who has been floating from one disaster to another and now, who has, seemingly and suddenly, found her ‘Aladin’s Magic Carpet’. She has woken up back in time, in the nightmare of Mr Tony Blair and she has been making bravado about going to bomb Syria without Parliamentary approval. She thinks that this will help her revive her fortune! Yet, we invite people to think of Macbeth! There is no escaping the end: Macbeth faces a moving Forest of an Army and can not but fight his ‘last syllable of recorded time’. If, Mrs Theresa May has good advisors, it is time, they use their advice. This is the route towards utter ruin for her and her Party. Mr Tony Blair was much stronger, far, far, far stronger than she or her predecessor Mr David Cameron, ever, was or, even, ever, dream about being; even, he was done irrecoverably, terminally and done for eternity. Let her not fall into that nightmare and taking the UK and the world towards it as well.

Back away. Do not fall into the nightmare of Mr Tony Blair. He has never admitted it and he, may, never will but he is a human being and it is he, who had to live with all the blood and corpses since then and for the rest of his life he shall continue to live on his bed with all that blood and corpses as did Lady Macbeth. He had done two things in his life and existence: one part is made of all the greatest things, that he had, ever, been and done and the other getting with America into the War: the later has erased all the rest of what his existence stood for and, he can do nothing to undo what he had done. On the other hand, a Charles Kennedy, who had died, stood his ground and spoke at that gathering of millions of humanity and protested and condemned that war. Yes, he had a short life but served his country and people much better than many other leaders. And, his life shows us that there is, always, always, always, a choice and it is we, that have to make that choice.

Do not fall into that nightmare; do not drag the UK into this nightmare and push the world into an abyss of dangers and destructions, opening endless other routes and means to open new and innumerable killing fields in Syria. Move away! Or go to the Parliament and let the House decide. You are not the President of the United Kingdom but the Prime Minister of this country and this Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a Parliamentary Democracy, must remain in office by and under the Scrutiny of the Parliament. Back away! Move away from this nightmare!

Bombing Syria is the most dreadful of all choices, which is a pseudo choice, available to the world and world leaders. This is the daftest idea, ever, produced because its rationale is this: They Have Been Slaughtering for Seven Years Anyway: Let’s Us Kill More and Open Endlessly More Killing Fields: Is This What Human Intelligence and Development Have Brought Humanity To: Move Away From Advancing Slaughter Fields. Enough! Turn away from this utterly absurd and comprehensibly flawed idea. This is not the way nor does it go anywhere near the way, that goes anywhere near the neighbourhood, that has a dictionary with the word ‘peace’ in it. Turn away! Move away! Get on with the task of running this country and fixing all the desperate states the people of this country have been suffering from and seek to pursue a course to bring this slaughtering war in Syria to an end!

The international community, all countries and the ones, that want to bomb Syria should and must get on with their own work. If, they can not unite in seeking to bring this nightmare and slaughter in Syria to an end they have no right to make things get, even, more dangerous and open up more killing fields to go for longer and slaughter more and more of the very humanity, existing and perishing and paying for this deadly and never-ending war in Syria. Russia is in the wrong side of history and humanity, as well as, against its own existence but so are many others. And America! Well, America is nowhere but LOST. America should find itself first before it goes about bombing other countries. Move away from taking the world to the gutter and open endless slaughter fields! Enough! Enough! Enough! ::: ω.

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Anti-Semitism: This Clear Unacceptable and Dangerous Political Vendetta Against the Labour Party Must Come to an End Because It is Harming the Wider Socio-Political Fight to End Anti-Semitism and All Forms of Hatred Prejudice Bias Bigotry Phobia Paranoia and Discrimination From the Entire Spectrum of Society Where There are Countless Other Obnoxious Agencies Seeking to Destroy What We Have Achieved So Far


|| April 09: 2018 || ά. 'Life is a colossus complexus', that can not be generalised in news headlines and catchphrases and characters. But we live in a world, that wants to stream roll anything, everything and everyone into a dangerously false black or white propaganda and, then, begin the 'bombardment' and comes to existence this bandwagon and people join and the entire social sphere becomes poisoned and poisonous and, soon, no one hears anyone or anything other than the abusive, hostile and all-negative goings on. Therefore, this editorial piece is going to be long and it will seek to bring out this 'colossus complexus' to light so that we try to aim for a sense of perspective, proportion and reality.

01: What the State and Government of Burma have been doing to the Rohingya people is abominable violations of not just humanity but the least of all human decencies and regard to the sanctity of life: But the State and Government of Burma are not and can not be treated as, if, these are Buddhists!

02: What the State of Syria and Government have been doing to their own people and to their entire 'infrastructure' of society has been a monstrosity imposed against their very own populace, which has been causing not just massive number of deaths but, also, making many countless people suffering many forms of disabilities while left unable to access much needed medical care, causing millions of human beings run for their lives and the slaughter still continues along with the repeated and criminal use of chemical weapons on civilian population. These are abominable crimes, regardless of the propaganda about all that 'terrorism and terrorists' etc 'mantra', against humanity and terrible expressions of the most flagrant disregard, contempt and loathing to the sanctity of life. But the State and Government of Syria can not be given the accolade that they are Islamic or Muslims. States or Governments can not and do not have faiths. Without people leading and running them they are nothing and they do not exist and can not exist. States and Governments, may, add the adjective Islamic or Christian or Jewish Republic or this or the others but the states or governments are not human beings and they do not have a claim nor can they claim to have a particular faith or religion.

03: In much of Latin America lives generally and human lives in particular, have lost all their 'worth', all their 'values' and violence, aggression and ferocity of weapons and guns arising out of the drug curtails, drug lords and the criminal worlds against whom the states and governments seem to have become helpless on-lookers. This does not make much news in the world media but it can not get any more desperate than how terrible it is out there. Now, these drug curtails, these gangs, these drug lords and the entire criminal worlds are made of human beings and they have or, at the least, they come from communities of people, who have faiths. Neither these states nor governments nor these drug curtails, gangs, groups and the criminal fraternities can claim or do have a claim to faiths: they are not 'people'; they are 'agencies', yes, made of people but without the people there is none and can not be any agency. Take all the human beings from a State and Government or any other agency and they cease to exist at the very moment humanity walks away from them. And, in America human life has hardly any meaning left, where the guns seem to have taken hold of the 'book of the sanctity of life' and this sanctity of life is desecrated on, almost, daily basis. But in this America is a state and government and, therefore, they can not claim a faith in this religion or that for they are agencies and not human beings.

04: In terms of the sheer amount of humanity China and India come to the top of the list of most populous nations on earth. And both countries as states and governments have such a diverse range of human beings living in them that they represent a great many faiths or religions, peoples and nations. But these religions are followed by people, human beings and neither the state and government of China nor the state and government of India have or can claim to have a 'religion' of their own. Agencies, institutions do not and can not have a religion because faith relates only to humans and to human individuals, who, then, form families, communities and they join societies.

05: What has been happening in Yemen is dreadful, dangerous and wanton devastation, destructions and slaughter of humanity because of politics, where Saudi Arabia is leading the war efforts supporting one group and fighting against the other. Saudi Arabia is a state and a government but what it has been doing in Yemen is, simply, grotesque violations of international and humanitarian laws. These state and government of Saudi Arabia do not and can not claim to be Muslim or Islamic, despite the people of the country and the people, who make and run the state and government. People have faiths agencies do not and can not.

06: There was the Roman Empire, where the Romans followed a succession of faiths and religions from their own brand of faiths to Judaism and Christianity and so on. The Roman people evolved into vary many modern segments of humanity and they still follow many faiths as their forebears but neither the Roman Empire nor its succeeding states and governments had or have or can claim to have religions or faiths.

07: Ironically, the Synagogue, the Church, the Mosque, the Mandir, the Pagoda, the Gurdwara and, the Temple for all other expressions of faiths, are the best examples of this point. Imagine, there is not a single individual human being, who goes to any of these Houses of Worship. Not a single person is involved in running these 'organisations'; not a single human being is there to open the door or close it when people leave. There is no human being there at all. Hypothetically, all these Houses of Worship will fall into disrepair and dilapidation and, eventually, become ruins and join the archaeological sites. Therefore, even, though, these Synagogues, Churches, Mosques, Mandirs, Pagodas, Gurdwaras and Temples are at the heart of each of these faiths, they do not and can not claim, without humanity establishing them, 'peopling' them, running, nurturing and caring for them that they themselves are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Faith-bounds for all other faiths. Why not? Because they are just 'buildings' without humanity and buildings do not and can not have faiths or religions. And, here, readers can see and hear how ridiculous and absurd this sounds, when we come to say: buildings can not and do not have faiths or religions.

08: Hitler was supposed to be from 'Christian Faith', though, any Christian of any denomination would find it utterly absurd to suggest that he had any faith whatever so would most of the people of humanity agree with them. But he led the state and government of Germany to become high-crime-machines and committed not just most abominable, most evil and most dangerous crimes but, also, most vital for us to remember is the fact that despite anyone's efforts, that state and government of Germany under Hitler did not have a religion or faith but the people, who ran it did and they worked under the 'dictate' of Hitler and set about annihilating parts of the very German people, the Jewish people, but the Jewish people of Germany were German nationals, including, many other groups, that they did not think either German or, even, humans. States and governments do not, can not have religions. And, it is time, the political animals are put right, when they seek to put it in the public domain to serve their own agenda, own interest and own 'position' of power. They all use religions and faiths in advancing their cause of power and power manipulative agenda.

09: Now, Israel is a state and government. It was created in a way, unlike many other states of the world, for specific purpose to offer a 'sanctuary and home' to the persecuted Jewish people of the world to go and make a home there should they wish to do so. Many millions of Jewish people from across the earth from all the nations of earth, where there were Jewish people, went to settle in Israel. But this does not make the state of Israel and government into a 'human being', only, which entity is inherently capable of having a faith or religion. Further, the fact that the majority of Israeli citizens are of Jewish faith does not, should not and must not make the state and government of Israel the ‘speaking agencies’ for the entire Jewish people across the earth. Israel, the state and the government, must mind its own business and concentrate on its own citizens and must leave all the rest of the Jewish peoples of the earth, who are living in other valid, lawful and internationally recognised jurisdictions and they have their say there. And, yes, they are Jewish peoples for the Jewish population in Russia are Russian citizens and part of the Russian people, the Jewish population in America are part of the American people and so on.

The state and government of Israel are not human beings but agencies or bodies or organisations and without human beings running, leading and working for them these bodies do not and can not exist. Imagine, that all people involved in running the state and government of Israel walk out of them; stop working for them. What happens to these two bodies at that point? Suppose, one of us, went there to verify whether these two bodies still exist. But the problem would be that we won't find a soul to ask this question: does the state of Israel or its government exist at this moment after all humanity has walked out of them? There is no human being there to speak for these bodies and we shall have silence. There is no state of Israel nor government because they have no human involved in them. But in this situation, hypothetically, the state and government of Israel do not exist but we shall still find that all the people, who were living in that country, are still living there and they still have faith and religion and they still practise and live by Judaism, even, though, their state and government have ceased because all the humans walked out of them.

This means that not only the state and government of Israel can not and do not have faith or religion nor can they claim to be Jewish as shown on the above example, where, even, the very Synagogue, without humanity becomes nothing but a building and it is utter absurdity to allocate an adjective to building as Jewish Building but, also, this shows that as applicable to all states and governments, there are two things in this: there are the state and government of Israel in one side, which are bodies or agencies with no faith or religion and, on the other, the people of Israel, who are humans and can and do have faith, which is Judaism and these very people are and can truthfully claim to be Jewish people. And, despite people's membership to a state and, thus, to its government, these two entities remain different, whereby the former's existence is absolutely dependent on the involvement of the later while the later's existence is absolute. One joins a Book Club but the Book Club and this Member of that Club remain distinctly separate and exist as two different entities.

But many Israeli Governments from the past to the present, not all of them, some of whom pursued peace, seem to have tried to use and abuse this idea that Israeli state and government and the Jewish people are the one and the same thing! Jewish people existed, almost, two millennia, before the state and government of Israel, even, came into existence! Further, to this, they tried and they still try to portray, as, if, they have, somehow, got 'the heavenly right' to speak for the entire Jewish people on earth, which is utter and absolute absurdity for the Jewish people, who are not Israeli citizens live in all over the world and they are citizens of these states and countries, where they live. They do and will share a common bond of belonging to the same faith and same people but they are not Israeli citizens nor do they, can they expect Israel to 'speak' for them because they are citizens of other countries about whom no other states have any business to get involved!

This diaspora is a universal thing in human development: the German people in terms of their history not just live in Germany, though, the majority of them do, but can be found in many parts of the world; the French people do not just live in France but found in many jurisdictions; many Russians are found living in many other countries in the world so do many peoples of the world: Indians, Chinese and many others. The Baangla-speaking people live, primarily, in Baangladesh and in Posh-chim Bongo in India but in many other states of India and there are millions of the same Baangla-speaking people living across the earth. These are examples, where diaspora exists and it is not a political reality but a cultural, socio-spiritual bond among groups of the same people, who are politically scattered around the world. Take Baangladesh and Poshc-him Bongo as examples: these two political entities, one a state and the other a state of the state of India, where the majority of the Baangla-speaking people live. But they never have claimed nor can they claim the ‘heavenly right’ to speak for the Baangla-speaking people of the world, who live in many other jurisdictions and are subject to their laws and customs. No particular state or government has any right or claim to speak for the entire group of particular people of the earth simply for the basis that they have the large majority of their citizens belong to that group of people. The French Prime Minister has no say as to how the French-speaking Canadians live in Canada nor the German Chancellor has any say as to how the other German-speaking people live in other jurisdictions.

Like many other governments in the world, many but not all, Israeli governments have led nothing but efforts to create an utter mess for its people and crated a state of a 'perpetual ghetto of fear' for two distinct types of Jewish people, which we shall call the Greater Jewish People, as, if, they are 'the First Class citizens' and the Lesser Jewish People, 'the Second Class' citizens of the state of Israel. And who are these two kinds of Jewish people in Israel? The Greater Jewish people are the ones, who have settled in Israel long ago and have established themselves, through generational developmental route into 'comfortable' economic, political and socio-cultural life, where the Lesser Jewish people are the ones, who came to settle not long ago and the newly arrived and arriving Jewish population from other countries, who are sent to settle in the 'occupied territories', where Israeli government has established settlements, that are prohibited by the international laws, whereby, making them unlawful settlements.

And to call these occupied territories and unlawful settlement is simply a statement of fact as international law stands. Israel was created within a specific international border and within that the state and government of Israel is and shall always be 'lawful' as sanctioned by international laws and about this no rational human being can or will have anything to say but all the territories it, then went and got hold of by force of war are unlawfully occupied lands and building settlements there are unlawful settlements as per the international laws, norms, customs, precedents and conventions are concerned. Stating this does not, can not and must not make people, Anti-Jewish and Anti-Semitic or, even, anti Israel! If, Russian annexation of part of Ukraine is unlawful and against the international law and is condemned by the world, by the same standard and token, Israel's forced taking of lands, that did not belong to it, should be seen likewise. In condemning or criticising both the state and government of Russia and of Israel for this violation of international law is the same act of people's democratic and lawful right to demand the violations of international law must not be tolerated, accepted and they must be rectified by the international means and mechanism. And, this right to criticise and demand that all states and governments of the world abide by international law is the foundation of the very fragile and weak democratic culture, that we have going in the world; for all we have got is this poor little, fragile and weak thing! Without it the world will become a true jungle!

But, here the point is not the unlawfulness but the Lesser Jewish people, who are sent there to settle in that occupied territories. These places are 'war-zones' of hatred, where they must build their lives and faced all the 'threats, abuse and physical intimidation and all the negativity, that come with being in such a hostile place' and the perpetual fear of ones' lives and the fear of the lives of ones' loved ones! What a horrendous place for sending human beings, regardless of whether they are Jewish or any other group of humanity, to go and live there with their families and children! And these are the Lesser Jewish people the Israeli Government sends there to advance its failed and anti-evidence stance. This group of Israeli citizens do have a prima facie case to be answered in terms of International and Human Rights laws on the grounds that the State and Government of Israel are using and abusing their human rights by deliberately forcing them to live in such horrendous conditions! How can these people live a peaceful family life and have the dignity in that perpetual nightmare of an ecology dictating their existence!

Unless the State of Israel and its government go back to seek peace it will exist in this state of perpetual fear with two types of Jewish people in it: the Greater Jewish people, who are at the better end of society, where the Lesser Jewish people are treated as pawns and they suffer and exist suffering and add to this, this Lesser Jewish people are the most socio-economically desperate. There exists, desperate poverty, lack of provisions and terribly high unemployment and many other evils, that come with socio-economic deprivation. Therefore, the idea and the mythology that the state of Israel and, particularly, its current government try to portray that Israel is a 'heaven' on earth while the Palestinians are the 'hells angels' seeking to destroy it, is utter fabrication of the truth.

Palestinians are human beings and they have been wronged and their homes had been taken away from them and Israel want them to just sit there and die quietly while it applies all its might, all its force and all its resources against them, even, when they are simply protesting! And, since the Peace Accord, signed by the State of Israel through the rightful path of the peace process, that is now well dead and buried, establishing the Palestinian Authority with an agreed border, these Palestinians have faced nothing but a perpetual blockade or what the law enforcement of public order use the term, ‘Kettling’ people! These Palestinians have been blocked off from all sides, even, ther sea is locked off! On top of that whatever aid and support the world and world countries have been providing to help develop that Palestinian Authority has been literally destroyed over and over again by Israel so that that place within the territory of that Authority is simply a ruin and testament of on-going and perpetual destructions! Who would want to pour money into such a place to build things only for them to be destroyed and demolished by Israel again and again? And by doing this Israel is not just harming Palestinians but it is harming the very interest and well being of the Israeli people! The state and government of Israel have been pouring patrol on fire and then it tells Israeli citizens and the world that it can ‘demolish’ the Palestinians' rights by force! Yes, as we have said, the Palestinians are not helping themselves either but the forces in that people, who want to move with and towards peace, Israel had abandoned them so that the extreme ends of the political spectrum have been taking over and they are now at possession of the 'political narrative' there! Things are never black and white as propaganda wants people to believe.

Once, peace is broken there are two parties to it: the stronger broke the peace and that the weaker shall continue to seek to attack the stronger. And this process of perpetual animosity, hatred and hostility is a locked in mechanism of the breaking up of the peace. And until the parties accept that peace was broken, that involved two parties and these two parties must work together to 'rebuild and recreate that peace' once more. No one in the entire history of humanity has ever established peace by 'might and force and power'. Both the Israelis and the Palestinians must accept this truth. Israel shall never be in peace so long the Palestinians are left with no home of their own in that ‘kettled off hell’ within the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinians shall never find either peace or home, if, they fail to pursue peace and seek to create the condition to get the two sides at the table. Reason, rationality and common sense are enough but when do we humans follow reason, rationality and common sense!

Further to this, if, there is a blockage at an artery it can not be left there. So long it remains there the heart shall keep on suffering and shall continue to exist suffering and weakening in perpetual fear of 'ending' all together. Israel can not 'force' its way into peace while there remains the question of the Palestinians, who, are, on the exact opposite stance of the Israeli state and government and neither are right in their approaches. Both are utterly, absolutely and completely wrong: peace means it is created by the very parties, who had broken that peace together and, they keep on breaking that peace further and further everyday as they stay clear of that table of the peace process. This means until and unless visionary, courageous and humanistic leadership arises both in Israel and Palestine the world shall continue to see two peoples as mortally-locked adversaries carry on bleeding as they blame each others for their misery while the fact is like this: that the two people, who both have two knives stuck in their chests and they are locked in mortal combat, they both are hurting, bleeding and getting infected and wounds are deepening and festering but as they keep at the handles of their knives and keep twisting and seeking to go deeper or cut farther they keep adding fresh wounds and that is the way the state and government of Isreal and the leaderships of the Palestinians are locked in and both are seeking to justify their positions.

There is nothing to justify: you both destroyed the peace; who started it first is, really, a terribly academic question and, utterly, irrelevant now but it is the existential, moral, social, political, economical, cultural and spiritual duty, obligation and imperative for both the Israelis and the Palestinians to get back at the table and work to create that peace again for, the existence as Israeli citizens and as Palestinians living in the occupied territories are not natural human existence. They both, may, rise to the summit of Himalaya and shout that they are but the fact is that they both are living in perpetual hells, that they are making every day for each other. Humanity is not created to exist in this state of animosity, hatred, mistrust, distrust and fear, war and war-like state all the time. But Israel has the upper hand and it uses it as and how it likes and it does not like the world speaking up against it. There is one thing, that powers of the world do not like but this is the truth: no one can seek or claim justice with bloody hands! Israel can not, ever, achieve justice and peace with bloody hands, which it has got and the Palestinians as people, despite being wronged, have been led to have 'bloody' hands, too. No one can claim to get justice with bloody hands. Only, the ones, got bloody but still have clean and clear hands do and can go to the 'court' and claim justice and they shall get it. It is time these two parties rise to see the imperative of seeking peace for power, might, force shall get no one anywhere. Look at history and there are countless examples of this, that can form thousand volumes of an encyclopaedia!

And with this we have set out the first part of this editorial peace so that we can get to the second part. But politics goes on and politicking goes on and politics is a dangerously muddy and murky space, place and thing. There are forces involved in it ranging from dangerous to despicable, horrendous to obnoxious, from left to right to centre, centre right, left, left off centre, right and extreme right and far right and far left and extreme left and there are racists and xenophobes and there are anti and, you are welcome to add all the things you can think of: chances are they are anti, Semitic or Jewish people, muslims, christians, sikhs and buddhists and rastafarians, women and disable people and black and brown and blue and yellow and green and in this murky world of politics we now focus our light in the little arena of the United Kingdom, where a desperate but nasty miss-direction of energies and the utter mudslinging in the name of Jewish people are taking place, which is nothing but a misguided and political attempt to muddy the waters and all of this is terribly enjoyed and quietly supported and clapped by the right wing of politics.

All the laws in the United Kingdom, that relates to improving race relations, treatments of faiths and practice of religions and anything to advance rights of people, minorities and disabled people and woman's right etc have been enacted by the governments led by the Labour Party. And, yet, now there appear to be 'two types of Jewish people' in the UK: one is the 'mainstream' or 'all inclusive' Jewish people and the other group, well, they are not 'mainstream' or 'all inclusive' but the suggestion is that unless the mainstream certifies them, no body is or can be 'Jewish'! The question is who on earth has given this ‘power’ to this group to become ‘Custodian’ of all the Jewish people of the United Kingdom and they suddenly become ‘the Certifying Agency’ to issue certificates as to who is or is not Jewish or which agency should call itself Jewish or not! This should make every single Jewish person in the United Kingdom utterly and absolutely disgusted that they need anyone's permission to call themselves Jewish.

But this politics has got all the politicking in it and they are not attacking or channelling the energies to end Anti-Semitism and all its vile scourges from all spheres of society and they are leaving these out: the BNP and the English Defence League and Britain First and there are countless number of groups, that exist on clear, evident and declared platform of racism, fascism, xenophobia, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, misogyny, masochism and all-hatred, prejudice, bias and bigotry to all things ‘different’ small and unapproved’ by them. They have, instead, found the enemy of the Jewish people! Yes, it has been hiding right in front of everyone’s eyes: It is the Labour Party in general and absolutely in particular, its current leader! Attack, attack and keep attacking to kick this leader out and the Anti-Semitism in the UK is ended! This has been going on and on and it is time this ends!

To leaving all the raging and ready and fighting enemies of all human rights, civil liberties and democratic rights and anti-discrimination and advancing social cohesion this group is set against the Labour Party and its Leader for Anti-Semitism! The entire society is sunk in Anti-Semitism and all other hatred, that have been inflamed and made hundred times worse since the European Union Referendum and, yet, this attempt seems to have been acquired and taken on by the media bandwagon, that Anti-Semitism is in the Labour Party! And, add to this, anyone either as person or an agency, who criticise Israeli violations have begun to be equated to being Anti-Semitic!

This is a fact that all the non-christian faiths' houses of worship, including, the Synagogues, are always found to be left locked in the United Kingdom! Why is this? Why are all the churches always left open while the minority religious houses are kept locked? We go to all houses of worship as we pass by them on our walks. For decades, despite looking for, locating and seeking to just go in to just sit and contemplate, found not a single Synagogue kept unlocked! Not a single one! Always, when there is no 'service' going on, they are locked! Why is it? Why are they locked! This is how widespread the level of fear is in the UK among the parishioners of all minority faiths. Who caused this? Which political party? Which group or groups? Which government did this? No one did this in person or as persons or as agencies or as combined agencies. Society has done this! Anti-Semitism and all other hatred and prejudice and paranoia and phobias of all kinds and sorts exist in society and these are expressed everywhere. Did the Labour Party do this? Did Mr Jeremy Corbyn did this? But this 'war' against the Labour Party and its Leader Mr Jeremy Corbyn is drumming with political agenda of the vast range of the right wing spectrum of politics.

Anti-Semitism exists all across society and all spheres of existence across the world and it exists all-where across the United Kingdom and it exists in all political parties, including, all other agencies and organisations as much as it does in the wider society since all political parties  derive their members from this very society and their membership reflects that very society. Unless one is Jewish, people would not know but Anti-Semitism exists everywhere and it is rampant and it has been increasing and been validated and made to appear acceptable by the European Union Referendum and since that turning point. But it exists everywhere and it can not but exist in the Labour Party, as well, as much as it exists in all other such bodies, that exist in this society, a society, that is rampantly Anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and Xenophobic as well. And, in this, the UK is neither the large culprit nor the only society, that has widespread Anti-Semitism. In fact, Anti-Semitism exists across the earth in every state and country and realities are much much much worse in those places compared to the UK.

But this does not mean that everyone is Anti-Semitic in this country. There are vast majority of people in this country, who oppose these things but they are not making the news. And this fight of this 'All Inclusive' Jewish groups have identified the best course to advance the 'Jewish people's right to exist as they are and accepted as they are and let them practise their faith in peace and what is this course? Attack and keep on attacking the Labour Party and its Leader Mr Jeremy Corbyn! What has Mr Jeremy Corbyn done in, with and by his political life other than seeking to advance social cohesion, integration and civic society without discrimination, hatred, prejudice, bigotry and phobia etc but this movement is against this very figure Mr Jeremy Corbyn'! Why is it? Is it because he has led the Labour Party to the point, where it stands poised to get back to government?

In a democratic society, such as the United Kingdom, despite all the obnoxious political forces, there is a 'good' spectrum of political forces and parties, despite their different political philosophy and ideals, ranging from the Conservative Party to the Labour Party and the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats and the other democratic political parties in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and one thing unites them in one group, in the good spectrum, which is this that they all officially and unequivocally, as parties, stand opposed to all that sociological filth: racism, xenophobia, hatred, bigotry, bias, prejudice and discrimination etc. And, despite these, all of them have elements drawn from this very society, that are bringing in these negativity in these parties. And, they are and they must seek to clean that all up and the Labour Party is included in it and Mr Jeremy Corbyn has done, by far, the most, to clean the Labour Party of this scourge of Anti-Semitism. To end all hatred and to end Anti-Semitism all forces must join forces and work with these political parties and agencies, bringing in all faiths and no faith groups and communities to wider the coalition and continue the fight is the best possible political course society should take. Instead, these people have singled out the Labour Party and its leader! What kind of rationale is this! What kind of waste is this of human energy!

In this are involved so much mud, mudslinging and muddying that it has become a poisonous debacle in the entire social sphere and with it people with their own interest agenda are seeking to advance their own causes but what they are saying or claiming to do is the only thing they are harming the most. Anti-Semitism exists all across society and with all other hundreds of other obnoxious hatred and so on and by miss-directing this to the Labour Party and its leader is the utter sheer and absolute waste of the political force and this is harming the very fight, very socio-political fight we all must fight to eradicate all forms of hatred, prejudice and phobia from all spheres of society. And with this there appears some groups, who are asserting themselves as the certifying custodian of the Jewish people and all other agencies and everyone else must get their certificate to be 'Jewish'. That organisation is not Jewish according to them and, thus, if, Mr Jeremy Corbyn attends their meeting he is doing something 'Anti-Semitic'. This utter, sheer and absolute miss-direction, wastage and manipulation to advance some people’s and organisations’ own political agenda and political leanings must be rejected by all in the United Kingdom and to end Anti-Semitism and all other phobia and hatred all people of the United Kingdom, all groups, all faiths, all political parties and all agencies must work and unite together. This waste and miss-direction of public energy must end and must be rejected. It is time to challenge this waste of social and political energy and redirect it to the real fight: to end all hatred and all bias, bigotry, discrimination for good from all spheres of society and in this it is not the fight for the Jewish people alone in the UK: it is The Fight for the Soul of the United Kingdom and this soul is made of all peoples, all people, all faiths and all religions and all non-faith groups and all good people, forces and agencies and communities of this country. Therefore, back off you! The United Kingdom belongs not to you to dictate your ‘narrow’ agenda! If, you want to fight to end Anti-Semitism go and join the good people, good forces made of both the good people and good agencies of this country, who have been fighting all prejudice and hatred for centuries. It is time you back off and call it a day. ω.

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