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||  Year Gamma: London: Tuesday: May 22: 2018 ||

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First Published: September 24: 2015



















































Cosmovicology Arkive Year Beta
























Samantha Cristoforetti: ESA Astronaut Returning to Earth From ISS: There is Nothing Like Home

















Cosmovicology is made up of Cosmology, Universe and Ecology and we intend it to mean the study, awareness, determination and commitment from the part of The Humanion that, we ought, at all times take into consideration, bearing it in mind, in our planning, preparation, exploration, illustration, elaboration and utilisation of space, remember and take serious and duty-bound care towards the cosmological ecology and environment in which we do not treat space as a junkyard. All the Space Research, Science, Mathematical, Technological and Logistical organisations including national, regional, supranational, international and joint or ad hoc, must work in this with a supreme value and care in mind that the space weather, space ecology, space environment and its safety and cleanliness are not getting negatively impacted, cluttered and 'dirty which will eventually, bring dangers to our very path of exploring and studying the space and heavenly bodies. The International organisations including NASA and ESA and Roscosmos and all others are not unaware of these issues which must be in their mind. Furthermore, in this regards, particularly, the private business sector that are developing fast, there is not only moral obligation we have in safe use and exploration of space but also we have legal duty and responsibility, which means that negligence can be and should be capable of being brought to justice for which we need to enhance and envision long way into the future. We must seek to raise much more public, nationally and internationally, awareness of Cosmovicology. Now that we have a private sector in the technological and logistical fields that are developing fast and it will increasingly take greater roles, it is becoming increasingly more and more urgent that intentional laws are brought together and updated and applied so that corners are not cut. Here is the field, Cosmovicology to learn, think and explore and study and find out about all aspect of the cosmic health, cosmic ecology, cosmic environment and most importantly, the safe usage, study and exploration of the heavens.
Background Image: NASA


|| April 06: 2018 || ά. The Humanion was first published on September 24, 2015 and has been run, since that day, on a complete voluntary basis without any 'formal' or 'constituted' manner or form and, it was run on as a Human Enterprise, which is an idea of Humanics, in which, ownership is replaced by belongingship and, thus, in a Humanical Society, no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for all others as all others create and work for all others, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty, that establish a true civilisation within the Rule of Law. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. Today, we have begun the process of 'constituting' this Human Enterprise, which does not exist in the current system, but the next closest thing to it, that exists in the UK Law is Social Enterprise. Therefore, today, Friday, April 06, 2018, we are beginning Regine Humanics Foundation, that is the 'Agency', that will lead, run, manage and develop everything, that The Humanion has been trying to do.

Regine Humanics Foundation is established by the Thinker, Author, Poet, Novelist, Playwright, Editor of The Humanion, Festival Director of London Poetry Festival and a Humanicsxian: hu: maa: neek: tian: One, that believes in, lives and exists by Humanics, Mr Munayem Mayenin, of London, England, United Kingdom. Mr Mayenin says, ''Humanics is a vision; people, may, call it, utopia, we, call it our Humanicsovicsopia; Humanics. Humanics is our philosophy, our faith, our conviction, our resolution, our way of existing, thinking, being and doing: to seek and try to do so in the determination that all we must do and be is to exist to advance the human condition. People, readers and agencies and organisations, from all across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the whole of the United Kingdom and Australasia, Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, from all walks and strata of life, have supported our endeavours, supported The Humanion and The Humanion Team, who volunteered their time to run things, since the beginning of The Humanion and long before that, when other things, that are now part of The Foundation, were developing. Nothing has changed in terms of the nature and value of what we have been seeking to do.''

''But the founding of The Foundation brings it all in a solid foundation so that we can keep on building this 'vision' so that it keeps on going regardless of who come to take the vision-mission of The Foundation forward. The Foundation runs along with time and along with the flowing humanity. This is the dream, this is the vision, this the hope in founding this Foundation. And, in this, we hope and invite all our readers, supporters, well wishers and all agencies and organisations to support our endeavours to build something, a Human Enterprise, which we are in the process of registering as a Social Enterprise, as a Community Interest Company, working for the common good of the one and common humanity. No one makes or takes profit out of The Foundation, which now runs The Humanion and everything else, that is part of it. The Foundation, once registered, will have an Asset Lock, which means that in any event, should The Foundation dissolve itself, all its existing assets shall go to a similar Social Enterprise. Therefore, we invite everyone to support The Foundation, support The Humanion in whatever way they can. And, there are endless number of ways people and organisations can support The Foundation and The Humanion.'' ::: ω.

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Cosmic Opportunity for Radiation Research at the European Space Agency

Image: ESA:ATG Media Lab


|| August 16: 2017 || ά. Cosmic radiation is considered the main health hazard to human spaceflight and space exploration of the Moon, Mars and beyond, which is why ESA has made cosmic radiation a focus of its research programme. Radiation poses a risk to the human body in the form of cancer, central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular problems and tissue degeneration. Beyond Earth’s magnetic field, its full force is a barrier to human exploration of the Solar System.

“Crewmembers, may be, exposed to different doses and qualities of radiation, threatening life quality and individual survivability, thereby, disrupting mission success.” explains Ms Jennifer Ngo-Anh, Head of Human Research at ESA. “This creates a need for investigations into biological effects of space radiation, in order to allow more accurate risk assessments, which in turn, leads to more accurate planning of countermeasures.”

Spacecraft and spacesuits are lined with protective materials that reduce radiation exposure to within acceptable limits. The challenge is in defining this limit for spaceflight beyond low Earth orbit. Researchers need to understand the full biological effects of cosmic rays to accurately calculate how much cosmic radiation exposure humans can safely withstand.

To address these issues, ESA has announced an opportunity to investigate the biological effects of space radiation at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research. Located in Darmstadt, Germany, GSI has collaborated with ESA on the use of its high-energy accelerator since 2007.

Proposed experiments should contribute to improving the risk assessments of cosmic radiation exposure or to studying countermeasures on cells to allow safe and stable human space exploration.

Results of such experiments will, also, have application for life on Earth: though well protected, humans are not altogether immune from radiation exposure. Data from these studies inform us of risks of radiation exposure on Earth, as well as, improve radiation therapy for cancer treatment. ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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