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Humanity Will Continue to Live an Inferior Life Than What is Possible Until the Two Halves: All Individuals in Them: That Make It are Absolutely Fundamentally and Jubilantly Equal at Liberty


Year Gamma: London: Saturday: January 20: 2018
First Published: September 24: 2015

Change: Either Happens or Is Made: When It is Not Made It Happens Regardless in Which We Become Mere Logs and Get Washed Away in and by Utterly Mechanical Forces of Dehumanisation: When Made Change is Created by Our Conscious Choices, Efforts, Initiatives and Works: In the Former We Let Go Off Our Humanity So That Dehumanisation Determines and Dictates the Existence of Our Sheer Physiologies: But in the Later We Claim, Mark and Create Our Humanity as to the Change We Choose to Make and Create It Onto Reality: To Nurture, Foster, Support, Sustain, Maintain, Enhance, Expand, Empower and Enrich the Very Humanity That We Are:  As Individuals, As Families, As Communities and As Societies All of Which Now Exist in the Fabrics of Time-Space of What is Called Civic Society: One That Exists by Natural Justice and Functions by the Rule of Law: Ensuring Liberty and Equality, Along with Purpose and Meaning of Existence, Exist in Each and Every Soul Equally at All Times: The Humanion






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The Humanion: London: England: United Kingdom: Year Gamma: Day 117: Saturday: January 20: 2018: Cogito Ergo Sum: Descartes 
Life's Laurel Is You In One-Line-Poetry A Heaven-Bound Propagated Ray Of Light Off The Eye Of The Book Of Life: Love For You Are Only Once









Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis









|| January 19: 2018: University of Exeter News || ά. Regular surfers and body-boarders are three times more likely to have antibiotic resistant E. coli in their guts than non-surfers, new research has showed. Conducted by the University of Exeter, the Study asked 300 people, half of whom regularly surf the UK’s coastline, to take rectal swabs. Surfers swallow ten times more sea water than sea swimmers and scientists wanted to find out if that made them more vulnerable to bacteria, that pollute seawater and whether those bacteria are resistant to an antibiotic.

Scientists compared faecal samples from surfers and non-surfers to assess whether the surfers’ guts contained E. coli bacteria, that were able to grow in the presence of Cefotaxime, a commonly used and clinically important antibiotic. Cefotaxime has previously been prescribed to kill off these bacteria but some have acquired genes, that enable them to survive this treatment. The study, published on January 14 in the journal Environment International, found that 13 of 143 or 09%, of surfers were colonised by these resistant bacteria, compared to just four of 130 or 03% of non-surfers swabbed. That meant that the bacteria would continue to grow, even, if, treated with Cefotaxime. Readmore

Genetics The HLF Gene Protects Blood Stem Cells by Maintaining Them in a Resting State

|| January 19: 2018: Lund University News || ά. The HLF gene is necessary for maintaining our blood stem cells in a resting state, which is crucial for ensuring normal blood production. This has been shown by a new research study from Lund University in Sweden published in Cell Reports. Maintaining blood production, especially, in the case of injury, chemotherapy or a transplantation, is dependent on a limited number of stem cells in the bone marrow. These blood stem cells have the unique capacity to make identical copies of themselves and then mature them into all the different types of blood cells.

To ensure lifelong maintenance of normal blood stem cell function, most blood stem cells are held in a resting state. This protects them from exhaustion and external Impact. However, the blood stem cells can be rapidly deployed to reconstruct the blood system in the case of trauma, after which they revert to their resting state.
“The study confirms several previous studies that show the HLF gene’s significance in blood formation.'' says Mr Mattias Magnusson, who led the new study. The results can have important applications in bone marrow transplants, as well as, contribute to our knowledge of how leukaemia develops. Readmore

|| January 18: 2018: Salk Institute News || ά. Salk researchers have discovered how to curb the growth of cancer cells by blocking the cells’ access to certain nutrients. The approach, detailed in a new paper published today in Nature, took advantage of knowledge on how healthy cells use a 24-hour cycle to regulate the production of nutrients and was tested on glioblastoma brain tumours in mice. ''When we block access to these resources, cancer cells starve to death but normal cells are, already, used to this constraint so they’re not affected.” says Professor Satchidananda Panda, at the Salk Institute’s Regulatory Biology Laboratory and Lead Author of the paper.

The circadian cycle, the intrinsic clock, that exists in all living things, is known to help control when individual cells produce and use nutrients, among many other functions. Scientists previously discovered that proteins, known as, REV-ERBα and REV-ERBβ are responsible for turning on and off cells’ ability to synthesise fats, as well as, their ability to recycle materials, a process, called, autophagy, throughout the day. In healthy cells, fat synthesis and autophagy are allowed to occur for about 12 hours a day, when REV-ERB protein levels remain low. The rest of the time, higher levels of the REV-ERB proteins block the processes so that the cells are not flooded with excessive fat synthesis and recycled nutrients. Readmore

|| January 18: 2018: Salk Institute News || ά. The experimental drug J147 is something of a modern elixir of life; it’s been shown to treat Alzheimer’s Disease and reverse aging in mice and is, almost, ready for clinical trials in humans. Now, Salk scientists have solved the puzzle of what, exactly, J147 does. In a paper published January 07, 2018, in the journal Aging Cell, they report that the drug binds to a protein found in mitochondria, the energy-generating powerhouses of cells. In turn, they showed, it makes aging cells, mice and flies appear more youthful.

“This really glues together everything we know about J147 in terms of the link between aging and Alzheimer’s.” says Mr Dave Schubert, Head of Salk’s Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory and the Senior Author on the new paper. ''Finding the target of J147 was, also, absolutely critical in terms of moving forward with clinical trials.” Mr Schubert’s group developed J147 in 2011, after screening for compounds from plants with an ability to reverse the cellular and molecular signs of aging in the brain. J147 is a modified version of a molecule, curcumin, found in the curry spice turmeric. Readmore

Create and Pave: Intelligence and Learning: Develop Human Intelligence First That This System of Economics of Infinite Greed for Infinite Profiteering is Now Killing, Devastating, Disfiguring and Destroying by Malnutrition Severe Acute Malnutrition Hunger Lack of Education Massive Unemployment Eternal Unemployability Homelessness Utter and Devastating Working and Non-Working Poverty Child Poverty Women’s Poverty, Ethnic Minority Poverty Pensioners Poverty Disability Poverty Massive Inequality Lack of Medicare and Lack of Absolutely Basic Hygiene and Sanitation Provisions Clean Air Safe Environment Before You Dare Speak About Wasting and Miss-Directing Vital Financial and Human Resources in Developing Pseudo-Intelligence So to Profiteer While Humanity Pays for It All

|| December 09: 2017 || ά. Learning is a Bio-Intuitional Cognition Process Set by Nature in All Living Organisms on a Scale of the Lowest Level and Degree of Sheer Biological Awareness to the Highest Level and Degree of Consciousness That is Capable of Forming Itself Both as Individual Person and as a Member of the Unity of Many Persons or Community or Society and That is Capable to Congnise, Combining Both Bio and Intuitional in an Alignment of All Components of the Faculty of Rationality by Which It Thinks Through and Comes to Cognition and That is Learning and This Learning is Deposited in a 'Bank', Called, Memory: From a Single Cell Living Organism with Just Biological Awareness on Biological Cognition to a Human Brain:Mind:Will:Soul with Bio-Intuitional Cognition Learning Can and Does Take Place. There is None and Can Not Be Any Intelligence or Learning Outside Living Organisms, Where We Find Things, Matters, Energies, Time, Space and Void Existing Under Absolute, Incorporated, Inherent and Ingrained Eternal Natural Laws Without Exceptions at All Times, That Not a Single Variable Existing in It Can Alter or Not Obey, Signifying There is No 'Will' There, Which Does and Can Only Arise Out of Intelligence Through Learning and All, That is Outside the Living-Life, Form Part of What We Call The Mechanoprincipium, Which Only the Highest Possible Bio-Intuitional Intelligence, i.e, Humanity is Capable of Perceiving.

Therefore, the Very Absurd Ideas, That the Misguided, Manipulative and Profiteering Market Mechanism is Seeking to Portray, Establish, Impose and Dictate to Humanity as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Nothing But Means to Expand the Scope, Prowess and Reach of Dehumanisation and Must Be Rejected, Resisted, Fought and Defeated Outright. We Have, Almost, More Than Half of All Humanity and the Great Majority of Women, Forced and Sentenced to Live and Die in No Education, in Desperate Hunger, Desperate Poverty and Abject Poverty and Malnutrition and Without Medical Care, in Homelessness and Unemployment and Much More Besides and, Yet, These Forces are Wasting All Precious Human and Other Priceless Resources Into Such Absolute and Utter Audacity of Imposing Their Machinations on Humanity as If to Suggest That for an Injured Soul Dying in Absolute Agony of Bleeding, Hurts and Pains the Necessity is Not to Take Her:Him to the Nearest Accident and Emergency Unit of a Hospital But Get a Plastic Toy-Robot-Doctor to Sit Next to Him Speaking Utter Imbecility! This Can Not, Should Not and Must Not Be Let to Succeed. The Most Vital and Most Scarce Human Resources Must Not Be Let to Be Squandered in This Absurd and Utterly Misguided Pursuit of Dehumanisation. Our High-Most Priority is to Ensure That the Entire Humankind, in All Nations on Earth, is Afforded the Right to Get an Education and Get Universal Human Rights and Not a Single Soul Die of Hunger or for the Lack of Medicare.

This is What is Called Intelligence and This Why It is Called Learning: Because We are Humans and We Ask and Question and We Empathise and We Sympathise and We Love and We Hope and We Imagine and We Learn and We Dream and We Want to Ensure Our Brothers and Sisters and All Our Children are as Valued, as Safe, as Protected, as Respected and as Nurtured as Everyone Else. This is Called Humanity and This Arises Out of This Intelligence, That is an Inalienable and Inseparable Part of the Biological Mechanism and Architecture of Life and Which Can Not and Does Not Exist Outside This Living-Life and That Mother Nature Has Endowed Each One of Us With, When We Arrive at Our Existence. Therefore, O Humanity Rise to Reject, Fight and Defeat This Attack of Ruthless Dehumanisation by These Concocted, Brewed and Miss-constructed Ideas Being Sought to Be Implanted in Our Heads and Minds. The Humanion uses Machine Processed Programming:MPP for Machine or Artificial Intelligence and Programmed Algorithmic Machination:PAM for Machine Learning, refusing the very concepts that machines can have intelligence and that they are, therefore, capable to learn. Likewise, The Humanion does not use the terms, self-driven or self-driving or autonomous vehicles for machines are not and can not be deemed to be having 'self', that absolutely applies to humans and autonomy applies to humans as individuals and as groups, societies, peoples, nations etc and can not be applied to machines. Therefore, Auto-driven is the term we use for Self-driven or Self-driving or autonomous vehicles etc. This relates to profound, vital and fundamental issues and we must be careful as to how we use terminology, that, albeit, inadvertently, dehumanises humanity.


|| There Can Not Be a Harvesting If There is No Sowing: No Nation Can Harvest a Future Without the Sowing of Investment in the Present: If One Sows Poverty in the Present and One Shall Harvest Desperate Poverty in the Future: This is What the Conservative Party and Their Government  and Those Who Support Them are Doing to the United Kingdom: They are Sowing Poverty But Glorifying a Future of Abject and Desperate Poverty: If One Goes to Ask a Farmer Whether the Resources She:He Employs in Sowing is Not a Terrible Waste, a Wanton Abandon of Indulgence, a Reckless Luxury and an Act of Absolute Disregard for Prudence and She:He Will Ask That Person Politely to Go and See a Psychiatrist Immediately: The Humanion ||



Livability: Because It All Adds Up: One Human Soul Alone and Disconnected: Zero: All Human-Souls Connected in One: Infinity

|| January 17: 2018 || ά. It all adds up, this agency says. And, it does; all, literally, adds up: no human soul can exist on its own but that's precisely what dehumanisation wants to do: to separate and tear asunder every single soul from the others, from the rest of humanity to the point that it has no one and has no connection to anyone or anything or any place and, it is, effectively, cut off from the earth, air, water and skies of life: no sustenance is received by this soul, which now is bound to perish away, suffering and paying the price of this all-consuming disconnect. Agencies, that think, they can fix mental health issues with 'devices, contraptions, gadgets and machinations and screaming and shouting out mental health and wearing t-shirt saying mental health, may, continue to do so but mental health is related to, connected with and determined by the quality of real connections, interactions, inter-exchanges and creative correlations, the individuals have with their families, friends, colleagues and fellow humanity, locality, communities and wider society. These, may or may not, have direct medical origin and, often, these are unknown or not yet understood fully or properly, but these conditions will always be impacted and shaped and made worse by the quality of the conditions of all these areas we have mentioned in which the people suffering will live.

Mental health issues are terribly complex and the term itself is a terribly inadequate one to capture its almost infinite range but, despite being taken as a medical issue, it is not just a physiological one so that psychiatry is the branch of medicine, that deals with it, most of these conditions do not have a cure but these are managed and, yet, all of them, are made infinitely more bearable to the sufferers, where they receive the support from a human 'network' of resources, that is comprised with family, friends, colleagues and fellow humans, including, all the agencies, there are, who are there to offer that absolutely vital support. Tablets, capsules and therapies have never been and never will be enough, on their own, to 'deal' with the ever increasing mental illnesses and, as the speed and space of dehumanisation increase, they will impact more and more people in all societies but the sufferers will need both: the medicine part of it and the humanity part of it. This is the view The Humanion sincerely seeks to put forward in terms of mental health. Readmore

School Pupils Work with University Specialists to Promote Mental Health

The Humanion Beacon Organisation: Heads Together is Such an Organisation

|| January 11: 2018 || ά. Students from a girls’ grammar school have worked with educational psychologists from the University of Manchester to develop an accessible and appealing mental health strategy for their school. Lecturer in Education and Child Psychology Dr Cathy Atkinson has worked with colleagues, including, Dr George Thomas, a recent Manchester graduate, who is now an honorary lecturer and an educational psychologist working for Bright Futures Educational Trust, to devise the strategy alongside pupils at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, who act as ‘Wellbeing Ambassadors’ for their fellow students.

The researchers planned sessions using resources, which they thought were visual and appealing, but the Wellbeing Ambassadors had strong views about their relevance to young people and they proposed their own creative and innovative solutions. One of their ideas was an accessible quiz to determine when and how to seek help. The ambassadors consulted with other students and developed their own communications strategy to promote the subject around the school. Dr Atkinson and Dr Thomas are presenting their research at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Educational and Child Psychology annual conference, which is taking place in Brighton, January 11-12. Readmore

Imagine and, that what you do, becomes you for as soon as you imagine something it becomes real in your soul. And, here, resides the choice; even with imagination: what to imagine and what not to, what to become and what not to, what to do and what not to. Therefore, imagine love and harmony, joy and warmth, care and compassion, humanity and oneness, humanionship and respect, kindness and grace, togetherness and community, giving and expecting not to receive in return and selflessness and highest of wisdom; if the world does not follow, your soul already has and, you are infinitely enriched by it already. Therefore, imagine! Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin

So What is Psychology: It is the science, that studies and learns about the part of humanity, that we do not get to see: The Human Mind: Like the physiology, if not looked after well, this human mind falters, breaks and falls ill for it needs 'food and nutrition', that do not come from physicality but are and can only be generated, in addition to keeping the physiology in a balanced state of good health and well being, from and through being positively and actively engaged in the physical reality created by Family, Networks of Wider Families, Networks of Friends, Fellow Learners, Acquaintances and Colleagues, Networks of Communities and the Wider Civic Society: In Short,  healthy human mind is the statement, that says: There exists a civic society, that is capable of supporting, nurturing and sustaining happy, healthy and balanced human mind

So what is the Formula: The less civic a society is the more mental and psychological damages it inflicts on all human minds, creating and sustaining the entire range of mental health issues. It can be seen as parallel to this sociological and political philosophical formula: A society, where there is hardly any rule of law, creates, sustains and maintains the highest degree, level and magnitude of repression, oppression, exploitation, violence, infringement, transgression, aggression, unrest, agitation, hostility, anger, animosity, suffering and injustices, all of which create and feed the conditions of the highest possible levels of all manners, forms and expressions of 'crimes' and such society simply ceases to be a society but becomes, effectively, a jingoistic jungle, in which all human minds are broken to destruction. There, in such a jingoistic jungle, therefore, can not exist happy, healthy, well balanced human mind but the most severely destroyed, broken and devastated one, that can not, ever, be 'mended' back to health. In other words, the closer the human mind is to natural justice the more it will be like itself and the farther it is away from natural justice the less it will be like itself and so far it is unlike itself is the part, that has been broken and, consequently, it has been made ill because of the breakage inflicted on it. Natural justice is what creates the conditions for natural humanity to exist and natural human mind is such a natural thing, that can not exist as it is, when dehumanisation breaks its home and takes its farther and father away from its natural home, from natural justice, tearing it apart as it does so: Psychology of Zoohuman: Munayem Mayenin

Sylvia Plath

Gold leaves shiver
In this crack of time;
Yellow flickers
In the shrill clear sun;
Light pirouettes
In ballet dress,
While blue above
Leaps the sheer sky.


Brief gold glitters
In the gutters;
Flares and flashes,
Husky rushes


And in that moment
Silent, cold,
Across the lawn,
Dull pools of gold.

Emily Dickinson

The Brain- is wider than the Sky-
For--- put them side by side--
The one the other will contain
With ease---- and You---- beside---

The Brain is deeper than the Sea----
For---hold them---Blue to Blue---
The one the other will absorb----
As Sponges----Buckets---- do---

The Brain is just the weight of God---
For-Heft them---Pound for Pound---
And they will differ---if they do----
As Syllable from Sound----

Christina Rossetti

Somewhere or other there must surely be
The face not seen, the voice not heard,
The heart that not yet-never yet- ah me!
Made answer to my word.

One Humanity in One World on One Earth in One Sunnara in One Universana






The Sunnara

Ring My Heart

I asked for you to ring my heart more often than that: But you know, ringing the heart is like having a dream; one can not and does not control it: Then who does: It's our souls: Are you okay: Yes, I am. Are you: Yes. So go on: I rang you now because I wanted to touch your hand before I leave: Leave. Leave for where: Touch the wall: Touch the wall: Yes just do it: See, I can feel your hand. But how:

See, we suddenly took a trip down the tectonic-plane's high-season waving and sloped down the valley of void between spaces of different Universine Domains as if we are rolling down a hill, except it's a void between the blank of spaces and now we are waiting at the Gate-Magnetismic to open so that we can energise-through it into the intended Universine Domain. And from here we stand closest to yours because when we are in this Tectonic Plane Slope, that exists between parallel Universine Domains, the Domains literally become one dimensional for our purposes because we have become part of the void: Part of the void but I can feel your hand and touch: Readmore

Astrophysics Now Please Do Not Speak About Entanglement: Why Not: Because Everything is Already Entangled: Is That So: Yes This Entire System of the Universe is Fed by the Process of Untanglement: Untanglement: Yes Everything is Motional So That They Can Untangle Themselves and Fall Into the Liberty of Space Free of All Entanglement: I See: No You Don't: I Don't: Because You are Entangled: So We are Speaking of Entanglement After All

|| January 10: 2018: University of Southampton News || ά. A team of scientists, including two University of Southampton physicists, has proposed an experiment it believes could answer a long-standing question relating to whether gravity is of quantum nature? Quantum mechanics is the theory, that accounts for the behaviour of fundamental particles and basic microscopic systems, including, their habit of appearing in two different places at once.

However, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that gravity, which is currently only explained by classical physical laws, might, behave in a quantum manner. In a new paper published in Physical Review Letters, this international research team, led by UCL, including, Professor Hendrik Ulbricht and Dr Marko Toroš from the University of Southampton, outlines an experimental test it believes could prove whether gravity has quantum characteristics. Readmore

The Eyeonium








The Eyeonium To Make Visible: £03.9 Million New Project to Support the Elimination of the World’s Leading Infectious Cause of Blindness

|| December 23: 2017: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine News || ά. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is to lead a major new research project that aims to accelerate the elimination of trachoma. Stronger-SAFE is a £03.9 million Wellcome Trust funded project, that will increase the understanding of how trachoma is transmitted and, hopefully, lead to the development and testing of new, more effective interventions and treatment approaches. The five year study will take place in Ethiopia, where the disease is highly endemic and be conducted with partners, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, the Oromia Regional Health Bureau, the Fred Hollows Foundation, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Monash University in Australia.

Trachoma is an eye disease caused by infection with the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Around 190 million people worldwide live in endemic areas and require treatment. After repeated eye infections, trichiasis develops, a condition, causing the eyelids turn inwards and the lashes scrape the surface of the eye, causing great pain and often leading to permanent loss of vision. Trachoma is thought to spread through person to person contact and by flies, that have been in contact with discharge from the eyes of an infected person. The disease is responsible for 03% of the world's blindness, with more than 80% of the burden of active trachoma concentrated in 14 Sub-Saharan African countries. Ethiopia is the most severely affected country. Readmore

The Humanion Humanity of the Year 2017: Little Toby and His Mother

End Homelessness The Humanion Campaign There Can Not Be Any Meaningful Citizenship When Citizens Have No Homes: Right to a Home Must Be a Building-Block-Foundational Universal Human Right Without Which There Can Not Exist Any Human Right for When a Human Soul is Dying on the Street Rough Sleeping Where is and What is Her:His Human Rights: End Homelessness

As this young person was born, being entitled by law, to be a British Citizen, she should be equally entitled by that same token, to have a right to a home for there can not exist a 'person' without a home nor can there exist a person without proper and necessary food, drink and nutrition meaning the rights to a citizenship, a home, stable supply of food and drink, an education, medicare and a job should be seen as Building-Block-Foundational Universal Human Rights on which all other Humans Rights can and do exist and without the existence of these Building-Block-Foundational Human Rights the existing Human Rights simply remain hypothetical. For example, what does 'the 'right to life' mean to this young person, who has become homeless and is left on the street to rough  sleep, suffer the horror, degradation, hunger, cold and inhumanity and, eventually, perish? End Homelessness because it is not a charity but human right for humans to exist as human beings.

World Press















World Press Many Voices of America: Black Agenda Report

There are so many voices of America that get drowned in the political 'propaganda's shallow, hollow but dangerous rhetoric-driven bombardment. And America is portrayed as the 'dreamland' of capitalism as if humanity has reached its pinnacle and there is nothing better it can do or create or achieve. When, for the fast and the last time, we had set foot on America, somewhere in New York, America did not appear a 'dreamland'. It is not a dreamland. Not a single country that achieves the high point of capitalist development is anything but dreamland. Capitalism is a 'legitimate nightmare' and it can never be a 'dreamland' for nightmares and dreams are two opposing things, as the good old English dictionary would tell us. But the myth and myth making go on.

Yet with this, parallel to the 'affluence, decadence and hedonism' of consumerism, that seems to sing from the same hymn-sheet of 'nationalism', life gets destroyed, devastated and ruined as hunger, unemployment, unemployability, lack of and ill-education, homelessness, overcrowding, rough sleeping, malnutrition, lining the food banks, drug and alcohol abuse, human and civil liberties trampled on, terrible lack of political awareness in the form of political organisations and desperate level of disempowerment and disenfranchisement, particularly, of all the poor people, all minority communities and particularly, of women, violence, murders and crimes and gun crimes, the devastating and all-encompassing working poverty, to abruptly shorten the endless list, that keep on raging havoc on lives. Yet, voices, opposing this mythology and mythology making must keep on raising themselves; voices, such as the Black Agenda Report and in a human face, in a human voice, its Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley. Readmore

Universana I Roam 5,000 Light Years' Away: Stretch to Reach Me So That I May Join Your Universana

|| December 11: 2017 || ά. And here is the Crescent Nebula, a young massive star, that began life around 25 times more massive than our own Sun is shedding shells of material and fast winds to create this dynamic scene captured by ESA’s XMM-Newton. The image shows the detailed structure of the Nebula, that shed a shell of material as it expanded into a red giant some 200,000 years ago. Fast winds emitted more recently have now collided with that material, causing the gasses in the bubble to heat up and emit X-rays, seen as blue in the image. And this space, where this spectacle is, in our country, on this Universana. Here, not out there somewhere but 'here' where we are: on this Universe, on this Universana.

Now that you have seen it, close your eyes. Now look. Can you find it? Where is it now? Where is it now? Now look and can you see it? Where is it now? Now it is both out there and in here, inside your soul. This is how the more we learn about the Universe the more of it becomes part of us and more of us become part of it and then we edge closer to be part of each other more and more and that is why must we keep on learning and seeking and finding and crafting and being and becoming. The Crescent Nebula sits in the constellation of Cygnus about 5,000 light-years away, exactly at a location in the sky, that has not been accessible to XMM-Newton until recently. Readmore
















                                        Professor Amivi Kafui Tete-Benissan
                                                                     Cell Biology and Biochemistry
                                                                                     University of Lome: Togo













Barack Obama Foundation
Nature and Solitude




Between and Beyond the Two Sets of Doors at the Airport Departure Lounge

Life in which, as if one suddenly finds oneself woken up at an airport departure lounge, where there are two sets of doors that are always open: one, through which people come in and the other, through which people depart. The only thing that is striking is no one that comes in through the entry door knows where one is coming from nor where one is heading but every one knows that they are waiting to leave, to go, to depart. And that one can see, being there, that no one that has come in here fails to do that: to come and wait to depart and finally departing.

And this fact is striking, too, that no one enters with any baggage and everyone leaves, as they came, with nothing. The door through which one enters the departure lounge can be seen as the 'door' with a curtain instead of a real door, so that through it one can and one does come back to oneself, wakes up in reality, when waking from a dream. And when woken up one, in the cases of the majority of one's dreams, does not remember anything. In this case, at the departure lounge, however, waking up inside it, one does not remember anything whatsoever, at all. Although, they retain a sense of something missing, as is they had a void inside them where something used to be or as if they were part of something, but they cannot understand this and the related sense of a longing... Rabindranath Tagore puts it this way... if only I had known what this hurt I have is about I would have told you...Readmore

Nature and Solitude












Tell Her She Is

Tell her that she is not human tell her
That her heart her soul is not tearing
Apart as shattered earth in pain in joy
At this moment in equal measure and
Tell her that she is just a refugee a blank
Tell her if could bring your soul to do it
Tell her she is not like you like him or her
Or them or us but if you could not do so
Then tell her She is She is as human as you





If the Purpose of Philosophy is Not to Seek and Try to Advance the Progression, Betterment and Enlightenment of the Human Condition Towards Seeking to and Achieving Civilisation to Create a Civic Society, Made of Liberty, Equality, Purpose  and Meaning, Enshrined in the Expanse of Natural Justice, Than It Has No Business to Waste the Most Beautiful, Most Precious and Most Awe-Inspiring of All Human Capabilities: Rationality, Made of Three Components: Neurology, Cardiology and Their Combined and Unified Connections, Interactions and Relationships with the Greater Universe, Through and by Which, Rationality Creates an Areal Wisdom of the Whole and With This Areal Wisdom, It  Seeks and Achieves a Resonative Equilibrium in and with the Greater Oneness in the Name and Shape of the Universe, in Which, It Finds Itself Existing, Which is Nothing But Peace Because the Entire Universe, Excluding, Sadly, the Humans, When They Apply Their Practical Reason, Making a Mess, Forever and Without Fail Or Exception Follows the Law and the Rule of Law and Therefore, This Equilibrium, the Human Soul Finds, Is Love, Which is Peace, Which is Law, Which is Expressed in the Rule of Law Or in Short, in the Realisation of Natural Justice. In the Shortest Possible Statement This is Humanics. The Humanion Calls on Humanity Towards Humanics for It is Peace, It is Love, It is Law, It is the Rule of Law, It is the Realisation of Natural Justice in and by This State of Humanics Humanity Becomes Resonative to the Universe, Where Everything, Including Humans, Now Follows and Lives by the Law.

The Humanion




This entire networks of human learning, that are taking place across the metaphorical physiology of humanity across our Mother Earth can only be imagined as an Infinite Bee-Hive of Learning, where all these hive-units of learning are seeking to light up their own little hive but all these lights together are raising the Symphony of the Light. Can you, Dear Reader, imagine, hearing and experiencing this Symphony of the Light? The Humanion exists to inspire each Beethoven, each Sibelius, each Elgar, each Rachmaninoff, each Shubert, each Mendelssohn, residing in each human soul to rise to hear this Symphony of the Light so to tell the World and to tell Humanity that there exists no border nor frontier but this light, but this ceaseless endeavours of seeking, searching and following the light so to hear this Symphony of the Light. There is nothing more beautiful than this. Think of what they have just done, at the Karolina Institute in Sweden, only a few days ago: they have found out how to go about creating therapies to cure Huntingdon Disease! How astonishing is this! And works like this are going on across our Mother Earth.

For this Eternal Light or this state or characteristic or quality of humanity, that makes us the way we are so that we cannot help but raise questions and seek the light of their answers, binds us into an indestructible oneness. Look, can you find a place on earth, a country, where they have failed to build universities, even if the poorest of countries, you look and how beautifully you will see the lights are shining in their universities. This shows the indestructible state of humanity, that simply will not just sit down and waste away but raise questions and seek the light of their answers. And this state of humanity has brought us here, here and today.

Yes, we have billions of problems, wars, famines, conflicts, hunger, poverty, malnutrition, hatred and almost an infinite range of sufferings but look at the world and see how many hundreds of thousands of institutions, if not millions, simply existing in this search of this light...for human minds cannot but hear the prospect of this Symphony of the Light. And just being able to feel,  even, this 'prospect' of the Symphony, simply takes the souls out venturing into the find light up, to make visible for the Universe otherwise, without the light, is terribly a dark dark place, literally. For people might think the astronauts living at the International Space Station see so much...but they would be wrong. At night, the astronauts look out and find this dense infinite darkness spread through infinity where lights are  simply like nano-fireflies spread between light-years and being eaten away into the depth of that darkness. Readmore











Humanics Because the Architecture of the Human Rationality Clearly Demonstrates the Existence and Necessity of Law and the Rule of Law








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|| January 11: 2018 || ά. The place, where the NHS has been brought to today is not something, that has come out of the blue; the entire NHS, its leadership, the entire range of medical professions and professional bodies and agencies and bodies interested in the health of the nation, as well as, political parties and voluntary sector agencies working in the fields and people up and down the country have been telling the government that the desperate cuts, the deliberate underfunding and the devastating falling apart of the entire social care system, again due to deliberate, devastating and ruthless cuts imposed year after year, would result in such a devastating state for the NHS and now all this is being demonstrated by this desperate state, in which the NHS has been led to and left to fight a ‘war’ without proper ammunition, without necessary uniforms and vital equipment and, most vital  human resources.  

The letter written by some of the leading voices of the NHS has portrayed the picture as to the desperation, now strangling the NHS and this letter should just read as: the NHS has been brought to a state, when, instead of being the healing and supporting mechanism for the most vulnerable of the nation, the injured and the ill, it has been fast becoming a place of health and safety risk for them, whereby they are not only not getting the treatment they desperately need as and when they need it but, also, facing being harmed by the consequences of that failure. So far, one person has paid the price with their life for the ambulance had reached that soul hours too late without that being the ambulance crew’s failure, who themselves have been shattered to reach and find a dead soul, when they existed in their jobs and roles to save the human lives and not go and record them as dead.  Readmore


























Equals at Liberty Is Humanity: As William Shakespeare's Paragon of Animals




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| January 17: 2018: Karolinska Institutet News || ά. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet report that cholesterol metabolites cause specific immune cells in the large intestine to move, which lies behind the formation of the immune system's important lymphoid tissue in the intestine. The study, published in the journal Immunity, paves the way for a new possible treatment for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a common and severe disease, that has no cure.

Normally, the immune cells of the gut accumulate and communicate with each other in the lymphoid tissue. But, for those, who have Autoimmune Inflammatory Bowel Disease, such as, Ulcerative Colitis, the lymphoid tissue can react to the body's own cells and cause chronic inflammation. Hitherto, it has not been known as to which signals control the formation of the lymphoid tissue in the large intestine. But, now scientists at Karolinska Institutet have discovered that cholesterol metabolites, called, oxysterols, stimulate specific immune cells in the large intestine, called, innate lymphoid cells:ILCs, to form lymphoid tissue in both health and in disease. Readmore 

Insights Into the Molecular Mechanisms Leading to Kidney Dysfunction in Diabetic Patients

|| January 11: 2018: Keio University Japan News || ά. About one-third of diabetes patients suffer from renal failure. Therefore, understanding the mechanisms linking diabetes to renal damage or diabetic nephropathy would benefit patients as it would help in developing new therapeutic targets and strategies. Sirtuin 1:Sirt1 is a protein, that is involved in cellular stress responses and has been implicated in diabetic nephropathy. However, the exact role of renal Sirt1 on the pathogenesis of renal damage in diabetes has not been fully elucidated.

Researchers in Japan have previously shown that Sirt1 over-expression can alleviate acute kidney injury in a Sirt1 over-expressing mouse model. The same group has now established the mechanism, that links, at least in part, Sirt1 with the pathogenesis of renal damage in diabetes. Mr Shu Wakino and colleagues from Keio University, Shizuoka Red Cross Hospital and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used Sirt1-overexpressing mice, Sirt1 knockout mice and diabetic mouse models to investigate the role of Sirt1 in protecting from diabetes-induced renal damage. Readmore

Catarina's Necklace: If It Does Not Fit Your Neck You Can Wear It On Your Head Instead: But Mind Its Medicinal Properties

|| January 10: 2018: University of Southampton News || ά. At first glance, a pair of award-winning images created by University of Southampton postgraduate researcher Ms Catarina Moura seem to have a seasonal theme. But look more closely and you’ll see that the component parts of the pictures or micrographs of a Christmas tree and seasonal wreath are actually comprised of stem cells created using innovative laser-based imaging techniques used as part of a regenerative medicine research programme in Southampton. The green circular objects in the pictures are collagen cells and the red ‘dots’ are fat cells, both extracted from human bone marrow, which Ms Moura has colour-enhanced electronically to bring out their detail.

Normally, the collagen cells, that appear green on her images, a tree and a wreath, would be bluer in colour but, she says that the fat cells would certainly appear red with the lasers used. “I’ve chosen green for the collagen fibres in my images because when you use the labelling technique, typically, you use a stain, that fluoresces as green and, because a scientist would, usually, relate to that green colour when looking at labelled collagen fibres, I decided to use the same colour and create something more festive at the same time.” says Ms Moura. Working with Skeletal Biologists at Southampton General Hospital, Ms Moura is investigating new optical techniques to monitor the development of the cells, used in new regenerative medicine approaches, in this case, to create and grow cartilage from human stem cells. Readmore

|| December 16: 2017 || ά. Just imagine this human being, suffering from the most orphan of all orphan illnesses, that she is just one known to have this devastating condition in the entire of the United Kingdom and is among the only 20 other human beings in the whole human race. Now, imagine, who on earth, who is anything or anyone in Medicine, Drug Discovery and Development would be interested in this condition, that only concerns 20 human beings of the entire humankind! No one is going spend or invest a single penny in anything to do with this condition since where is the ‘profit’ in it, and, thus, the hardest of all fund raising tasks would be to raise funds for this issue. This is the Himalayan Struggle Maddi Thurgood’s Mother faces to convince everyone that this child, her child, may be, just one child, but she is a whole humanity for is there any qualitative difference between one child and twenty of them? Do we ask whether we support and help one child or twenty? Should the Samaritan walk away from Maddi because she is just one child so that the Samaritan could go and help others, who are numerous in number?

Should we not just try and support the child that is in front of us, that desperately needs our support. It does not matter if the entire humankind requires help but to the Man seeking answers to his three questions: Leo Tolstoy Story: What is the most important time, the most important task and who is the most important person, finds all answers before him: that the time is now where and when he finds the injured person dying, in desperate need of medical care. So far he is concerned this is humanity, the whole humanity, before him in the form of that one injured human being. Thereby, The Humanion urges everyone to try and help this child and mother for, Maddi, may be, suffering from the most orphan of all orphan illnesses, let us show that she is not an orphan in this United Kingdom, where millions and millions of us live and take part in astonishing acts of humanity and kindness. Let us help Maddi's Mother's Fund reach the target before Christmas. As of December 01, 2017, Maddi's Fund stood at £143,041, meaning to reach the necessary target of £224,000, the Fund needs to raise £80,959. They are Almost There! Please, do all you can and let this Mother, this Child, this Family and the Researchers at the University of Sheffield know that the United Kingdom is here to support them. Please, tell everyone you know of this appeal and help raise this vital fund. Readmore

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