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As the Mother Earth Belongs to Every Single Human Being of the Humanion Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Belong to All for We are a Human Enterprise: A Not for Profit Social Enterprise: Support Your Daily Quality Newspaper and Let Us Build an Institution That Will Flow with Time with the Rainbow Peoples of This Earth Far Into the Flowing Future: Support The Humanion: Support Regine Humanics Foundation





The Last Syllable of Recorded Time: This Conservative-Party-Invented and Imposed Royal Political Protocol Must Come to an End That Says: Buy One and Get the Second or the Third or Even the Fourth One Free: The Conservative Party Must Go Back to the People: A General Election Must End the Country’s Continued Paralysis Dysfunction and Deadlock and Release and Reset the Nation to Go Forward with a New Mandate for a New Government



|| Friday: May 24: 2019 || ά. In British democracy people do not elect political parties to form the government; they do so with this proviso that a party has a leader, under whose leadership, it has created a programme of actions, that it wanted to pursue were the people to elect it into government. Therefore, the party is identified with that leader and that programme of actions without which there is none and can not be any accountability of whoever is running the government. A leader came and got elected and, then, he changed course, leading the country to the path of self-destruction and, then, he leaves and another person, who was not elected to be the Prime Minister, took over and, then, devastating the country for another three years, she leaves and leaves the stage to others to wrangle out another to come in to carry on with this mighty and terrible mess of an absolute and utter quagmire, which is, increasingly, looking like a farce, stretched to the point of becoming an utter and absolute absurdity. It is, as, if, the people went to the market and they wanted to buy something and they got into an unwritten bargain, that no one told them about at the time of buying the thing and that bargain was: buy one and get up to the second, third, even, fourth on the free!

Mr David Cameron went to the people to be the Prime Minister and he made a mess but, at least, he was seeking to be the Prime Minister and he went to the people and got elected twice. But then, he left. Then, without any say of the people, Mrs Theresa May came and claimed the job and three years were splashed down the drain and now she leaves and by now it appears clearly that the Conservative Party has invented and declared this ‘Royal Political Protocol’ by which, with about a little more than 100,000 people, its members, it has, effectively, become the ‘powerhouse’ to enforce that Royal Political Protocol’ in deciding who should be the Prime Minister and run the country. There are more than 63 million people in this country and these tiny number of people in the Conservative Party has been given the power, taken away from these 63 million plus. It is not acceptable to a functioning and healthy democracy. People have no clue as to who is running the show and what they stand for and these tiny fragment of people, membership of the Conservative Party, now have become the kingmaker, except, even, they had hardly any say as to who they elect. This can not go on and it must not be let to go on.

Further, the country is divided and deadlocked so are all the political parties and all other agencies and organisations affiliated to them, so are the entire Houses of Parliament, particularly, the Commons, in such a way, that in the last there years nothing much has shifted but, in actuality, everything and everyone, got to an even-more-hardened up place and hardly anyone changed their standing or position. This utter paralysis, this absolute deadlock, resulting in a state of continual dysfunctions can not be expected to, suddenly, give way into reaching a majority state or standing in relation to where they stood before. In this the Conservative Party and its membership are gearing to implement their self-invented ‘Royal Political Protocol’ and impose another person into becoming Prime Minister! This has gone beyond absurdity and what is, increasing, looking likely is this that they are going to impose another extreme anti-european as their leader and, thus, Prime Minister, who is determined to drag the country out of Europe without a deal, which is nothing but a catastrophe for the national interest for which the Conservative Party had neither sought nor received the mandate from the people. The people voted to leave with a fragmentary majority, which is, almost, as, if, as many people voted to leave as those, who voted to remain; however, what is absolutely crystal clear that no one asked the people whether the UK should leave the EU without a deal. The European Referendum neither asked the people that question nor received that mandate. The Conservative Party and its Government do not have that mandate to take the UK out of Europe without a deal. Were someone or some organisation to take this to the Court of Law, it is, hypothetically, possible to get it established quite easily.

Further, that still, as things stand in the Parliament, is an absolute impossibility for these reasons: the deal, that Mrs Theresa May had negotiated had failed, three times. That deal in any cosmetic make-over shall fail as many times, regardless of who is trying to get it through because the House will not come to support a No Deal exit. Moreover, the European Union is, as things stand, not going to reopen any further negotiations other than the deal it had already agreed and on this pretext that new Prime Minister, who is an extreme ani-european and committed to get the UK crashing out of the EU without any deal and as the Parliament had shown already that no Prime Minister can do and deliver since the Parliament has this one and only united position that it SHALL NOT let No Deal happen. This means another precious block of time, some years, shall be wasted in this all-negative-process so that some Conservative can add to their CV that they had been Prime Minister of the UK for these many years, as Mrs Theresa May has done. But what did these Prime Ministers do: they chaired a national waste and national self-harming and self-destruction exercise for years into an illusion, a dangerous one at that, that had been constructed with a toxic and combustible combination of sheer and wild claims, falsehoods, fabrications and mythologies of all negativities poured into it, tinged with irrationality, nostalgia and false pride and a sheer but equally wrong-construed and equally baseless pseudo-construction of dogma gone rotten, wild and insane.

And, therefore, the country and the people stand to watch, as helplessly and as powerlessly as before, another set of events to take place in another set of years, in which the country will still be kept on this destructive, negative and wilful self-harming, self-destructive national waste exercise, in which, like the preceding three years, many more years are going to be wasted and there shall continue to be a paralysed and non-existent government and the country shall carry on building the mighty and desperate mess, that had been created and things will keep on building the momentum to the point that the United Kingdom shall be brought down to its knees for all these devastating, desperate and urgent problems tearing the country apart.

This is a frightening prospect, that now stands closer to reach reality. That can not be let to happen. The Conservative Party nor any other political party, has any right to invent and implement an unconstitutional Royal Political Protocol by which it, effectively, rob people off their democratic and constitutional right to elect their own government through the constitutionally established route and path: through General Elections. Therefore, all political forces and parties must now unite in bringing this entire Conservative Party’s self-invented Royal Political Protocol to an end and demand that the country and the people must have their right to elect a government through a General Election. No political party and force should accept this ‘buy one and get the second, the third or, even, the fourth free’ Conservative pseudo-construct. It is time that they go back to the people in a General Election and let them tell people how they shall get out of Europe and let other parties do the same and let the people choose whose version and programme they like and vote. This way the Country can get a new government, which now stands with a mandate, that they shall follow and that shall be possible because the composition of the House shall have been changed. But, this Conservative Party, now stands with an absolute, comprehensive and utter state of fear and fright, creating a phobia of going back to the country because they know that they, as a Party, have been done for generations to come and a General Election shall wipe them out.

There is no other way. All the political parties and political forces must unite in this otherwise this national waste and self-harming exercise shall have been going on for some more years, in which the most desperate people of this most desperate country, that has been made so by the terrible and mighty mess and waste this Conservative Party has created and brought out and imposed on the country and the people.

The Labour Party Leader Mr Jeremy Corbyn MP, followed by the demise of Mrs Theresa May’s Government, called for a General Election. There must, now and can not but be a General Election to bring this Conservative Royal Political Protocol to an end and, with it, get a new Government, that shall have a new House, freshly recomposed with the mandate, which shall release the nation and the government from this current state of paralysis and deadlock. Let the country go forward and get the United Kingdom out of this desperate whirlpool, where it has been placed and where it has been going round and round and sinking further and further down while everything in it has been, increasingly, becoming dizzying and things are falling apart and, even, the people in the Parliament have exhausted all their resources beyond any human capacity of endurance. It is becoming more and more unsustainable and dangerous. People can not bear this any longer and this must be brought to an end. Time, it is, for a General Election. Now.:::ω.
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The Last Syllable of Recorded Time: Who Else Can Speak for the Country Other Than the Good Old William Shakespeare: Or We Can Call Onto Christopher Marlowe to Rise and Speak for the United Kingdom Recalling the Injustice Done to Him



|| Thursday: May 23: 2019 || ά. The Guardian has published a little story, that should be splashed with the largest font and headline on each and every newspaper of the United Kingdom: ‘’UK suffers crushing defeat in UN vote on Chagos Islands’’ . The piece is about the most desperate expression of the most painfully obvious devastation, desecration, tearing apart and an ultimate diminishing, total vanishing and becoming a complete irrelevance as a country among the assembly of world’s countries and nations. The United Nations General Assembly has ‘’overwhelmingly backed a motion condemning Britain’s occupation of the remote Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean. The 116-6 vote left the UK diplomatically isolated and was also a measure of severely diminished US clout on the world stage. Washington had campaigned vigorously at the UN and directly in talks with national capitals around the world in defence of the UK’s continued control of the archipelago, where there is a US military base at Diego Garcia.’’ The Guardian report points out.  

The Guardian further elaborated on the desperate state: ‘’The US, Hungary, Israel, Australia and the Maldives backed the UK in the vote and 56 countries abstained, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland and Romania. Other European allies including Austria, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland voted for the UK to relinquish sovereignty.’’ In this story two countries of the world are portrayed as to how desperately they led themselves to become, yes, America First and United Kingdom First. One would be first were one to be in a tiny band of people, making single figures! But our little piece is for the desperate state of the United Kingdom. The country has been led into a state of complete and utter de-fabrication or total tearing apart throughout the last two-bouts of Conservative:Libdems and Conservative government, particularly, since, the debacle of the European Union Referendum, which had been used and sought to be taken over by many obnoxious forces with the leading ones failing to make a stand against those forces and that gave impetus and fuel to them and out of which, then, was created a festering environment, in which all sorts of far right groups and parties were brought out of the woodworks and into existence and those already in the field started to realise there was political capital to be had so that they changed their tones and tunes and officially went onto declaring the grounds for the United Kingdom first kind. 

On this path the Conservative Party’s anti-European segment dog-whistled their way into creating an atmosphere of nothing but extreme form of raw, low, base, crass and vulgar nationalism, obnoxious sentimentalism, toxic and revolting nostalgia, cringing and abhorrent singsong about the ‘perfect days of the colonial empire’ and the legitimisation of the neo-nazi and neo-fascist forces in the country. Along this politics entered an atmosphere of incivility, intolerance, hostility, viciousness, violent fury, brewed anger and threats of violence, verbal violence or the abuse of expressions and rhetoric, cruelty, disrespect, baseless accusations and importing of medieval terminology, such as, betrayal, enemy of the people etc, which created a state in the public spheres, that are akin to seeing the fascisomisation of democracy. And in this ‘new bonfire’ fell jumping with great enthusiasm much of the media without realising the desperate, deadly and irreversible damage these inflict on society, that help create. The country’s ecology chillingly smells, sounds and feels like the people of the United Kingdom are forced to live in pre-Hitler Germany, just before he was making his way up to win the election soon! This should send a chill down the spine of every citizen of this country because this country and its people, with and alongside Europe and the world as a whole, paid the highest of prices in fighting and defeating Hitler and his monstrosities! There is nothing so rosy, cosy and cuddly in Nazism or fascism or white supremacy but desperate and ultimate wipe out of all humanity!  

The absolute dangerous level of increase of hate and intolerance related criminality, violence, attacks and abuse taking place against all the minorities and anyone, that stands against the brutal, violent fascisomisation of the cultural, political, socio-cultural and socio-political spheres of public discourse by all those, who claimed a ‘biblical high ground’ because they voted or supported the leave campaign are now getting beyond healthy functioning of a healthy society. This way the anti-European Conservatives created and done all the ‘paperwork’ for an official white supremacist party, declaring itself as a mainstream political party by some name or other, coming out of the current Conservative Party, when it gets to, finally, break apart, only, they will ‘duck speak’, ‘dog-wink’ and ‘dog whistle’ so that they did not have to officially say it. In this demise of this current Conservative Party, anyone in it, who claimed to have some connection or relation to modern outlook and relation to, what they would call the centre ground of British politics, will have to get a life-time supply of anti-sickness medication, were they to force themselves to remain part of this kind of white supremacist kind of obnoxious, reactionary, self-loathing, self-hating or racist, xenophobic, extreme nationalist, Chauvinistic, masochistic, misogynistic and hatred-breeding and violence-fed party and politics. 

While this goes on the entire media seems to present this sudden, violent and dangerous increase of self-loathing or racism, xenophobia, hatred and intolerance in society, as, if, it has everything to do with all the minority communities of this country or the usual suspects, the black ones or the brown ones or the yellow or the blue or the turquoise ones. Racism and xenophobia have to and must concern the entire humanity, as much as, any other issue of great importance. Why is it? Because racism, xenophobia, hatred, intolerance and the rest are a direct challenge to the entire development and progression path of humanity through which humanity has developed branches of learning, knowledge and wisdom, i.e, mathematics, sciences, medicine and engineering and much more besides and racists present a direct challenge to all, that humanity has achieved. There is one human race: there is one human genome: there is one human blood: there is one human breath: there is one cardiology, one neurology, one physiology, one psychology, one psyche, one soul, one mind, one will, expressed in the agency of the human mind, soul, will. And, that one will is one and the same with all the other such wills, while each and every such will is, at the same time, absolutely and comprehensively unique, distinct and different than all other wills and, thus, they claim liberty and equality to be the most-high states for all humanity. And, these states of liberty and equality can not ever come to exist were humanity to seek to follow their physiological features for in such a case there can not ever be two humans, who can be said to be equal and, thus, are at liberty! The very way capitalism can not bring about liberty and equality to exist because of its ownership, owning, money and power the same way racists or the self-loather can not ever get humanity to equality or liberty. Humans are equal and by virtue of that equality they reach liberty for otherwise the large majority of humanity will be separated by the fear or the power of the group, that have that power to subjugate them and control them. In this, these self-loathers shall forever dominate the groups, after terminating those they wanted to terminated altogether, that they would need to serve them and, therefore, they will forever keep the vast majority of humanity under their monstrous control, dictatorship and subjugation!    

Back to the human physiology: and in all these there is housed a living, breathing museum of all branches of sciences, learning, knowledge and wisdom inside that human physiology and psychology, all of which, including, common sense, reason, logic and all the rest, that exist in the architecture of human rationality, have established with evidence, that are getting larger and larger as we keep on learning more, that humanity is one and there is no white or black or brown or yellow or blue or turquoise human race but one and the same human race, the same and the one humanity. This is why racism, to be correct, the word should not even be racism but self-loathing, self-hatred, self-termination, where some humans electively, selectively dehumanise themselves so that they dehumanise the entire of the rest of the humanity and, then, they place all the humans they did not like into a group of ‘target’ for their hatred and ‘allocate and portions’ the things they did not like about themselves on the members of that target groups and use them for their violence and fury, rage and anger and viciousness and cruelty and they keep on culturing, brewing and sharpening that hatred, violence and fury, that increase not just toward hatred but wishing ill and then ensuring ill is delivered through violence and, finally, terminate that part of humanity that they hated. This is why this xenophobic self-hatred or self-loathing should and must concern the entire humanity. In these states of characteristics, these self-loathers show the highest level, degree and magnitude of the absolute dehumanisation of humanity, that goes towards the extreme and farthest end of the lowest or the highest form of cruelty , viciousness and inhumanity, which can only be described as the high-point of the sociology of evil, at which point humanity is, by all definitions, absolutely and completely wiped out of the remaining part of that humanity, the physiologies.   

Further, these self-hating people not only believe in their supremacy but, also, they believe in all other filths and toxicity, that go with it, meaning that they are Chauvinistic, masochistic and misogynistic. These things mean that these supremacists are the first and foremost dangers to the entire women part of all humanity. With the current state of the world, when women slightly outnumber men, this means, a great majority, not a minority, of humans, all women in this case, face the highest most dangers from these obnoxious self-loathers. This is because these people want to put back women and keep them under absolute and comprehensive control ‘in their right place’: in the kitchen where they should be made to do the work and keep them giving children after regular intervals, as well as, look after them, care for them and raise and grow them, as per the job description so that these Chauvinistic, masochist and misogynistic self-loathing men go about massacring the humanity, they think, must be, obliterated. Therefore, self-loathing or racism and xenophobia do not concern the minority first, it does, should and must concern the entire majority of women and this means all the humans, that are men, to stand together and fight these supremacist anti-nature forces because all these men are these women’s children, sons, grandsons, nephews, husbands and partners and colleagues, their fellow workers, fellow learners, their friends, their co-travellers, their neighbours etc.


Then, comes the other true differentiations, that these self-loathing white supremacists do and shall follow, that does not concern the minorities but another majority. These very white supremacists have their own criteria to ‘judge’ who are white and who are not. Therefore, very few peoples of earth, who seem to fall into the physiological feature of being white are not deemed by these white supremacists to be white at all. To them, their own whiteness is ‘pure, Arian, blue blooded and magnificent’ so that most of the whites do not get to be part of their white club. Therefore, this is another majority group these racist or self-lathing forces shall attack in the first possible opportunity, following the time, when they needed and sought and achieved their votes! They won’t speak of this when they are seeking to advance their cause. Hitler did not tell Germany about any of this while he was seeking to gain their supports and votes! That should and must concern the entire humanity to be alarmed by the rise of these violent forces.  

Then, they go to the next majority. These xenophobic forces have their own definition of what constitute ‘Christianity’ and in their criteria most of the world’s Christians do not and will not qualify, for the qualified Christians ‘must always be Christian by their definition and they must be of white origin but of the right kind of white origin’. This means majority of the Christians will fall fowl of these racist neo-nazi and neo-fascist forces. That should concern the entire society. 

Then comes another large group, yes, they form a large but minority group: all the people with all kinds and manners of disabilities. These self-loathing xenophobic forces do not take and look kindly on these humanity, the people with disability. Like all other minority, they hate this group, probably, much more than others and they want to obliterate them out of the earth. That should concern any and every honourable and decent human being to the core of their soul. This alone should make society a raging ecology of condemnations for such forces.  

Then come all other minorities of all types and kinds. That concerns the minorities but not only them and not alone. Racism or, rather self-loathing, self-hatred concerns any and every one in society, communities, families, networks of families, organisations and agencies and all individuals and the entire state, government and all the political parties, that work for democratic and civic societies, run under the rule of law, should, ought and must concern themselves with the rise and activities of these forces of self-hatred, self-loathing and self-destruction. For let us state, there is one humanity on earth and all the virtues, qualities, states, straits and properties, that constitute humanity show that humanity is not a physical thing but a psychological thing and that their physiology is not and can not be definitive, defining and determinative characteristics in judging that humanity because humanity is not a physiology, though, it grows and resides in it and from where it functions and manifests itself but a mind, soul, will, that forms itself as an agency of that human mind, soul, will and the entire architecture of human rationality, reason, logic, common sense and the entire existence of all sciences and learning disciplines show us that this thing, this human mind, soul, will thing, has no physical feature, characteristic or any colour, size or shape! Further, that humanity’s physiology changes, adapts and evolves because it exists on earth, that is round and it goes around its own axis every day and this earth has day and night and, then, it goes around its orbit every year so it has varying seasons so that this human physiology must exist in that continual, regular and ever-recurring changes in its living environment and it exists and, it must do, in a juxtaposition of countless number of Universal systems where countless number of, almost, infinite number of forces are impacting on the ecology of life and living on this earth every day and every night throughout a human life-existence so that human physiology can not but change, alter and evolve, depending on where on earth it exists and it keeps on evolving across generations, across times and across geographies and, therefore, those, who fall into this shallow puddle of believing the physical features to be their identity, we invite them to study the mathematics and sciences, medicine and all other branches and disciplines of learning, knowledge and wisdom to see what they follow is nothing but the dead end of humanity: and they are nothing but self-loathers, wasting their entire existence in hating the very same thing they themselves are, that they have uprooted from their construction through following the toxicity of hatred, rage, loathing and viciousness throughout their life.   

Further, these self-loathers are, therefore, always denying and challenging, seeking to discredit mathematics and sciences and all other branches of learning disciplines and they hate education and educated people and they go out of their way to character assassinate the ‘educated class’ and in this, they waste their entire energy and resource in demonising the groups, that they target but they will not say a word about advancing education, they would not say anything about advancing education for the world’s women and girls and they will not spend a second speaking about improving the disability rights, they will not say a word about ending violence, sexual violence and abuse against women and this pandemic now engulfing almost all spheres of life where women are facing increasing level of hostility, abuse and sexual harassment. They have nothing to say about making life and society better for people with disabilities. They will not utter a phrase in support of reason or logic but employ their entire skill-range advancing conspiracy theories and made up concoctions, falsehoods, fabrications and put forward lies and untruths. In these things the media empire of the world do not seem to show much bother.  

This are the things, what the entire humanity must take as ‘political fighting devices’ to demolish the fabricated mythologies, concocted lies and brewed falsehoods and orchestrated conspiracy theories about the white supremacy or any other type of such disjunctive junks of these self-loathing, self-hating or racist xenophobes. They have to be demolished and torn apart into dust through the presentation and usage of mathematics and all branches of sciences and all branches of all other disciplines of humanities without any violence or hatred in return. Racism, we want to emphasise the term self-loathing or self-hatred so to not use racism as a term, because it imposes an arbitrary state by which we must accept that humanity has different races on earth, depending on the colour of their physiologies, does not concern the minorities onlyor alone: self-loathing concerns the entire existence of the entire humanity, the entire humankind, all the women and men. There is no majority or minority in this one humanity: all humanity is one and the same humanity: one soul-commune-ecology of one humanity of infinite goodness, nanocromised inside the human physiology and psychology. Further, in the developmental process of progression humanity must reach the state of high enlightenment and this means, humanity, must, raise itself to that state so that the entire humanity is sane enough, healthy enough, enlightened enough to be able to keep themselves in good state of health and well-being so that they do not fall into the sickness of self-loathing or self-hatred. This self-loathing is a direct invention of dehumanisation of humanity, which began as and when humanity naturale fell off being so and were forced into becoming two opposing groups of humans: the powerful and the powerless or the dispossessed, which the governance and publica affairs management systems, used, since, slavery, through feudal development and capitalism, and this has been used to sharpen and made more potent by these systems ‘blocking’ education to be a universal human right and forced the multitude of the powerless to exist in the sociology of squalors, experience the sociology of evil, living and serving the live-in-life-sentence in which they serve all the high-cruelties, the system impose on them.  

That does not mean only education will take humanity out of this self-loathing: this shall continue so long capitalism continues to exist and maintain the psychopathic human existence by which both the powerfuls and powerless are dehumanised and forced and mandated to carry on with that same psychopathy. In this the educated elite of the powerful use this state of self-loathing to advance their own interests and agenda as part of their own psychopathy. In other words, these educated elite in the powerful group add this self-loathing to their psychopathy tool and use it to manipulate, direct, dictate and herd the people of the powerless or the dispossessed group. Take capitalism out and make the highest level and degree of education and life-long learning a universal human right for each and every soul of the entire human race and let them live in such society for a few generations, civic societies, run under direct democracies, by the individual members of society, living in liberty and equality, in natural justice, there shall not exist a single human being in such society, that hated one’s own self: for one stands facing the mirror and one sees oneself. A human being’s mirror is all other humanity and in whose faces each and every single human should, ought and must see one’s own self for they all are the same and one humanity inside. 

But in the United Kingdom things have been falling apart and everything has been torn apart, away and thrown about into the air and every dust is being dusted further into tinier kind of dust. Since, the Referendum, there was hardly any effective government so that there was very little governing and in this continual but desperately depressive, tiring and tiresome process of culturing, brewing and orchestrating negativities have spread across the spectra of the whole society and an ecology of utter and sheer nihilism has been created and that has been poisoning everything and everyone in every sphere. Along the way in the world the country, this United Kingdom has been falling away, diminishing and vanishing away so that today, while the Conservative circus keeps on going and it appears that ‘the last syllable of recorded time’ has begun, when all the Conservatives seem to be getting ready to literally, drag  out their Prime Minister out of Number 10, the country receives only SIX votes! This is what has been done to the United Kingdom and they speak of getting out of the European Union, as, if, that shall either take them to the skies in thunderbirds or make them stoned with special magic mushroom of some nostalgic kind into their nostalgic high-paradise. Yet, the country has been torn apart and political parties have let themselves into a state of paralysis and dysfunctions, where no one wants to show the courage to stand up and lead and say what it is, that the country has been forced to be engaged in and wasted and torn apart by: to stand up and say: this entire process has been a national suicide exercise, an expression of how to conduct a mass self-annihilation: which is what this entire exiting the European Union is. But no one would stand up and say it: well, at least, there is Lord Heseltine, who would and he did say: he did stand up and said what he thought must be said and he was counted: but the Conservative Party is not now in a state to listening him out but they managed to go out of their way and suspended him. Can one find any other better irony than this that the Conservative Party is drowning in the hollow puddle they had dug themselves with this debacle of leaving the European Union, to put it politely and, can hardly breathe and still they have enough lunacy left in them, that enabled them to do their last act of insanity: they suspended Lord Heseltine out of their Party because they did not like what he had to say about their utter and sheer insanity about this entire debacle of getting out of the European Union.  

Who is to tell them that this is the fact: in the world, among the general assembly of nations of the world and world humanity, this United Kingdom has been brought to a low, raw, bruising and sad and lonely and tragic state that it now has received only SIX votes! Who can bring about some perspective in this lunacy and negativity-driven distunctures and waste of the most tragic kind of all the national energy, resources, imagination, creativity, ingenuity and vitality into this purposeless undoing and tearing apart of the country and the people, who still shall be paying the price for all these in days, weeks, months, years, decades and generations to come. While it should be quite relevant to mention that Human Rights Watch lambasted the UK Government for the ever-increasing poverty and hunger in the country and an United Nations report had criticised the government about the same issue some time earlier and all the Government appears to have the guts do to is this: a leadership contender is preparing to submit a rebuttal of the UN report, denying the content of the report as politically motivated while the headteachers of the country are gathering to say that they can not continue to be a fourth emergency in the country for they can only teach children and can not keep on seeking to feed them, too, because they are coming to school hungry! This is the truth and this has nothing to do with the European Union! And, about these, where are the political parties showing leadership and standing for that truth!   

Let them begin their count of the ‘last syllable of recorded time’ and someday, someone will look back and read this editorial and say: well, The Humanion said it than! The United Kingdom had been brought down to this sad, low and tragically desperate state that it had now received only SIX votes in the General Assembly. This is why we quote William Shakespeare to say, as, if, this whole terrible and sorry debacle has started counting for the country as ‘last syllable of recorded time’ for it is inconceivable as to why and how on earth the entire range of political forces have let themselves dragged into this utter negativity for so long so to bring down the entire country in such a desperate diminishing and vanishing path so to, first, become irrelevant and, then, fall into oblivion and we refer to Christopher Marlowe, for he was a victim of such a high-crime in which someone or some people killed him by stabbing and, further, he was such a great artist, who had not been given, in his life time, even, till now, the rightful place, rightful regard, rightful respect, rightful acknowledgement and rightful value, that his great works deserved than, now and shall be deserving forever so that the people of this beautiful lands and country can see how, like Christopher Marlowe’s double-high-crime suffering, the United Kingdom have been dealt with two-high destructions at the same time: the disintegration, de-fabrication, tearing apart, diminishing, vanishing and falling away into irrelevance at best and to oblivion at worst and on top of it there appears the dangerous prospect of the country being readied for the high and open season for all white supremacist, xenophobes, self-loathers, Chauvinists, masochists and misogynistics, who dream of establishing their ‘fantasy land’ of destructions and devastations of hatred and loathing through violence, viciousness and criminality on a land and people, that, literally re-invented democracy and the rule of law, existed to advance sense of decency and tolerance, sense of fairness and fair play, sense and subscription to equity and due diligence, that have re-invented the ideas of duty of care and civic life and civic society and that maintained and architectured a determined choice, ever-developing quality and absolute steely commitment to natural justice, a sense of celebrations of human diversity and proudly this land and these people of this beautiful land have gone on advancing the rights of all the people with disabilities. 

But that is the dark future they have all been lowering the country to and forcing it towards: it is time the people of this country to wake up and say: ENOUGH! Enough! enough!  

And it is time the political parties of this country wake up and realise that none of them have been doing their job: they, ought to learn or they all shall get the lessons of their existence when the country and the people will find that opportunity, that this is United Kingdom, a country and it has a people and they have all abandoned this country and all its people and entered into a pseudo-realm of made ups issues and urgencies in this debacle of existing the European Union: whatever happens with this debacle United Kingdom shall remain United Kingdom and there shall remain all these 63 plus millions of humanity in it and they both are torn asunder and the entire country has been falling apart, sociology of squalors have been sowed and nurtured and are now being seen harvested to advance the sociology of evil, that has been eating away the very fabrics of this country, that more and more and desperately so, looks, sounds and feels like a country, that is going down and under. For this no one shall ever forgive any of the political parties, that together have failed this country and its people. Time to register and go back to the reason for which these political parties exist. ENOUGH! Enough! enough!:::ω.

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Europe: Unless the Progressive Forces of Europe Wake Up Acknowledge and Choose to Put Up the Largest Political Fight of Existence Across Europe Since the Dawn of Humanity the Peoples of Europe Are Being Directed Manipulated Herded and Attempted to Be Taken to The Darkest of All Dark Ages by the White Supremacist Neo-Nazis and Neo-Fascists Using the Most Extreme Form of a Low Raw Base Crass and Vulgar Form of Nationalism




|| Sunday: May 19: 2019 || ά. There was a time when the European Union was seen as ‘the new kid on the block’ and it was a up-and-coming thing, being taken for a future-embracing entity with some form of a vision and purpose and it made much progress and achieved much by any standard until the financial crash brought down the entire capitalistic apparatus to its knees and the entire ‘status-quo-conglomerate of the world’, that subscribed to capitalism, as, if, it was a ‘god-sent-apparatus’, that doggedly thought the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the dark market forces, the share markets and the stock exchanges and the like had had it all figured out, the entire human-history for and till all eternity, that it is and it shall forever be this horror-show of a killing mechanism, called, capitalism. Therefore, when it all came crashing down, they did not, first of all, understand what happened, why it happened, what were the variables and forces, that created the problem and that all went on working to create and build up the momentum of taking down the entire system to its knees. To be blunt, they did not have a clue than nor do they have any sense of that, even, after all these years. However, they went about like a mad General: Go forward with the same and they led the world towards the most vicious implementation of what they called austerity, which did nothing but establish, enforce and advance all the capitalistic high-cruelties, resulting in the advancement of sociological squalors, advancing the sociology of evil, all implementing and advancing ruthless dehumanisation. The European Union was ‘the most-vanguard’ of this ruthless implementation and enforcement of this monstrous austerity. However, to be fair, this entire world’s entire ‘status-quo-conglomerate of capitalism’ did the same all across the world.  

Capitalism has always let the rich steal and rob these created worth and values by the working humanity but until pseudonomics got started that was not happening as widely, as frequently and by as large a magnitude as before so that the robbery under pseudonomics had been able to steal far too much, in far too short a time-space and in far too large quantities and this way the system was transformed into pseudonomics, the terminal end of capitalism. Until pseudonomics is brought to an end, capitalism and the entire world market and all the national markets of the world countries are brought under the power and rule of law, conducted by states, that are re-orchestrated, re-architectured, re-caste and reshaped to enable them to exercise this deliverance of the power and rule of law, pseudonomics shall keep on going and the system shall keep on coming to a crash but each successive crash shall be more fatal than the preceding one and soon, there shall come a time when the absolute, final and determinative crash shall bring an end to this catastrophic demise of capitalism and pseudonomics and the world and world humanity shall fall under this cataclysmic catastrophe because there is no alternative, that can take its place. Marxism has had its day: it is not going re-emerge because it could not answer many of the most vital questions in relation to how and why liberty and equality relate to the very basis of capitalism: that ownership, owning and money exist, creating and rendering power to exist, that create two groups of humans: the powerful and the powerless. So long, these two opposing groups remain in existence there can not exist the state of liberty among humanity nor can there exist equality. Further, because capitalism is the system of ownership, owning, money and power, it shall forever create a state of not liberty but fear, scare and fright and the state of inequality with it, both of which it shall forever increase. Therefore, Marxism’s way to get the ownership to the proletariat, which, effectively, becomes, state ownership, then, the party ownership, which, effectively, enjoys all the benefits of that ownership. This way, it keeps the same old state in Marxist realities because it still did not and can not deal with ownership, owning, money and power, so that they keep on going so go on the state of not liberty or fear, scare and fright, as well as, inequality and all the rest of the evils, that run capitalism. 

Therefore, Marxism is not going re-emerge because it did not and could not work. Thus, unless, capitalism and its current pseudonomics are brought to an end and the entire system and all the expressions of markets of the world are brought under the power and rule of law and with that transformation these newly re-crafted and re-created states go about creating and establishing building-block foundational human rights, that shall establish and make better the human condition, that is infinitely better for all humanity, in which societies will develop towards humanics, that shall discard capitalism, ownership, owning, money and the power they create, generate and confer to the owners and replace all these with simple and straight forward belongingship. Humanics shall release all humanity from the bondage of capitalism and let free all humanity into liberty and equality and bring in a meaning and purpose of existence under the rule of law in natural justice. Humanics shall eradicate the party political system and the representative democratic governance system, both of which dehumanise, disempower and dienfranchise humanity and replace them with a direct form of democracy, humanicsovics, where each and every human being, citizen, of a country becomes her:his own High Representative and they all together work and run this new direct form of democracy and this new form of public affairs management system runs the political economical system in humanicsonomics or human enterprise and all humanity exists as: all for one and one for all.  

Humanics is envisioned by its thinker as a two-stage development process: pre-humanical society and humanical society whereby the former is established by and through the route of bringing an end to pseudonomics robberies and ending pseudonomics all together and bringing the entire system, now, called, Kapitalawnomics, whose capital is the humanity, it is designed to serve and bring the entire system under the power and rule of law and societies and their states and governments create and establish all the humanical building-block foundational human rights, that take the human condition and its quality to a seismic and quantum shift, which shall release all humanity and all societies into a realm of development, that we can not even imagine while these societies shall work to initiate the ushering in of humanical societies in the later stage of development of humanics, in which societies will enter humanics. In pre-humanical state societies, their states and governments shall seek to create a Universal State for all humanity of the earth, that becomes the Universal system, mechanism and apparatus of running human affairs management system, conducting the rule of law and delivering of natural justice and this Universal Body shall have its own central bank and its own currency, that shall become the world currency.  

Unlike any other states, this Universal Body shall have not states nor governments as its members but all the individuals of all humanity as its members and the world’s states and governments join this body because of the virtue, that all their citizens have joined and formed this Universal Body. This is neither a paper-tiger nor a talking-shop. It is an infinite phoenix of the humanity of this earth, that is an infinity unfolding itself and this infinite phoenix represents and symbolises the power of the rule of law, the power of the due process of law, the power of natural justice without any application of any force of any kind or manner. We invite the entire world and all humanity, particularly, the younger generations, concerned with the human condition and the state of this world and this humanity under capitalism and now under pseudonomics, to invest some of their energy-resources to studying humanics, the first volume was published on December 06, 2017, Humanics The Foundation, The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto, published on April 06, 2019 and the second volume of humanics, Humanics The Humanicsonomics Pseudonomics and Its Laws and Lawlessness, to be released on June 12, 2019 and the third and final volume Humanics The Humanicsovics The Political Philosophy of Humanics shall be published at end of this year. All these works have arisen from the ground work of this author, Dehumanisation of Humanity. A great deal of writings about humanics and humanical society, have been published in The Humanion and the Regine Humanics Foundation website for people to read.  

However, humanics shall not and can not take over from the collapse of this pseudonomical system, the end of this capitalistic system now so that now is the time societies, countries, peoples and nations take initiatives and seek to bring this pseudonomics of capitalism to an end and bring the entire system and all the markets under the power and rule of law and use this to create a system, that does not exist to make profit and let the rich rob them off but it works for all humanity of each and every country. Humanics has shown how that can be done, if, people are willing and open enough to take a look in such contemporary works for all such works, always, happen in some contemporary reality and societies must rise beyond taking a ‘challenging and putting down view-point’ to such works with a violent ‘damn care response’ but seek to see, look, study and assess them for the world and the human condition on it under capitalism in pseudonomics is most dire, most desperate and getting more and more jingoistic, deadly and unsustainable. The old books and the old texts are not working, they are not going to, suddenly, start work. It is time humanity looks out and listen into and locate anything, that offers it a way out towards a better world, better human condition and better human existence on earth, for capitalism, its profiteering, its infinite greed for profiteering and reckless, dangerous and devastating consumerism have brought on earth the existential challenges not to just the humankind but to the entire ecology the entire web of life through the dangers of desperate environmental pollutions, devastating air pollutions, deadly global warming, severe climate change and the desperate killing spree of millions and millions of human beings every year through the high-cruelties of capitalism. Capitalism stands as the last killing mechanism to wipe out the entire ecology of the existence of what is called life and the web and ecology of life on earth not in distant future but in future, that is so close that we can feel its ferocious heat and fire today.  

Having written this far, we begin with the headline of this editorial: and as the European Union went about ruthlessly, viciously and mercilessly enforcing and implementing these ‘mauling devastations of violent austerity’ across the landscapes of Europe and the vast majority of humanity, the poor and the working poor, who were given out a live-in-life-sentence of misery, strife, suffering, agony and pain’ to carry on with: except, this time, these sentences were harsher, harder for longer and across Europe these populace have been suffering and paying the price for a ‘crime’, that they had nothing to do with. In fact, they were the first and primary victims of the crime, committed by the pseudonomical robbers, the rich and, yet, Europe went about punishing the vast majority of all peoples of Europe and sought to exact from them the highest of all prices. 

These went about demonstrating to all these humanity, suffering away and paying the price for these robberies, that this ‘system’ of politics, economics and public affairs management is nothing but the ‘ploy’. ‘trap’, ‘contraption’ to keep the status-quo of the rich being and growing more rich continues while they keep on robbing more and more of the created worth and values by the working humanity, that keep on getting robbed by more and more and, having been subjected to these unprecedented robberies, they find that this ‘status-quo-conglomerate of the European Union’, then, goes about punishing them further with much harder, much harsher and much longer live-in-life-sentences than before while the rich keep on getting richer and they keep on being in command and control of ‘dictating and imposing’ their ‘chosen elite’ into running the show, which elite, then, serve their masters, the rich. That is how and why the European Union had seen how the peoples Europe have been turning away and against it and this shall continue were the European Union to continue to stay and run as nothing but ‘the status-quo-conglomerate of capitalism and pseudonomics’. 

What changed with these changes in all across Europe can be seen as occurring in three different ways: 

One: the so-called right of the political scenarios, the political parties and forces, have been going towards further right, from which are created white supremacist extreme and far right or the neo-nazis and neo-fascist forces and parties, that started using the most extreme form of a low, raw, base, crass and vulgar form of nationalism. 

Two: that the so-called left and all other progressive forces and parties were falling behind for many a reason, that is happening across the world, including, the fact that, despite the world, particularly, the working humanity, accepting that Marxism, socialism, communism had not worked, could not work and shall not work, these forces, parties and agencies keep on believing the days of Marxism shall re-emerge and solve all the ills and evils of capitalism in the world. What they refuse to accept is this that Karl Marx did not write Das Kapital today so that he could not write about the emergence and taking over of capitalism by the entire range of the distorteddia conglomerate and how these all changed capitalism into pseudonomics. They do not accept that Marx did not know and could not predict the conversion of capitalism into pseudonomics and, most importantly, Karl Marx could not figure out what liberty and equality were and how that relate to the human condition being what it is under capitalism. He did not realise that it is, almost, beside the point as to who or what owns so long ownership, owning, money and power exist there can not exist liberty and equality. Marxism ends here: so long ownership, owning, money and power remain in existence there shall not exist at liberty, with equality humanity. That does and can only happen when humanity reaches humanics. Thus, these forces have been falling behind, losing power and risking the dangers of becoming irrelevant, obscure and obsolete. Yet, this is terrible and a horror of a development for these progressive forces had worked together and brought Europe and the world where they are today, which now face the dangers of being taken to the darkest of ages.  

Three: and these neo-nazi, neo-fascist forces and parties across Europe are using this very changed reality and seeking to take the grounds, where these progressive forces used to be and they are using white supremacy and extreme form of nationalism, that is low, base, gross, crass and vulgar and with these they are manipulating, directing and herding peoples across Europe and, thereby, they are seeking to direct Europe towards the darkest depth of depravity. 

And, in this, the olden and out dated way of looking at politics and allocate categories, such as, left and right and centre and off-centre or centre-left or centre-right or far right or far left are pointless for the political reality of this world and this Europe is now this: there are the powerfuls, who are the rich but are the minority, whose wealth, power and control and hold over the system of governance and economics keep on increasing while the powerless are the all working and non-working humanity, the dispossessed, who are the vast, vast, vast majority of the entire humanity, who are the poorest and they keep on getting poorer in every sense of this word poor: economically, politically, political philosophically, political economically, governantially, socially, socio-economically, socio-culturally and in all other ways so that they all are the most poor, the most disempowered, the most disenfranchised, the most cut-out, the most disconnected, the most helpless and the most powerless and this astonishing example of being the majority and, yet, failing to elect a force to run the public affairs management system to advance their cause suggests how desperately the most powerless and most helpless humans have been made to become, who are in the powerless or dispossessed group. No political party or force or organisation exist to, truly, seeking to understand these fundamentally changed realities and, then, based on that understanding, reflect a political, political philosophical and political economical programme of actions and go about preparing, organising, inspiring and leading these vast force of humanity, that are being failed across the globe.    

And across Europe these multitude of the powerless are failed, too. This Europe: Unless the Progressive Forces of Europe Wake Up, Acknowledge and Choose to Put Up the Largest Political Fight of Existence Across Europe Since the Dawn of Humanity, the Peoples of Europe Are Being Directed, Manipulated, Herded and Attempted to Be Taken to The Darkest of All Dark Ages by the White Supremacist Neo-Nazis and Neo-Fascists Using the Most Extreme From of a Low, Raw, Base, Crass and Vulgar Form of Nationalism. 

This horrendous, dangerous and chilling future is not inevitable as nothing is inevitable in human development and history until and unless the political forces and organisations and agencies as humanity rise to seek to understand, accept and initiate their reason to exist and make the choices, that are a must and go about seeking to lodge the largest political fight to challenge these forces, that are going to destroy Europe and with it bring the world to its knees while the very poor, the very working and all other poor are going to suffer the most for these neo-nazi, neo-fascist forces do not give a damn about them but they are seeking to reach and achieve power and seek a re-run of the Second World War, in which Hitler does not get defeated, he does not commit suicide but becomes victorious with a vengeance and, thus, becomes the most strong expression of the most horrid existence of the sociology of evil and annihilate all humanity and all its diversity, that he:she wants to eliminate and enforce on and over the ‘selected’ groups, from among the ‘inferior’ groups: a mandatory slavery or servitude to white supremacists. This is what these neo-fascist and neo-nazi forces and parties actually want and they shall keep on trying and working harder but it is not to them depends the future of Europe, the world and world humanity but to those forces, groups and organisations and the humanity they represent as to what choices of political, political philosophical, political economical nature they make today and how they go about creating the future road map works, programmes of actions and workings and how they start these new movements to recreate their rationale of existence and challenge these dark forces, challenge capitalism and its pseudonomics and succeed in inspiring, connecting, preparing, educating, empowering and leading the vast majority of the working and no-working poor of their peoples. 

Because, these neo-nazi and neo-fascist forces are not just limited in Europe but they are making concerted, unison and organised striving and working together across the world, in Europe, in Americas, in the United States of America in particular, in Australasia and all other places of the world and, where the majority has been reversed putting other group in the majority, such as, in India, there appear parallel versions of these neo-nazism and neo-fascism, that use different manner and form of supremacy, instead of white supremacy but, they, use the entire tool-kit of neo-nazism and neo-fascism being used worldwide. The world and world humanity have never faced such desperate, deadly and dangerous existential threats from these forces ever before.  

Let us imagine a Europe where all the mechanism of Europe, the European Union and all its apparatus and all the states and governments of Europe have worked together and they have stopped capitalism and the pseudonomics and they have created and established the humanical building-block foundational human rights, that shall transform the human condition into a state, that we can not even imagine. 

Imagine that every human being enjoys these absolute foundational rights: 

That they all shall breathe natural, fresh and pure air

That they all shall live in natural, fresh and healthy environment

That they all shall have a home for life

That they all shall have a universal income

That they all now have their biological and nutritional needs met through the universal income

That they all have a right to free degree-level education

That they have a right to access and use a free to use national health service

That they all have a right to access and use free to use social care service

That they all have a right to free life-long education

That all children and people with disabilities will have the equivalent extra support through the adjustment of the universal income

That every human being shall have a right to a dignified civic funeral

That they all have a job for life 

Until and Unless the European Union and all its states and governments and all the people can gather and work together for a Europe where humanity exists with the human condition, that shall be brought into reality by these foundational human rights being translated into peoples’ lives and these bodies become bodies mirroring their peoples and humanity and, instead, remain as they are, a ‘status-quo-conglomerate of capitalism and pseudonomics’, enforcing all the high-cruelties, high-barbarities and high-viciousness of capitalism and create a deathly-status-quo of suffering, agony, strife, servitude and pain through serving this live-in-life-sentence of continual and ever-harder, ever-harsher and ever-longer agony for the vast, vast majority of humanity in Europe and the progressive forces fail in their political and political philosophical and political economical choices, roles, tasks, duties, and responsibilities these nasty, obnoxious, toxic, xenophobic, racist, masochistic, Chauvinistic, misogynistic and reactionary white supremacist forces and parties shall carry on advancing and more and more of the dispossessed and the powerless will be directed, manipulated and herded to their horror-state-corner of death, bloodshed and destruction in an unimaginable state and magnitude and there will be created, all over Europe, a burning sociological hell of the sociology of evil, in which the working poor and all other poor and all minorities of all kinds and manners, including, the ill, frail, elderly, mentally ill and people with disabilities and, particularly, women and all other vulnerable groups of humanity will be made subject to accept ‘legitimate’ second class existence, that is nothing but sheer, absolute and guaranteed abuse, attacks and violence and, in return, that will cause societies to enter a state of ‘sociological civil wars’, that shall be going on for no one will accept being forced in such a state and shall be forced to fight such a state. Therefore, we invite the progressive forces of all Europe to take stock of these horror-scenarios, that are not imagined but are very likely outcomes of this failed course and direction, that Europe is in danger of being directed, dragged along and delivered to and, only, than, these progressive forces can and should realise the calamitous consequences of their failures in making these historical political, political philosophical and political economical choices. 

Therefore, we invite all these progressive forces of Europe in all over Europe, particularly, the entire generations of the youth, as well as, the entire world, to recognise what is happening right before our very eyes and read the headline of this Editorial and try to imagine the horror, evils, deaths, destructions and devastations, that will ensure this: as, if, since the dawn of humanity, humanity had not ever existed on this earth, seeking all this time to advance the human condition, for all, that have been achieved shall be eradicated, obliterated and terminated on earth. That is what and where Europe and the world are continually being pushed towards and directed to by these reactionary forces: the world and Europe in particular should and must take stock as to what is unfolding in India right now. 

Europe: Unless the Progressive Forces of Europe Wake Up, Acknowledge and Choose to Put Up the Largest Political Fight of Existence Across Europe Since the Dawn of Humanity the Peoples of Europe Are Being Directed, Manipulated, Herded and Attempted to Be Taken to The Darkest of All Dark Ages by the White Supremacist Neo-Nazis and Neo-Fascists, Using the Most Extreme From of a Low Raw Base Crass and Vulgar Form of Nationalism. It is time to wake up, assess, choose and act: and act urgently, decisively and determinatively. Now is the time: it was not yesterday, it is not tomorrow or day after tomorrow but it is today: today, now, at this precise nano-second of this precise second, at this precise minute, of this precise hour of this day, today, when, you are reading this Editorial of The Humanion, Dear Reader and, please, make sure you tell everyone you know, particularly, those who hold and run the entire mechanism and apparatus of the European Union, that the days of the deathly continuation of the status-quo-conglomerate of capitalism and pseudonomics by the European Union and all its states and governments are over. Because, if, it is not over, you shall still exist on and read about the history of the demise of this entire European Union not in a very long future but in the very near one.:::ω.

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Exiting the European Union: The First Meaningless Vote Sent to the Political Graveyard: There Is No Constitutional Crisis Because the Constitution Is Working at Its Best: But the Conservative Government Is in a Mighty Mess That Its Leader the Prime Minister Has Been Making Since the European Union Referendum: This Prime Minister Can Not Keep on Taking This Country on This Ruinous Reckless and Dangerous Path



|| March 18: 2019 || ά. Why: because the Government wanted to use Royal Prerogative to pursue Exiting the European Union: it was challenged at the Judiciary of the country. The judiciary deliberated and declared its verdict, which forced the Government to bring about legislation for that exit. The Government wanted so many things about this exit, most of which, the very Houses of Parliament rejected. The Government wanted to leave on time, March 29 with or without a deal, the House has rejected all that out right. Here are the perfect examples of how the UK constitution is working as ‘text book’ expressions of how these three bodies are supposed to work, particularly, the Legislature and the Judiciary: There is no constitutional crisis going on in the UK. It is, rather, the UK Conservative Government, that has created a mighty mess for itself, from which, nothing could rescue it. And, so long, Mrs Theresa May remains Prime Minister, the Conservative Party needs no other architect to ensure the highest ruins for them.

With great melodrama and evocation of personality cult, seeking to unleash personal hatred, abuse and propaganda against a person, in the name of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Mr John Bercow MP for ruling, which is nothing but a correct interpretation of the customs, precedents and conventions of this very House, that have been developed over centuries and by which this House has always worked and should continue to seek to work: that a rejected matter can not be brought back to the MPs on the same session for another vote without substantial changes being made to it. Further, the rationale for this convention is rather simple: that it disrespects the Parliament and the MPs and it wastes rather precious Parliamentary time. The Parliament has many MPs, forming this body together and, therefore, it does not have one single voice to speak for it and this is why a Parliament has this Speaker’s position.

The Speaker is that, by default, one and single voice of the House, while all other MPs always are representing and speaking from their party positions and other affiliations; the Speaker remains committed and, must, remain committed to uphold the Parliamentary rules, customs, conventions, precedents, procedures, protocols and practices. Further, in the British system of democracy no other organ of the state is exercising the Nation’s sovereignty other than this House, this Parliament and the Executive or the Government of the day always remains with ‘authorisation’ to exercise that ‘authority’ so long it remains within the ‘scrutiny, approval and support’ of this House. If, the House ceases to support a Government it can not go on as a functioning, constitutional and lawful government. It, simply, can not. Therefore, to unleash these attacks, propaganda and abuse towards the Speaker is utterly tasteless, absolutely unnecessary and must be avoided. Mr Bercow did his job and his ruling does not just effect Government situation but applies to all other motions and amendments, that were put before the Parliament in this current session and were rejected, which, can not be put before it again.

The talking of constitutional crisis is utter non sense. The Constitution is working at its best, particularly, at this session of the House. The Parliament has risen to claim back its voice and refused to apologise for it. This Speaker has proven to be a life-giving source to this very House and its re-establishment as the sovereign body of the nation. Decades after decades the executives have been drawing and draining power away from this House, that ‘miss-direction’ of power grew to its height during the Margaret Thatcher years, which became much worse under Mr Tony Blairs’ years, that went further and further and these two bouts of Conservative governments have kept at it and the Parliament was facing the prospect of becoming a ‘rubber stamp’ legislature. And, would it be not just such a rubber stamp, as and where the government of the day just would not take ‘no for an answer’ and keeps throwing the same thing at this House again and again and again so that the so-called Meaningful Votes become Meaningless Votes? Therefore, what Mr Bercow has done earlier today has nothing to do with his support for the UK to remain in the EU or his dislikes to what the Government has been doing but to use, once again, his voice, to become the one and only voice, to speak out for this very House. In this, he shall be remembered for setting out the ‘Lakshman Circle’ around the House of Commons, meaning, this is the circle where the sovereign power of this House applies and the executive, must, take note and respect that Lakshman Circle of the Sovereignty of this House: that the people elect it to guard, protect and establish over all other organs of their state, particularly, the Executive.

Further, the Conservative Government has been playing this broken and pathetic tune, since, the Referendum: that somehow they have got the ‘biblical mandate’ of the ‘will of the people’ and this House is standing against that will of the people: roughly, a tiny little extra on the leave side, the nation voted almost in haves: half remain and half leave: and, then, a few more said: let’s more to the leave side. That is not the will of the whole people: this half the will of the people with a tiny majority and the roughly other half still do have a will, contrary to the other half-will. Further, the United Kingdom is a representative democracy and there is no democracy going on in the world, where governments are run under continual referenda! This House’s will is the will of the people because this House is elected by the people. And, here is the issue with the House being in such a state of ‘lock down’ because like the people divided into two opposing camps, they elected a House with the same division: one part facing leave the other facing remain and so on. Despite the Referendum the Parliament remains the body, elected by the people, to represent its power, its sovereignty and it, must, ensure that it does not give out or lose its lawful, constitutional and political power, without which it will fall into becoming a rubber stamp and the nation and the people will lose their voices. Mr Bercow has done this much today for this House or for this country and for its people or, for British democracy.

If, the Conservative Government has any sense of political reality, still remaining in it, it must, now rise to demand that Mrs Theresa May now cease to force the country on this reckless, dangerous and ruinous path for the UK is diminishing by every day, since, the Referendum and they are invoking nostalgia and hi-noon-dreams and fantasies of losing ‘exiting the European Union! How on earth one can lose something, that one does not have! Losing would be to lose something, that one has: the UK is to lose its European Union membership, that is the loss. The people of the UK can not lose exiting the European Union because it is a negative state and, as such, it does not exist. There exists a piece of butter in the freeze and in another there exists none, no butter. The owner of the first can lose that piece of butter while the owner of the other freeze has no butter to lose.

Furthermore, the process of this exiting the European Union is still on-going but it, must, go on by the due process of law, politics and governance system, by the democratic, political and constitutional path: bringing in nostalgia, melodrama and hi-noon-dreams and fantasies are utterly useless, completely misguided and totally counter-productive. The Conservative Party, must, now know that their Prime Minister is leading not the UK to this ruinous path but ensuring the end of the Conservative Party as it has been.  

The United Kingdom is not ‘Krakosia’, from The Terminal and this country and its people have lived through, under the leadership of this House for centuries and centuries: it can not be governed by ‘Krakosia’ styles of governments. It is time Mrs Theresa May accepts this that the road for her ends here: there is no further she could go nor should anyone follow her. The country, must, now brace itself to get back to work: to clear all these mighty mess. And, only, this House has the means and power to do just that. Exiting the European Union: if, the House can not agree a resolution, let it direct the Government to go back to the people. This would be the best possible end of all this waste of energy and resources while the UK keeps on being on limbo, diminishing at all times at home and abroad and as the country and its people keep on suffering the vicious and horrendous austerity, inflicted on them by this Conservative Government, devastating their lives..:::ω.

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