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Humanity Will Continue to Live an Inferior Life Than What is Possible Until the Two Halves: All Individuals in Them: That Make It are Absolutely Fundamentally and Jubilantly Equal at Liberty


Year Gamma: London: Thursday: December 14: 2017

Change: Either Happens or Is Made: When It is Not Made It Happens Regardless in Which We Become Mere Logs and Get Washed Away in and by Utterly Mechanical Forces of Dehumanisation: When Made Change is Created by Our Conscious Choices, Efforts, Initiatives and Works: In the Former We Let Go Off Our Humanity So That Dehumanisation Determines and Dictates the Existence of Our Sheer Physiologies: But in the Later We Claim, Mark and Create Our Humanity as to the Change We Choose to Make and Create It Onto Reality: To Nurture, Foster, Support, Sustain, Maintain, Enhance, Expand, Empower and Enrich the Very Humanity That We Are:  As Individuals, As Families, As Communities and As Societies All of Which Now Exist in the Fabrics of Time-Space of What is Called Civic Society: One That Exists by Natural Justice and Functions by the Rule of Law: Ensuring Liberty and Equality, Along with Purpose and Meaning of Existence, Exist in Each and Every Soul Equally at All Times: The Humanion

The Arkive

First Published: September 24: 2015

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The Innerluminous Galaxillation

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The Humanion Maddi Thurgood Christmas Appeal 2017: Please Help Maddi's Mother Raise Another £80,959 to Help Maddi Get Better

|| December 11: 2017 || ά. Just imagine this human being, suffering from the most orphan of all orphan illnesses, that she is just one known to have this devastating condition in the entire of the United Kingdom and is among the only 20 other human beings in the whole human race. Now, imagine, who on earth, who is anything or anyone in Medicine, Drug Discovery and Development would be interested in this condition, that only concerns 20 human beings of the entire humankind! No one is going spend or invest a single penny in anything to do with this condition since where is the ‘profit’ in it, and, thus, the hardest of all fund raising tasks would be to raise funds for this issue. This is the Himalayan Struggle Maddi Thurgood’s Mother faces to convince everyone that this child, her child, may be, just one child, but she is a whole humanity for is there any qualitative difference between one child and twenty of them? Do we ask whether we support and help one child or twenty? Should the Samaritan walk away from Maddi because she is just one child so that the Samaritan could go and help others, who are numerous in number? Should we not just try and support the child that is in front of us, that desperately needs our support. It does not matter if the entire humankind requires help but to the Man seeking answers to his three questions: Leo Tolstoy Story: What is the most important time, the most important task and who is the most important person, finds all answers before him: that the time is now where and when he finds the injured person dying, in desperate need of medical care. So far he is concerned this is humanity, the whole humanity, before him in the form of that one injured human being. Thereby, The Humanion urges everyone to try and help this child and mother for, Maddi, may be, suffering from the most orphan of all orphan illnesses, let us show that she is not an orphan in this United Kingdom, where millions and millions of us live and take part in astonishing acts of humanity and kindness. Let us help Maddi's Mother's Fund reach the target before Christmas. As of December 01, 2017, Maddi's Fund stood at £143,041, meaning to reach the necessary target of £224,000, the Fund needs to raise £80,959. They are Almost There! Please, do all you can and let this Mother, this Child, this Family and the Researchers at the University of Sheffield know that the United Kingdom is here to support them. Please, tell everyone you know of this appeal and help raise this vital fund before Christmas. About Maddi Maddi Thurgood's Story

The Humanion



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The Humanion: London: England: United Kingdom: Year Gamma: Day 80: Thursday: December 14: 2017: Cogito Ergo Sum: Descartes 















Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis

The Humanion Holiday Season Closure: December 25: 2017-January 03: 2018 

The Humanion: We Are One










The last edition of this year of The Humanion will be published on Sunday, December 24, 2017. There will be no edition until, Thursday, January 04, 2018. Therefore, The Humanion will be closed between Monday, December 25: 2017 and Wednesday, January 03: 2018. During the closure period only the dateline will be updated. However, since The Humanion receives materials from all over the world, you are encouraged and welcome to keep sending them as usual. And, keep telling the world and all humanity about The Humanion. Thank you. The Humanion Team: We are One

Medicine New Insights Into the Molecular Mechanisms Behind Squamous Cell Cancer

|| December 14: 2017: Kanazawa University Japan News || ά. Researchers at Kanazawa University report in EMBO Reports, December 07, new molecular mechanisms regulating cellular fate of squamous cell carcinomas. Squamous cell carcinoma:SCC is a lethal cancer arising from the stratified epithelia of skin, esophagus, cervix, as well as, the head and neck tissues. Genomic analysis of SCCs identified genomic amplification of TP63 in up to 30% of tumours, with overexpression of its mRNA in the majority of SCCs. ΔNp63α, one of the proteins encoded by TP63, has an important role in the epithelial development and maintenance.

In SCCs, Np63 functions as a key transcriptional regulator of different gene subsets in order to maintain or enhance malignant phenotypes. However, the mechanism controlling the nuclear transport of this protein, were, up to now, unclear. Nucleoporins:NUPs are a family of proteins building nuclear pore complexes:NPC and mediating nuclear transport across the nuclear envelope. Recent evidence suggests a cell-type-specific function for certain NUPs; however, the significance of NUPs in SCC biology remains unknown. In the present study, Hazawa et al. show that one particular nucleoporin, nucleoporin 62:NUP62, is highly expressed in stratified squamous epithelia and is further elevated in SCCs. Readmore

The World Up to 650,000 People Die of Respiratory Diseases Linked to Seasonal Flu Each Year

|| December 14: 2017 || ά. Up to 650,000 deaths annually are associated with respiratory diseases from seasonal influenza, according to new estimates by the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention:US-CDC, the World Health Organisation and its global health partners. This marks an increase on the previous global estimate of 250,000-500,000, which dates from over ten years ago and covered all influenza-related deaths, including, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. The new figures of 290,000-650 000 deaths are based on more recent data from a larger, more diverse group of countries, including, lower middle income countries and exclude deaths from non-respiratory diseases.

“These figures indicate the high burden of influenza and its substantial social and economic cost to the world.” said Dr Peter Salama, Executive Director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme. “They highlight the importance of influenza prevention for seasonal epidemics, as well as, preparedness for pandemics.” The estimates take into account findings from recent influenza respiratory mortality studies, including, a study conducted by US-CDC, published in The Lancet on Thursday, December 14. According to US-CDC, most deaths occur among people aged over 75 years and in the world’s poorest regions. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for the world’s greatest flu mortality risk, followed closely by the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. Readmore

England Manchester: How Do You Do: The Tale of Two Cities: A Book That Costs £75 Pounds: Those with the Money Can Have It and Those Who Do Not Can Not Have It: How Does This Equation Gets Rebalanced

|| December 14: 2017 || ά. It is Not Pockets of Deprivations But Whole-Scale Disfigurement of Communities: Manchester Has Identity, Community and a True Sense of Honour and Decency But There are Two Manchesters as any other city or town of the United Kingdom: One Manchester is Utterly Disempowered and Left to Fend for Itself While the Other Manchester is Taking Residence and Making Their Palaces in the New and Up and Coming High-And-Sky-Scapes: Simply a Mayor is Not Good Enough to Change All This Despite His Ambitions Because Manchester is Not a State and the Mayor is Not the Head of That State's Government: It Would Be Absolutely Misguided to Expect the Mayor to Change What is Happening Across the Country: It is Time to Wake Up and Shake Things Up: Not Just Stop at Having a New Mayor: He Will Deliver What He Has the Power and Resources to Do But the Most That Needs to Be Done is Beyond His Power: But Not Beyond the Power of the Very People, That Manchester Is. Why is this: the entire of East London, London and the country were bombarded with all PR about the investments and regeneration going into the development of East London's London Docklands, where  now stands the so called might Canary Wharf, that silently overlooks, guards and pities the desperate, devastating and debilitating poverty of that very East London on one side and on the other, the even more grandiose PR-branded 'Royal Borough of Greenwich', the major part of that beautiful place is absolutely disfigured and defragmented by utter abandonment of poverty and all, that go with it and, even, there the rich and the mighty have their palaces, too.

Yes, there are glossy high rises and expensive town houses and sought after apartment blocks and where big and mighty businesses have made their homes next door, with river views, but these are views not for those, who have nothing but for those, who have much. The locals did not get 'a penny's worth of benefit from all that regeneration, even if, the the areas are under Labour Councils they can do not very much to do anything about this. Manchester is not different. A Mayor has some power and very limited resources and yes, he has been given the grand title, futile, blank and terribly empty one, the so called Northern Power House for when the Conservative Party says something is a Power House what they do is to take away the horse powers and the ignition key, as well as, the fuel out of the car, that the economy must run on and say: Here you are. Drive. The problem is this that when some clichés are used and heavily promoted everyone begins to use them and soon no one remembers to question: Hang on a minute: what is a power house? How does one build a power house, when the entire local governments' budgets have been cut to the highest level of cuts in the recent history of the country? How does one make a power house, when people are working with desperately low wages and are forced to live in poverty, children, families, disabled people and elderly and the frail and the list goes on?

And what about the homeless and the rough sleepers and the drug and substance abuse and the crime and the gangs and guns and knife crimes and the unemployed and the unemployable and under funded schools, under achievements and no social mobility whatsoever and closed libraries and community centres and closed sure start centres and so on? And the boarded up closed and abandoned shops in the high streets? What about violence against women and all other social evils, that get, even more powerful because the local services and public and civic amenities are no longer there? And what about those Food Banks? And on this the Mayor can not do much and will fall far shorter than what must be done to turn around this great city and wonderful place, called, Manchester. But this does not mean he is not going to try but Manchester must not stop at just electing a new Mayor and remember the task at hand: to change direction not just of Manchester but at the centre of the power so that Manchester is not just given a PR-dressed up phrase but real resources and investment to make a dent and effect real change of empowering and engaging people and communities in the revival of individuals, of families, of communities and of civic life and in all social spheres, fields and arenas.

And this piece begins with the news of a book about Manchester. Manchester has changed dramatically over the last decade, but the benefits of the new skyscrapers and other developments springing up across the city have not been felt by all of its residents, according to a new book edited by researchers from the University of Manchester. And here is the ultimate oxymoron: this book costs £75: About roughly 11 hours of work at minimum wage! How Many People of Manchester can buy this book? This is the question directed to the University of Manchester. How many Eileens and Davids and Ahmeds and Farhanas and Patience of Manchester can afford to buy this book? Yes, the book is researched and written and edited and all was done meticulously with hard work and great skills but the fact is this that this research project was not a high priority one and did not attract much support so that the University is seeking to get as much back from the book as possible for the resources it had to allocate to this project? This is how the development goes: it goes to those, who can and do have the ability to access 'the books' and those, who do not, are left outside in the cold. Readmore

The Humanion Humanity of the Year 2017: Angela Merkel Elaine Philips Jeremy Corbyn Juha Sipilä and Anu Vehviläinen Katharine Viner Laura Kuenssberg Little Toby and His Mother Maddi Thurgood and Her Mother and The Rohingya People: The Violated Humanity

|| December 06: 2016: London: England: United Kingdom || ά. The Humanion started The Humanity of the Year Since last year, in which it was announced on December 08. This year, we decided to coincide the announcement with the Finland’s Centenary Celebrations of its hundred years of independence and there is a reason for this move for this year two Suomalainens jointly featured in the list. This is simply based on The Humanion's Editorial Judgment and Opinion after following the year. No one is consulted about this nor the person:s themselves informed of their becoming declared as such. They will know as The Humanion Readers that they have been declared as such. This is The Humanion's effort, initiative to make a 'Statement' to say and show that power, market, money, wealth, manipulation and propaganda can not dictate, define and impose what is to be celebrated or what is good. The Humanion Humanity of the Year 2017 are, the numbering does not reflect any order of preference and done alphabetically, 01: Ms Angela Merkel, featured last year as well, 02: Ms Elaine Philips, 03: Mr Jeremy Corbyn, featured last year as well, 04: Mr Juha Sipilä and Ms Anu Vehviläinen, jointly featured, 05: Ms Katharine Viner, 06: Ms Laura Kuenssberg, 07: Master Little Tobi and His Mother, 08: Ms Maddi Thurgood and Her Mother and 09: The Rohingya People: The Violated Humanity.

In these nine there are many human beings, persons and people, who stand out as beacons of light for our ceaseless efforts to strive and stride to advance the human condition and, thus, create an island of candle lights of inspiration made of hope, faith, humanity, compassion, goodness and belief that better is not only possible but achievable . Here are persons and people, human beings, remarkable for their services to humanity, in their relevant field and arena of work and, who have shown courage, strength, determination, resolute conviction and faith in seeking to rise to the challenge without losing any ground in relation to their faith, belief and choice in goodness that is the essence of what humanity is about and in doing the good, in seeking to do good, they seek to do, despite and regardless of the adversity they face, the criticism, the attacks and vilifications, the sustained and continuous abuses thrown on their paths, to most of them and the barriers and obstacles they needed to overcome, they have shown the undefeatable human spirit, essence, steel so that these all stand out as beacons to the world: to encourage, to inspire, to empower, to connect and to bring together that what humanity is; without goodness that does not exist and without it there is no humanity for than we are only physiology of nothing but biology.

In the Editorial Judgment and Opinion of The Humanion the following persons have done their absolute utmost to do the highest possible good to this world and to humanity, including, of course, their own nations and in doing so they have defined what spirit, what element, what steel, what humanity has made, shaped and constructed them that make them what they are and they stand against all adversity and make a stand: committed, determined, resolute and absolutely focused in their faith in goodness and in their conviction that humanity's synonym is goodness. The Humanion celebrates that and invites everyone to celebrate that that are expressed in shining light...May they continue to serve their own countries, nations and humanity long many years and years to come....And let the world know that the world, despite all the darkness and evils, that humanity has to deal with, fight and, often, forced to endure, is not all there is to the world, to humanity and to this human existence and life, that there are astonishing array of human beings, persons and people and peoples, agencies and bodies spread across the globe, ceaselessly seeking to advance the human condition with their tireless, committed, determined and ceaseless works for common good. Readmore

The Humanion Humanity of the Year 2017: The Rohingya People: The Violated Humanity


|| There Can Not Be a Harvesting If There is No Sowing: No Nation Can Harvest a Future Without the Sowing of Investment in the Present: If One Sows Poverty in the Present and One Shall Harvest Desperate Poverty in the Future: This is What the Conservative Party and Their Government  and Those Who Support Them are Doing to the United Kingdom: They are Sowing Poverty But Glorifying a Future of Abject and Desperate Poverty: If One Goes to Ask a Farmer Whether the Resources She:He Employs in Sowing is Not a Terrible Waste, a Wanton Abandon of Indulgence, a Reckless Luxury and an Act of Absolute Disregard for Prudence and She:He Will Ask That Person Politely to Go and See a Psychiatrist Immediately: The Humanion ||


The Humanion Humanity of the Year 2017: Maddi Thurgood and Her Mother
Sylvia Plath

Gold leaves shiver
In this crack of time;
Yellow flickers
In the shrill clear sun;
Light pirouettes
In ballet dress,
While blue above
Leaps the sheer sky.


Brief gold glitters
In the gutters;
Flares and flashes,
Husky rushes


And in that moment
Silent, cold,
Across the lawn,
Dull pools of gold.

Emily Dickinson

The Brain- is wider than the Sky-
For--- put them side by side--
The one the other will contain
With ease---- and You---- beside---

The Brain is deeper than the Sea----
For---hold them---Blue to Blue---
The one the other will absorb----
As Sponges----Buckets---- do---

The Brain is just the weight of God---
For-Heft them---Pound for Pound---
And they will differ---if they do----
As Syllable from Sound----

Christina Rossetti

Somewhere or other there must surely be
The face not seen, the voice not heard,
The heart that not yet-never yet- ah me!
Made answer to my word.

One Humanity in One World on One Earth in One Sunnara in One Universana






The Sunnara

Ring My Heart

I asked for you to ring my heart more often that that: But you know, ringing the heart is like having a dream; one can not and does not control it: Then who does: It's our souls: Are you okay: Yes, I am. Are you: Yes. So go on: I rang you now because I wanted to touch your hand before I leave: Leave. Leave for where: Touch the wall: Touch the wall: Yes just do it: See, I can feel your hand. But how: See, we suddenly took a trip down the tectonic-plane's high-season waving and sloped down the valley of void between spaces of different Universine Domains as if we are rolling down a hill, except it's a void between the blank of spaces and now we are waiting at the Gate-Magnetismic to open so that we can energise-through it into the intended Universine Domain. And from here we stand closest to yours because when we are in this Tectonic Plane Slope, that exists between parallel Universine Domains, the Domains literally become one dimensional for our purposes because we have become part of the void: Part of the void but I can feel your hand and touch:

That is because matter or energy or time or space or void we are souls, that exist in all and beyond and in resonance to all so that even in the void our souls exist. Therefore, what you and I are feeling is our souls in reach: I see but what if when you pass through the Gate: Then we enter the other Universine Domain and soon we become part of that, which we won't find in one dimension so that the distance between the domains, that you and I are in now becomes Imparsian Light-Megalith-Millennium and yet the time it will have taken for us to reach between these two domains is a trillionth of a second: But how is it possible: Because once you manage to get out of a domain onto one of the network of Tectonic Planes, crisscrossing the Universe, you are beyond time and space in a void that, neither has space nor time, which means you are closest to the entire Universe at one instance for the entire Matter Universe is covered in the membrane of time-space like a baby in the womb of the void, the void, that reaches the entire physiology of the Universe, made of time and space, holding matters and energies inside them. Then you choose where to go and you get to a Gate and Energise onto the Next Domain in no time: I see, but how far is an Imparsian Light-Megalith-Millennium: Readmore

The Eyeonium








The Humanion Humanity of the Year 2017: Little Toby and His Mother
Universana I Roam 5,000 Light Years' Away: Stretch to Reach Me So That I May Join Your Universana

|| December 11: 2017 || ά. And here is the Crescent Nebula, a young massive star, that began life around 25 times more massive than our own Sun is shedding shells of material and fast winds to create this dynamic scene captured by ESA’s XMM-Newton. The image shows the detailed structure of the Nebula, that shed a shell of material as it expanded into a red giant some 200,000 years ago. Fast winds emitted more recently have now collided with that material, causing the gasses in the bubble to heat up and emit X-rays, seen as blue in the image. And this space, where this spectacle is, in our country, on this Universana. Here, not out there somewhere but 'here' where we are: on this Universe, on this Universana.

Now that you have seen it, close your eyes. Now look. Can you find it? Where is it now? Where is it now? Now look and can you see it? Where is it now? Now it is both out there and in here, inside your soul. This is how the more we learn about the Universe the more of it becomes part of us and more of us become part of it and then we edge closer to be part of each other more and more and that is why must we keep on learning and seeking and finding and crafting and being and becoming. The Crescent Nebula sits in the constellation of Cygnus about 5,000 light-years away, exactly at a location in the sky, that has not been accessible to XMM-Newton until recently. Readmore


Theosophy There is Jesus Christ in Christmas: The Market Seeking to Sell Christmas Forgets All About It: And What is Jesus Christ: Unless He Stands for One Aspiring Aiming Striving and Showing to Be the Best Possible Version of Humanity on Earth: Of Compassion: Of Mercy: Of Grace: of Kindness: Of Care: Of Thoughtfulness: Of Faith: Of Hope: Of Understanding: Of Giving: Of Sharing: Of Wisdom: Of Love: Of Humility: Of in Short Humanity

|| November 14: 2017|| ά. And, thereby, Christmas is never and can not ever be about what 'trifling' gifts one gets from one's family and friends and, by which, feels entitled to 'moan and groan' about it the rest of the year! For should we not stop and ask: what kind of a 'gift' something is, if it is wanted, expected, desired, wished and, even, demanded from others? And, if that expectation is not met, it is derided, belittled and ridiculed. Let us take a 'taughtology': out of the endless list, just one, 'Surviving Christmas'. What is this about? Why does one need to Survive Christmas: does oxygen take a break feeding life? Does hydrogen take a break feeding the ecology? Does the moon take a break? Does the earth take a break? Do the rivers, the lakes, the bees and birds, skies and stars take a break from their designated 'properties'? No, they do not. Than, we, being humans, why should we need a 'break', to survive from the very practise of our 'properties', which is nothing but our humanity: which are, are they not, made of compassion, mercy, grace, kindness, care, thoughtfulness, faith, hope, giving, sharing, wisdom and so on? Why do we find it tiring, the practise of these high-qualities of humanity? Because it is not 'fun'?

And here, must we not stop and ask: why do we want to Survive Christmas? Why do we not want to express our humanity whenever and wherever the 'opportunity' arises for us to do so? As already said, there is Jesus Christ in Christmas and that means, like all other religious faiths, there is opportunity in this celebration for us to see how high we are and can be if we aspire to that height of humanity and choose to seek to try and achieve that state of the height of humanity? On the other hand, to demand a 'gift' is the ultimate and lowliest state of humanity, that we can be but the market wants us to simply do that and then write, repeating and regurgitating a continuous verbal abuse of an 'epic' about trifling things and matters. Life, humanity and the state of humanity should wake us up, challenge us and make us scream against the clichéd ways of thinking, taughtological ways of looking at and and seeking to show the world and humanity and its existence on this earth. atever we do and wherever we are. Let us seek to try to strive to be and to do to change to make better. Readmore

Photography Dusk: December 11: 2017
World Press















World Press Many Voices of America: Black Agenda Report

There are so many voices of America that get drowned in the political 'propaganda's shallow, hollow but dangerous rhetoric-driven bombardment. And America is portrayed as the 'dreamland' of capitalism as if humanity has reached its pinnacle and there is nothing better it can do or create or achieve. When, for the fast and the last time, we had set foot on America, somewhere in New York, America did not appear a 'dreamland'. It is not a dreamland. Not a single country that achieves the high point of capitalist development is anything but dreamland. Capitalism is a 'legitimate nightmare' and it can never be a 'dreamland' for nightmares and dreams are two opposing things, as the good old English dictionary would tell us. But the myth and myth making go on.

Yet with this, parallel to the 'affluence, decadence and hedonism' of consumerism, that seems to sing from the same hymn-sheet of 'nationalism', life gets destroyed, devastated and ruined as hunger, unemployment, unemployability, lack of and ill-education, homelessness, overcrowding, rough sleeping, malnutrition, lining the food banks, drug and alcohol abuse, human and civil liberties trampled on, terrible lack of political awareness in the form of political organisations and desperate level of disempowerment and disenfranchisement, particularly, of all the poor people, all minority communities and particularly, of women, violence, murders and crimes and gun crimes, the devastating and all-encompassing working poverty, to abruptly shorten the endless list, that keep on raging havoc on lives. Yet, voices, opposing this mythology and mythology making must keep on raising themselves; voices, such as the Black Agenda Report and in a human face, in a human voice, its Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley. Readmore

Astronomy Wonder: Ask: Seek: Find: Challenge: To Advance

|| November 05: 2017: Queen's University Belfast News || ά. A giant planet, the existence of which was previously thought extremely unlikely, has been discovered by an international collaboration of astronomers, including, Queen’s University Belfast researchers. Dr Christopher Watson led the group from the School of Mathematics and Physics at Queen’s, which teamed up with researchers across the globe including the Universities of Warwick, Cambridge and Leicester, along with the Geneva Observatory, the German Aerospace Centre and the Universidad de Chile. This led to the discovery of the unusual planet NGTS-1B, the largest planet compared to the size of its companion star ever discovered in the universe.

NGTS-1B is a gas giant six hundred light years away, the size of Jupiter and orbits a small star with a radius and mass half that of our sun. Its existence challenges theories of planet formation, that a planet of this size could not be formed by such a small star. According to these theories, small stars can readily form rocky planets but do not gather enough material together to form Jupiter-sized planets. The planet is a hot Jupiter, at least, as large as the Jupiter in our solar system, but with around 20% less mass. It is very close to its star, just 03% of the distance between Earth and the Sun and orbits the star every 02.6 days, meaning a year on NGTS-1B is as long as 02.06 days. The temperature on the gassy planet is approximately 530°C or 800 Kelvin. Readmore





The Lake Eden Eye




The Humanion Humanity of the Year 2017: Laura Kuenssberg

|| December 11: 2017: University of Manchester News || ά. Law students at the University of Manchester are using their skills to help people convicted of crimes, who maintain their innocence and continue to appeal. The Miscarriages of Justice Review Centre, established by Professor Claire McGourlay in the University’s School of Law, aims to find evidence, that will assist in making an application for a person’s case to be reviewed for referral back to the Court of Appeal. When a person convicted of a serious crime has exhausted the normal appeals process, there is almost no legal aid available for that person to fund investigation into possible sources of fresh evidence, that could support her or his claim of innocence.

Volunteer students at the Centre make a real difference by offering their services to such individuals free of charge. They interview clients and their families and friends, speak to witnesses, write reports for solicitors and barristers, organise exhibits for a trial and have meetings with forensic scientists. Their work is supervised and supported at every stage by practicing lawyers. The students have no previous knowledge or experience of criminal cases, when they join and so need extensive support and guidance in order to carry out this work. The Centre has responsibilities both towards students and clients and so is committed to making involvement with it a positive and rewarding experience for both. It now has over 20 students and attracts applications from many more every year. Readmore

Astrophysics Astronomers Find Nearby Stars That are Among the Oldest in Our Galaxy

|| November 25: 2017: Georgia State University News || ά. Astronomers have discovered some of the oldest stars in our Milky Way galaxy by determining their locations and velocities, according to a study led by scientists at Georgia State University. Just like humans, stars have a life span: birth, youth, adulthood, senior and death. This study focused on old or 'senior citizen' stars, also, known as, cool sub-dwarfs, that are much older and cooler in temperature than the sun. The Milky Way is nearly 14 billion years old and its oldest stars developed in the early stage of the galaxy’s formation, making them about six to nine billion years old.

They’re found in the halo, a roughly spherical component of the galaxy, that formed first, in which old stars move in orbits, that are highly elongated and tilted. Younger stars in the Milky Way rotate together along the galaxy’s disc in roughly circular orbits, much like horses on a merry-go-round. In this study, published in the November 2017 edition of The Astronomical Journal, astronomers conducted a census of our solar neighbourhood to identify how many young, adult and old stars are present. They targeted stars out to a distance of 200 light years, which is relatively nearby considering the galaxy is more than 100,000 light years across. Readmore

Palaeontology Hello Little Foot How Do You Do: Are You Still Inside My Head: No Little Foot Now You are Inside Mine

|| December 09: 2017: University of the Witwatersrand News|| ά. After 20 years of painstaking excavation and preparation, Professor Ron Clarke introduces the most complete Australopithecus fossil ever found to the world. South Africa’s status as a major cradle in the African nursery of humankind has been reinforced with the unveiling of 'Little Foot', the country’s oldest, virtually complete fossil human ancestor. Little Foot is the only known virtually complete Australopithecus fossil discovered to date. It is, by far, the most complete skeleton of a human ancestor older than 01.5 million years, ever found.

It is, also, the oldest fossil hominid in southern Africa, dating back 03.67 million years. The unveiling will be the first time that the completely cleaned and reconstructed skeleton can be viewed by the national and international media. Discovered by Professor Ron Clarke from the Evolutionary Studies Institute at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, the fossil was given the nickname of 'Little Foot' by Professor Phillip Tobias, based on Clarke’s initial discovery of four small footbones. Its discovery is expected to add a wealth of knowledge about the appearance, full skeletal anatomy, limb lengths and locomotor abilities of one of the species of our early ancestral relatives. Readmore














                                        Professor Amivi Kafui Tete-Benissan
                                                                     Cell Biology and Biochemistry
                                                                                     University of Lome: Togo













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The World The Finland 100 Centenary Reaches Its Finale in Finland and Around the World


|| December 06: 2017 || ά. The centenary of Finland’s independence has been celebrated across Finland and around the world. A range of events took place over several days culminated in the Independence Day evening and the blue and white fireworks displays in many cities. Finland’s 100th anniversary will remain in Finland’s history as the most extensive and diverse jubilee year that Finns and friends of Finland created together. “The Finns’ desire to celebrate their independence exceeded all expectations and the centenary year turned out to be a very Finnish and a unique experience.” said Mr Pekka Timonen, General Secretary of the Centenary of Finland’s Independence, Prime Minister’s Office, after the display of fireworks, that officially closed the centenary year in Helsinki.

''The aim of the centenary was to strengthen the sense of belonging and to increase Finland’s profile abroad, two goals that we achieved by working together.” The centenary proved to be the richest and most versatile anniversary or theme year of all time in Finland. Finland’s hundred years of independence was celebrated in every corner of the country as well as in more than 100 countries on all the continents. The open programme covered an impressive 5,000 projects and more than 600,000 Finns and friends of Finland were involved in creating the programme. The projects materialised in tens of thousands of events. The open programme, its magnitude and the way the projects were carried out were unique even on an international scale. Readmore

Suomi Sata: Finland 100: Day One: Suomi Begins the Voyage Towards a New Century

|| December 06: 2016: London: England: United Kingdom || ά. Yksi Sata Suomi! One Hundred Years of Existence in a Sovereign state and nationhood, following millennia of epic wonderings, here are the Suomi celebrations. Today, December 06, 2017. Suomen Tasavalta, the Republic of Finland. The Finnish Maiden is turning into a one hundred year old Vanhanainen, except, she is nine worlds of youth for Suomi is an eternal flowing spring of ingenuity, imagination and creativity, seeking to fork out new ways, means and mechanics to be actively engaged, positively framed and fully connected to the earth and the Universe; aspiring to being and doing out of the world things, bringing them to life. Nothing is impossible for The Kalevalan Mother does not ever give up and keeps at it and does succeed in bringing her son back to life from the Tuoni grasp for why shouldn't she? She has The Sampo, an eternal construction of light against the infinity of the darkness and it always shines and lights up the way.........way ahead of time.

It brings the Eighth Symphony in the horizons of the Sibelian Soul so that he could hear and play it. The Sampo, the Ilmarinen Insinoori's eternal construction of humanity's ingenuity, creativity and imagination. And with and on this Sampo Suomi has been journeying along the last century, arriving on the shore of this Century; looking back it does not seem so long but looking ahead it looks an ever-widening, ever-going and never-ending spectacle waiting to be unfolded. And the traveller goes on for the places, that wait ahead are unknown but exist only to the souls, that are open to hear their music as Sibelius did in his Eighth Symphony for they only exist as prospects and to hear them out we must sharpen our nine-world-senses and intuition to the best possible depth, degree, reach and dimensions and only than our music shall be rich enough to enrich us to feed us, our humanity, that is an infinity unfolding itself. This is a momentous day, a true milestone of many hard and sharp sacrifices and hard work, as well as, much more, much much more, great achievements, that added farther word, farther earth, farther wood, farther brick, farther stone to the foundation of what has become today's Suomi, today's Finland.

The Humanion Humanity of the Year 2017: Juha Sipilä and Anu Vehviläinen: Prime Minister and Local Government and Public Reforms

Mr Juha Sipilä and Ms Anu Vehviläinen, Prime Minister of Finland and Minister of Local Government and Public Reforms respectively. Finland is physically not a very small country but is home to a nation made of not by as large a number as many other nations are and, yet, over the last one hundred years the country and its people have built up a place, they call home, which has become a force for good in the world and ranking high up in many areas of life among the assembly of nations, the latest of which was The Legatum Prosperity Index 2017 in which it has become number three. This is a testament of their astonishing achievement for among the top ten there is no place for China or India or Brazil or Russia or the United States of America, some of the most populous nations of the world. And in the recent years, under the leadership of Mr Juha Sipilä and Mr Anu Vehviläinen and their colleagues their Government has orientated Finland towards a vision of a people, nation and country that is outward-looking, future-bound, ingenuity and innovation-grounded and world-orientated so that there is hardly any place Finland has not reached. From China to India, from Peru to Colombia, from Namibia to Baangladesh, from Hong Kong to South Africa, from the United States of America to Saudi Arabia, from Poland to the United Kingdom, from Estonia to Russia Finland and Finnish businesses and agencies are working in unison to advance their arrival in the world stage as a people of peace, ingenuity and humanity.

These humanity of the North have never failed to aspire to be the Athens of the Northern Shores and the Northern wonders of life. This year, as they celebrate their centenary as an independent and sovereign people, nation, state and country, the Mr Juha Sipilä and Mr Anu Vehviläinen Government has been fortunate to stand in the leadership and lead on the celebrations of their nation and they have done well. Finland stands in the world with the Suomi people or Finnish people with their heads, minds and souls standing tall and high and they should celebrate the establishment of The Kalevalan People among the Assembly of the Humanion of this world. The centenary of Finland’s independence culminates on Finland’s Independence Day, December 06, today. The story of the 100-year-old land of the Suomi People, on the land of Suomi or Finland is an extraordinary one, that rests on the values cherished by the Suomi People, who are called, in their own language, Suomi, Suomalainen or that has been translated in English as Finns or Finnish: democracy, education, equality and freedom of speech. The climax of the centenary will be a joint effort and the programme will be rich and memorable. The celebrations will take place throughout Finland, as well as, in more than 100 countries on all the continents. Readmore

Time it is to celebrate, surely, but this is not the celebration of either the past nor the present but the future, where Finland is heading: and where is she heading? Towards further progress on strengthening liberty and democracy, rule of law and the judiciary, father enhancement and enrichment of social, cultural and artistic arenas, as well as, building on the road to farther empowerment of the individuals, the families, the communities and the civic society and in all branches of sciences and mathematics, medicine, neuro and bio sciences and engineering and research and innovation to advance equality in both front: economic, social, political, cultural and spiritual and gender equality for the former will not be achieved unless the later is achieved nor can the former be sustained unless the later is achieved. And the Universal Income experiment must go farther in its vision, scope and imagination. Poverty and abject poverty must be eliminated for good.

Homelessness of no kind must have any place in today's Finland. Advancing education to all to University level should be made the highest priority of every single soul in Finland. Much has been achieved and, yet, so much, so much more there are still to be translated into realities. And Finland has found and grounded herself at home in the world, among the assembly of the humanion and established herself as a confident, self-assured, reliable and trustworthy friend of the world and as a source of good. And this is a good home and from there nine worlds still call on Suomi and the Suomi People to farther horizons and so much more to be done. Tell the world, Suomi has just barely begun.........Say it as Vainamoinen would in The Kalevala: Suomi, Kalevala and now see magic unfold as he says the words backward: Imous. Alavelak.........This magic awaits in the coming flow of new centuries.........Rise towards them: Aspire: Seek: Reach: Stride: Strive: the Kantele plays go on The Sampo towards the Nine Worlds.........

Dear Reader, over the last eight days, since our nine-day count down to December 06, you have been reading some poems, without any other information as to what they are or what they are part of. Well, here it is. They are part of The Suomivala, a micro-epic, written in celebration of Suomi Sata: Finland 100. The Suomivala celebrates the humanity of the Suomi People in and During the Winter War. The Suomivala is comprised of Nine Books with an Opening  and a Closing poem. Each Book begins with a line, following a nine line poem, what is called a Ninnet. And in the main body of the Nine Books is told the main story of the micro epic. And these nine Ninnets are about characters, that appear in the main story of the micro-epic. The Suomivala has been published on December 06, 2017 and is dedicated to all the Suomi People living throughout Finland and across the Mother Earth. Readmore




Nature and Solitude




Between and Beyond the Two Sets of Doors at the Airport Departure Lounge

Life in which, as if one suddenly finds oneself woken up at an airport departure lounge, where there are two sets of doors that are always open: one, through which people come in and the other, through which people depart. The only thing that is striking is no one that comes in through the entry door knows where one is coming from nor where one is heading but every one knows that they are waiting to leave, to go, to depart. And that one can see, being there, that no one that has come in here fails to do that: to come and wait to depart and finally departing. And this fact is striking, too, that no one enters with any baggage and everyone leaves, as they came, with nothing. The door through which one enters the departure lounge can be seen as the 'door' with a curtain instead of a real door, so that through it one can and one does come back to oneself, wakes up in reality, when waking from a dream. And when woken up one, in the cases of the majority of one's dreams, does not remember anything. In this case, at the departure lounge, however, waking up inside it, one does not remember anything whatsoever, at all. Although, they retain a sense of something missing, as is they had a void inside them where something used to be or as if they were part of something, but they cannot understand this and the related sense of a longing... Rabindranath Tagore puts it this way... if only I had known what this hurt I have is about I would have told you...

And the other door through which people depart can be said to be the same door except it is a shut door through which only spirits can pass through one way so they cannot come back, through which people go back to themselves waking up into a reality from dreams; because this door, when departing does not open at all so that the departed are unable to return back and 'wake up' back onto reality of life that goes on in the departure lounge. So that, one thinks of la vida es sueno: life is a dream. Living life is when one rises as if from a dream onto a 'reality' that one does not recognise nor does one remember about one's other reality from which one fell into this dream that brought them into an existence that seems real to them which, when in dream, one does not remember either. And when they leave the departure lounge they depart from this 'dream' that until leaving felt like real and to the people they left behind, it still feels like real. Readmore

Nature and Solitude












Tell Her She Is

Tell her that she is not human tell her
That her heart her soul is not tearing
Apart as shattered earth in pain in joy
At this moment in equal measure and
Tell her that she is just a refugee a blank
Tell her if could bring your soul to do it
Tell her she is not like you like him or her
Or them or us but if you could not do so
Then tell her She is She is as human as you





If the Purpose of Philosophy is Not to Seek and Try to Advance the Progression, Betterment and Enlightenment of the Human Condition Towards Seeking to and Achieving Civilisation to Create a Civic Society, Made of Liberty, Equality, Purpose  and Meaning, Enshrined in the Expanse of Natural Justice, Than It Has No Business to Waste the Most Beautiful, Most Precious and Most Awe-Inspiring of All Human Capabilities: Rationality, Made of Three Components: Neurology, Cardiology and Their Combined and Unified Connections, Interactions and Relationships with the Greater Universe, Through and by Which, Rationality Creates an Areal Wisdom of the Whole and With This Areal Wisdom, It  Seeks and Achieves a Resonative Equilibrium in and with the Greater Oneness in the Name and Shape of the Universe, in Which, It Finds Itself Existing, Which is Nothing But Peace Because the Entire Universe, Excluding, Sadly, the Humans, When They Apply Their Practical Reason, Making a Mess, Forever and Without Fail Or Exception Follows the Law and the Rule of Law and Therefore, This Equilibrium, the Human Soul Finds, Is Love, Which is Peace, Which is Law, Which is Expressed in the Rule of Law Or in Short, in the Realisation of Natural Justice. In the Shortest Possible Statement This is Humanics. The Humanion Calls on Humanity Towards Humanics for It is Peace, It is Love, It is Law, It is the Rule of Law, It is the Realisation of Natural Justice in and by This State of Humanics Humanity Becomes Resonative to the Universe, Where Everything, Including Humans, Now Follows and Lives by the Law.

The Humanion




This entire networks of human learning, that are taking place across the metaphorical physiology of humanity across our Mother Earth can only be imagined as an Infinite Bee-Hive of Learning, where all these hive-units of learning are seeking to light up their own little hive but all these lights together are raising the Symphony of the Light. Can you, Dear Reader, imagine, hearing and experiencing this Symphony of the Light? The Humanion exists to inspire each Beethoven, each Sibelius, each Elgar, each Rachmaninoff, each Shubert, each Mendelssohn, residing in each human soul to rise to hear this Symphony of the Light so to tell the World and to tell Humanity that there exists no border nor frontier but this light, but this ceaseless endeavours of seeking, searching and following the light so to hear this Symphony of the Light. There is nothing more beautiful than this. Think of what they have just done, at the Karolina Institute in Sweden, only a few days ago: they have found out how to go about creating therapies to cure Huntingdon Disease! How astonishing is this! And works like this are going on across our Mother Earth.

For this Eternal Light or this state or characteristic or quality of humanity, that makes us the way we are so that we cannot help but raise questions and seek the light of their answers, binds us into an indestructible oneness. Look, can you find a place on earth, a country, where they have failed to build universities, even if the poorest of countries, you look and how beautifully you will see the lights are shining in their universities. This shows the indestructible state of humanity, that simply will not just sit down and waste away but raise questions and seek the light of their answers. And this state of humanity has brought us here, here and today.

Yes, we have billions of problems, wars, famines, conflicts, hunger, poverty, malnutrition, hatred and almost an infinite range of sufferings but look at the world and see how many hundreds of thousands of institutions, if not millions, simply existing in this search of this light...for human minds cannot but hear the prospect of this Symphony of the Light. And just being able to feel,  even, this 'prospect' of the Symphony, simply takes the souls out venturing into the find light up, to make visible for the Universe otherwise, without the light, is terribly a dark dark place, literally. For people might think the astronauts living at the International Space Station see so much...but they would be wrong. At night, the astronauts look out and find this dense infinite darkness spread through infinity where lights are  simply like nano-fireflies spread between light-years and being eaten away into the depth of that darkness. Readmore











Humanics Because the Architecture of the Human Rationality Clearly Demonstrates the Existence and Necessity of Law and the Rule of Law








|| Humanics Is || Natural Justice || Liberty || Equality || Purpose || Meaning ||














Humanics: The Foundation Published

Humanics: The Foundation, by Munayem Mayenin, has been published by Imsonium Books, on December 06, 2017. ISBN: 978-0-244-34575-4. Humanics: The Foundation: Humanics is the philosophical architecture, mechanism and system of human affairs management, that sets out the way for humanity to achieve a true civilisation in which civic societies exist in the rule of law, rooted in Natural Justice so that liberty and equality exist simultaneously, along with, purpose and meaning of human existence. A Humanical Society establishes itself by eradicating capitalism and all injustices and dehumanisation, suffering and misery it creates, fosters and nurtures, by discarding
off the very idea of ownership, replacing it with belongingship, whereby, for the first time in human history, it creates equality and liberty for all humans as they create a humanical and civic society of equals under Natural Justice.










































Equals at Liberty Is Humanity: As William Shakespeare's Paragon of Animals




The Home of Medicine at The Humanion










Medicine Create and Pave: Intelligence and Learning

|| December 09: 2017 || ά. Learning is a Bio-Intuitional Cognition Process Set by Nature in All Living Organisms on a Scale of the Lowest Level and Degree of Sheer Biological Awareness to the Highest Level and Degree of Consciousness That is Capable of Forming Itself Both as Individual Person and as a Member of the Unity of Many Persons or Community or Society and That is Capable to Congnise, Combining Both Bio and Intuitional in an Alignment of All Components of the Faculty of Rationality by Which It Thinks Through and Comes to Cognition and That is Learning and This Learning is Deposited in a 'Bank', Called, Memory: From a Single Cell Living Organism with Just Biological Awareness on Biological Cognition to a Human Brain:Mind:Will:Soul with Bio-Intuitional Cognition Learning Can and Does Take Place. There is None and Can Not Be Any Intelligence or Learning Outside Living Organisms, Where We Find Things, Matters, Energies, Time, Space and Void Existing Under Absolute, Incorporated, Inherent and Ingrained Eternal Natural Laws Without Exceptions at All Times, That Not a Single Variable Existing in It Can Alter or Not Obey, Signifying There is No 'Will' There, Which Does and Can Only Arise Out of Intelligence Through Learning and All, That is Outside the Living-Life, Form Part of What We Call The Mechanoprincipium, Which Only the Highest Possible Bio-Intuitional Intelligence, i.e, Humanity is Capable of Perceiving.

Therefore, the Very Absurd Ideas, That the Misguided, Manipulative and Profiteering Market Mechanism is Seeking to Portray, Establish, Impose and Dictate to Humanity as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Nothing But Means to Expand the Scope, Prowess and Reach of Dehumanisation and Must Be Rejected, Resisted, Fought and Defeated Outright. We Have, Almost, More Than Half of All Humanity and the Great Majority of Women, Forced and Sentenced to Live and Die in No Education, in Desperate Hunger, Desperate Poverty and Abject Poverty and Malnutrition and Without Medical Care, in Homelessness and Unemployment and Much More Besides and, Yet, These Forces are Wasting All Precious Human and Other Priceless Resources Into Such Absolute and Utter Audacity of Imposing Their Machinations on Humanity as If to Suggest That for an Injured Soul Dying in Absolute Agony of Bleeding, Hurts and Pains the Necessity is Not to Take Her:Him to the Nearest Accident and Emergency Unit of a Hospital But Get a Plastic Toy-Robot-Doctor to Sit Next to Her:Him Speaking Utter Imbecility! This Can Not, Should Not and Must Not Be Let to Succeed. The Most Vital and Most Scarce Human Resources Must Not Be Let to Be Squandered in This Absurd and Utterly Misguided Pursuit of Dehumanisation. Our High-Most Priority is to Ensure That the Entire Humankind, in All Nations on Earth, is Afforded the Right to Get an Education and Get Universal Human Rights and Not a Single Soul Die of Hunger or for the Lack of Medicare.

This is What is Called Intelligence and This Why It is Called Learning: Because are Humans and We Ask and Question and We Empathise and We Sympathise and We Love and We Hope and We Imagine and We Learn and We Dream and We Want to Ensure Our Brothers and Sisters and All Our Children are as Valued, as Safe, as Protected, as Respected and as Nurtured as Everyone Else. This is Called Humanity and This Arises Out of This Intelligence, That is an Inalienable and Inseparable Part of the Biological Mechanism and Architecture of Life and Which Can Not and Does Not Exist Outside This Living-Life and That Mother Nature Has Endowed Each One of Us With, When We Arrive at Our Existence. Therefore, O Humanity Rise to Reject, Fight and Defeat This Attack of Ruthless Dehumanisation by These Concocted, Brewed and Miss-constructed Ideas Being Sought to Be Implanted in Our Heads and Minds. The Humanion uses Machine Processed Programming:MPP for Machine or Artificial Intelligence and Programmed Algorithmic Machination:PAM for Machine Learning, refusing the very concepts that machines can have intelligence and that they are, therefore, capable to learn. Likewise, The Humanion does not use the terms, self-driven or self-driving or autonomous vehicles for machines are not and can not be deemed to be having 'self', that absolutely applies to humans and autonomy applies to humans as individuals and as groups, societies, peoples, nations etc and can not be applied to machines. Therefore, Auto-driven is the term we use for Self-driven or Self-driving or autonomous vehicles etc. This relates to profound, vital and fundamental issues and we must be careful as to how we use terminology, that, albeit, inadvertently, dehumanises humanity. Readmore


The Humanion Humanity of the Year 2017: Elaine Phillips


There's Always Something New We Can Find If We Keep on Looking: A Disease Caused by the Reduction of the Most Abundant Cellular Protein Identified

|| December 09: 2017: University of Manchester News || ά. An international team of scientists and doctors has identified a new disease, that results in low levels of a common protein found inside human cells. The study, led by Dr Siddharth Banka from the University of Manchester and the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, St Mary's Hospital, is published in the American Journal of Human Genetics. β-actin is the cell’s most abundant protein, providing shape and allowing them to move. It is fundamental to a number of biological functions.

According to the research team the new disease is caused by gene mutations, which result in half of the normal β-actin levels. Dr Sara Cuvertino, a Research Associate at the University of Manchester and First Author of the paper, said, “β-actin is so vital to our cells that it was very surprising for me that patients could still survive on just half the normal levels of this critical protein.” Dr Cuvertino studied the cells of patients affected with this new disease and found several subtle defects, such as, unusual shape, reduced capacity to move and divide. Readmore

Immune-Boosting Antibody Combination Could Improve Lymphoma Survival

|| December 03: 2017: University of Southampton News || ά. Combining two different immunotherapy treatments could dramatically improve lymphoma survival, according to a University of Southampton study. Funded by Cancer Research UK and published in Cancer Cell the study tested different combinations of antibodies in the lab to see how they interact with each other and what effect this has on how the immune system fights cancer. They found one combination, anti-CD27 and anti-CD20, greatly increased life expectancy in mice with cancer. While most of the mice given just one of the antibodies died within 80 days, nearly all mice given both antibodies survived beyond 100 days.

When combined, the researchers found that the antibodies recruited greater numbers of immune cells, called, myeloid cells, as well as, increasing their ability to destroy cancer cells. This is the latest example of ground-breaking cancer immunology research from the University of Southampton. Early next year the University will open the UK’s first centre dedicated to cancer immunology research. The Centre for Cancer Immunology will bring together world-leading specialists in a unique state-of-the art centre, accelerate research progress, conduct more clinical trials and save more lives from cancer. Readmore


Guy's Cancer Centre: Requires All the Support That Can Be Offered to It







Aarhus University Denmark




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