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Humanity Will Continue to Live an Inferior Life Than What is Possible Until the Two Halves: All Individuals in Them: That Make It are Absolutely Fundamentally and Jubilantly Equal at Liberty


London: Tuesday: August 22: 2017

First Published: September 24: 2015


The Innerluminous Galaxillation

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Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis

|| August 20: 2017 || ά. The Heads of Finland's diplomatic and consular missions abroad gather to their annual meeting in Helsinki on August 21-24. Ambassadors play a central role when the 100-year-old Finland practises active diplomacy internationally and the 99-year-old Ministry for Foreign Affairs works for Finland and Finns at the international level. These are among the topics for discussion when the Heads of Missions convene this week in the Annexe of the Parliament Building: the new approach adopted by the United States to international co-operation, global security policy hot spots, protectionist tendencies in the world trade and implementation of the sustainable development goals. And that meeting began, followed by the shocking, brutal and cowardly terrorist attack on innocent civilians in Turku, at which Finland's Prime Minister Mr Juha Sipilä was to speak. And he did speak, except no one had expected this meeting to come together in such sad circumstances and that he was to speak about this at a time when ruptured hearts are still aching in agony of the wounds.

And yet, the absolute high best of human physiology rises and gets to work when the body is in mortal danger: so does the human psyche: at work with its highest best when it faces the lowest of the low. This is a different kind of winter war: between the highest of humanity and the lowest of the physiology, that appears human but does the work of the most reprehensible. And here The Humanion stands with Finland and all the Finns as one: the land of the fair and the vision of the fair-seeking.  But he did speak and he did have to speak. And in his voice, if there are anything good and great and anything worth celebrating for the 100 years of existence of this land of the fair and the vision of the fair-seeking, of this beautiful Kalevalan Land, Suomi, which the World knows as Finland, the capital of which, The Humanion affectionately renamed, Elsinki with a secret-hope that, one day, the whole Finnish Eduskunta will have a mass amnesia and all MPs will begin calling Helsinki Elsinki, and one day, all the Finns would forget how to pronounce Helsinki like the Spaniards and wake up calling her Elsinki, Mr  Sipilä's voice, did touch on, reflected, reverberated and resonated that good, that great and that what is a celebration of Suomi, of Finland.

He spoke at the Annual Meeting of Finnish Heads of Mission 2017 and this is what he has had to say: 'Excellencies, Heads of Mission, Ladies and Gentlemen: I truly wish we could have opened this year’s Meeting of Heads of Mission on a happier note. The attack in Barcelona on Thursday was followed by one in Turku on Friday. This is the first time that a terrorist act is suspected of having been committed in Finland. The act is utterly deplorable, repulsive and cowardly. It violates all standards of humanity and the basic principles of all religions. In the light of various threat assessments made, we have feared that this type of incident could occur in Finland and have made preparations accordingly. One of the goals of terrorist attacks is to shock society and to create and intensify confrontations between different groups. We must make sure that this goal will not be achieved. What we need right now is for people to show restraint and trust. We must not draw conclusions that go too far based on a single, individual case. Confrontation must be avoided, and bridges must be built. Readmore


The Idearian Echoing Eternities Sino-Finn Universities Join Forces for Advancing Collaborative Cancer Research

|| August 21: 2017: University of Helsinki News: Mari Peltonen Writing || ά. The University of Helsinki’s co-operation with Chinese universities continues to expand. In addition to air quality research, teacher education and jurisprudence, new co-operation in the research and treatment of cancer is being launched. During the past few years, the University of Helsinki has been looking towards Asia and increasing opportunities in collaborative work, particularly, with Chinese universities. In 2014, the University concluded a strategic partnership agreement with Peking University:PKU. This agreement has covered joint-research in air quality, teaching, law and oncology.

Now the co-operation in cancer research is increasing. The basis for this has been built through reciprocal visits between the Finnish and Chinese universities. Professor Risto Renkonen says that the aim is to further increase co-operation. “The Chinese are, particularly, interested in biobank sample collections and patient data. We are currently planning our first joint research endeavours.” states Professor Renkonen. China has ambitious plans for reforming its education system. Many current Chinese projects are seeking to use big data and learning analytics to promote learning. “It has been wonderful to see how advanced technology is being used in China to promote teaching and education. We have a lot to learn from each other in terms of education development.” says Professor Hannele Niemi. Readmore


|| August 21: 2017: University of Exeter News || ά. Buildings could soon be able to convert the sun’s energy into electricity without the need for solar panels, based on innovative new technology. Renewable Energy experts from the University of Exeter are developing a pioneering new technique, that could accelerate the widespread introduction of net-zero energy buildings through the latest Building Integrated Photovoltaics:BIPV. These products, similar to the solar tile created by Tesla, can become a part of a building’s architecture to generate electricity.

The research team has created an innovative glass block, which can be incorporated into the fabric of a building and is designed to collect solar energy and convert it to electricity. It is thought that buildings consume more than forty percent of the electricity produced across the globe. This new technology would allow electricity to be produced at the site of use, whilst being seamlessly integrated into the building. The blocks, called, Solar Squared, are designed to fit seamlessly into either new buildings or as part of renovations in existing properties. They are similar to existing glass blocks by allowing daylight to resonate around a property by replacing traditional bricks and mortar with transparent glass bricks. Readmore







The Home of Medicine at The Humanion





|| August 21: 2017: University of Melbourne News: Cheryl Critchley Writing || ά. Living with a mental illness, such as, schizophrenia is confronting, both for the person, who has it and their loved ones. The behaviour of those, who have schizophrenia can be troubling and can include hearing voices, extreme paranoia about being followed in public or beliefs that friends and family are conspiring against them. Suffers can experience hallucinations, delusions and disorganised behaviour. But the disorder, also, involves substantial impairment to cognitive or thinking skills, that are crucial for occupational and interpersonal functioning, such as, memory, attention, learning, decision making and reasoning. Schizophrenia affects each person individually, making it a challenge to treat. People respond to medication differently and require varying doses.

Finding the right balance can take time, and may, mean months and even, years of trial and error. But new research is showing the links between the brain structures of people with schizophrenia and cognitive function, as a step towards more personalised treatments. Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging:MRI scans to map the brains of people with schizophrenia, Australian researchers are working to reduce the guess work involved in treating the debilitating illness and provide new insights, that may, help to develop better targeted treatments.The project, led by University of Melbourne researchers, focuses on understanding the brain characteristics of three subgroups of schizophrenia patients. Each subgroup had experienced a different impact on their cognitive skills. Readmore


Guy's Cancer Centre: Requires All the Support That Can Be Offered to It








Aarhus University Denmark




















Experimental Drug Trial Seeks to Improve Treatment for Lymphoma: Patients Over 16 are Being Recruited Now for the Trial


|| August 20: 2017: University of Southampton News || ά. Patients with a common type of fast-growing cancer are being given fresh hope in a new clinical trial. Scientists at the University of Southampton are, for the first time, to trial a new experimental drug, in combination with immunochemotherapy, in certain patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma:DLBCL. DLBCL is the most common type of fast-growing non-Hodgkin lymphoma. For many people, the standard treatment, called, R-CHOP, uses a combination of an immunotherapy, called, Rituximab and four chemotherapy drugs to find and destroy lymphoma cells. But sometimes DLBCL does not go away or comes back after a period of remission.

Researchers at the University want to find out whether a new protein inhibitor, called, Acalabrutinib improves patient response to standard treatments. Acalabrutinib is being developed by Acerta Pharma, a member of the AstraZeneca group. The ACCEPT trial, which has been launched at seven centres across the country and is being funded by Acerta Pharma, will be managed by the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit, and will, for the first time, combine acalabrutinib with R-CHOP. The first phase of the trial will help determine a safe and tolerable dose of the drug. Patients will receive multiple low doses of acalabrutinib, while samples of blood and other fluids, collected at various time points, are analysed for information on how the body processes the drug in combination with R-CHOP.  Readmore






















University of Crete School of Medicine



|| August 21: 2017: University of Exeter News || ά. A virus, which infects ocean plankton, can reprogramme cells and change the way they absorb nutrients, potentially, changing how carbon is stored in the ocean, new research shows. Scientists from the University of Exeter have examined the DNA of the OTV6 virus, which infects phytoplankton, plant-like microbes, which float in the upper part of the ocean. The virus has stolen a gene from the phytoplankton, which has the surprising effect of making the infected plankton better at absorbing certain nutrients for a period, before the virus kills them.

Much of the planet’s carbon is stored in the sea by a process of algae dying and sinking to the ocean floor and this research shows a new feature of that process. “Availability of vitamins and nutrients determine how these phytoplankton function.” said Professor Thomas Richards, of the University of Exeter. “We have shown that this virus reprogrammes how the phytoplankton obtain nutrients, which affects how they grow and is likely to affect how they absorb carbon dioxide. Cells, that have the virus are more competitive in the short-term. Readmore













Political Economics
















Deutsche Post DHL Group and Ford Unveil the Early Build Street Scooter Work XL Electric Delivery Van

|| August 17: 2017: Cologne: Germany || ά. Deutsche Post DHL Group and Ford presented the first of their jointly produced electric delivery vans or e-van yesterday in Cologne, Germany. The vehicle, called, the Street Scooter WORK XL, is based on a Ford Transit chassis fitted with a battery-electric drive-train and a body designed and built to Deutsche Post DHL specifications. In 2017, around 150 early build e-vans will be manufactured in the Street Scooter plant in Aachen, Germany. Deutsche Post DHL will use the e-vans to support its urban parcel delivery service in Germany.

Deutsche Post DHL, Street Scooter and Ford plan to build 2,500 e-vans by the end of 2018. Like Street Scooter’s existing electric models, the Work and Work L-the Work XL could, also, be sold to third-party customers. Each Work XL could save around five tonnes of CO2 and 1,900 litres of diesel fuel each year. With 2,500 vehicles in service as planned, this could result in a total saving of 12,500 tonnes of CO2 and 04.75 million litres of fuel every year. Mr Jürgen Gerdes, Member of the Board of Management Post, eCommerce, Parcel, at Deutsche Post DHL Group, said, “The new Street Scooter Work XL expands our e-fleet in the commercial vehicle segment. Readmore

Pöyry's Industry Business Group Offers Green and Innovative Solutions Utilising Digitalisation

|| August 17: 2017 || ά. Mr Kim Lucander, Pöyry's Vice President for Industry Business Group, South East Asia and Australasia, shared his expertise on Green Design during the 'Nordic 04.0: Green and Innovative' Solutions Seminar, held in Bangkok, Thailand, organised by the Department of European Affairs. In his presentation 'Enabling Green Design through the Use of Pöyry Smart Site', Mr Lucander talked about how Pöyry's service portfolio ably supported Thailand's defined growth platform sectors for Industry 04.0.

He, particularly, focused on the company's use of digitalisation to increase efficiency, provide innovative solutions and support sustainability. "Digitalisation opens new opportunities for companies to improve their efficiencies and develop their businesses, using it as their competitive advantage." said Mr Lucander. He shared how forward-leaning solutions, like Pöyry's Smart Site concept, were designed to cover entire sites and implemented to increase efficiency and support sustainable solutions, by minimising the use of energy and raw material resources. Readmore














The Home of Neurology at The Humanion










|| August 21: 2017: University of Helsinki News: Eeva Karmist and Maarja Laos Writing || ά. Sensory cells, called, hair cells, are crucial for the function of the auditory and balance organs. Hair cells die in response to loud sounds and chemotherapeutic and certain anti-bacterial drugs, leading to hearing and balance deficits. There are currently no therapeutic solutions available to regenerate lost hair cells and to restore sensory deficits associated with the inner ear. In her doctoral dissertation M.Sc Ms Maarja Laos investigates the regenerative abilities of cells in the inner ear auditory and balance organs.

“This study takes one step closer to revealing why regenerative manipulations become less efficient when the inner ear matures. It demonstrates the regenerative potential in the inner ear, but also, shows there is still a long way to go before hair cells can be regenerated in patients with inner ear disorders., says Ms Laos. Unlike mammals, other vertebrate groups are able to regenerate hair cells using neighboring supporting cells as a source for the replacement hair cells. Therefore, supporting cells serve as a target for therapeutic manipulations to replace the lost hair cells in mammalian inner ear. Readmore






























Animalium Say Elephant: No You Say Beautiful: Why: Are They Not Beautiful: They are Magnificent and That's Why They Need People to Stand Up for Them Before They are Lost

|| August 20: 2017 || ά. A new campaign, led by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:DSWT has been launched, that will allow people to send a message to their friends and family in the Elephant Language. The campaign was launched for World Elephant Day, celebrated every year on August 12. Elephants have one of the richest repertoires of communication and are amongst the most emotionally sophisticated animals on the planet. They demonstrate humour, compassion, co-operation, self-awareness, joy and grief; elephants, humans and Neanderthals are the only known animals to participate in death rituals.

Their complex language, however, is endangered, along with the species. By inputting a phrase by voice, text or emoji at this website, people will see a video of an elephant communicating the same greeting or emotion back to them. This initiative is seeking to help raise awareness of the elephants’ plight. The Hello in Elephant campaign has been developed in partnership with Elephant Voices, using its founder and esteemed conservationist Dr Joyce Poole’s research into elephant communication and behaviour, which has been conducted over her 40-year career, working with and studying elephants. Readmore

The Sanctum Mayakardium









|| August 21: 2017: Victoria University of Wellington News || ά. Associate Professor Ivy, I-Ming Liu researches an area of mathematics and statistics, that crosses into almost all areas of life: making tests and surveys fairer, more accurate and less likely to contain bias and identifying groups of people with similar patterns. Deputy Head of Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Mathematics and Statistics, Associate Professor Liu specialises in categorical data analysis. Often used in mathematical and scientific data collection, categorical data analysis is about analysing information, that has been organised into groups.

Associate Professor Liu chose the subject, initially, because she hoped it would enable her to collaborate professionally with her husband, who was planning to study sociology. “After I chose my topic, my husband decided not to continue with sociology. We’ve never been able to work together, but it was still the right choice.” she says. “When I gained my PhD, there was a high demand for people, who worked in categorical data analysis, which made it easy for me to get a job.” Associate Professor Liu grew up in Taiwan, gaining her PhD at the University of Florida in the United States. She came to New Zealand on a casual visit and decided it would be a great place to live and work. Readmore






















Europe Finland Mourns for Turku's Terrorist Attack Victims as the Government Discusses the Incident


|| August 20: 2017 || ά. The Finnish Government convened on Saturday, August 19 due to the Turku incident. The Government received an update of the progress made in the police investigations. The Government will monitor the situation closely and the authorities are keeping it updated of further developments. Finland's Prime Minister Mr Juha Sipilä reminds that the Finns must now stand together. The way to respond to hatred is not hatred.

“I very strongly condemn the act. It is shocking and touches us all. The attack in Turku must not lead to stigmatising other foreign citizens in Finland. There were both Finns and foreigners among the victims and those, who came to help.” says Sipilä. Authorities have reinforced preparedness and the co-operation between different authorities works well. They are prepared for any further incidents like these. The police and the health care authorities acted swiftly and in an exemplary manner. Readmore

The World










The World


Arriving Back to Ourselves: The Finland's Heads of Missions From Across the World Arrive Home to Meet in Helsinki


|| August 20: 2017 || ά. The Heads of Finland's diplomatic and consular missions abroad gather to their annual meeting in Helsinki on August 21-24. Ambassadors play a central role when the 100-year-old Finland practises active diplomacy internationally and the 99-year-old Ministry for Foreign Affairs works for Finland and Finns at the international level.

These are among the topics for discussion when the Heads of Missions convene this week in the Annexe of the Parliament Building: the new approach adopted by the United States to international co-operation, global security policy hot spots, protectionist tendencies in the world trade and implementation of the sustainable development goals. Readmore

The World Humanitarian Day: The Humanitarians in the Line of Fire


|| August 18: 2017: Allard Duursma Writing || ά. On July 11, 2016, the South Sudanese government soldiers, fresh from winning a battle against the armed opposition, went on rampage in a residential area in Juba, that is popular with foreigners. Among the numerous incidents on this day, several soldiers entered Hotel Terrain and beat up, raped and killed aid workers. One female aid worker, who was residing in Hotel Terrain, recalls how a soldier pointed his AK-47 at her and told her: “Either you have sex with me or we make every man here rape you and then we shoot you in the head.” By the end of the evening, she had been raped by 15 South Sudanese soldiers.

Unfortunately, the attacks on aid workers in Juba on July 11, 2016 are not unique. The 2017 Aid Worker Security Report published by Humanitarian Outcomes reports 158 incidents across the globe for 2016, in which 288 aid workers were a victim, of which, in turn, 101 were killed. What explains this violence against aid workers? This is the question that I try to answer, together with my colleagues Roisin Read and Larissa Fast, as part of the Making Peacekeeping Data Work for the International Community project at the University of Manchester. In doing so, we draw on a unique dataset generated by the United Nations to support its peacekeeping mission in the Darfur province of Sudan, which has experienced a civil war since late 2002. Readmore

Africa Historic Agreement Reached Between Heineken and Former Congolese Workers Seeking Remedy in Labour Rights Dispute


|| August 20: 2017 || ά. The former Heineken workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo filed an OECD Guidelines complaint seeking substantial monetary compensation and are satisfied with the outcome. Heineken and factory workers previously employed by Heineken’s Congolese subsidiary, Bralima, have reached an agreement after 168 of the workers filed a complaint against the Dutch beer brewer for abuses of the workers’ rights. The complaint alleged Heineken had breached human rights standards outlined in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and sought remedy in the form of monetary compensation.

Details of the agreement, which was facilitated by the Dutch National Contact Point:NCP, are to remain confidential, but all parties describe the outcome as satisfactory. Netherlands-based SOMO and Congo-based Afrewatch, both members of the OECD Watch network, supported and advised the workers throughout the process. “This result is historic because agreements in OECD Guidelines complaints seeking remedy are rare.” explained Mr Joseph Wilde-Ramsing, Co-ordinator of OECD Watch. ''This important outcome is a result of tireless efforts by the workers in asserting their rights and demanding the remedy they are due, responsible engagement by Heineken and professional handling of the complaint by the Dutch NCP. Readmore


Europe The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering European Conference in Verona: November 23-24


|| August 20: 2017 || ά. The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering:ISPE is to hold its Europe Pharma 4.0 Conference 2017 on November 23-24 in Verona, Italy. Organised in partnership with the ISPE Italy Affiliate, the Conference will focus on preparing the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry for a full transition to an end to end integrated computerised system throughout the manufacturing process.

The introduction of advance automation and the increasing interconnectivity of Industry 4.0 is not only revolutionising the Pharma industry, but also, introducing many new challenges and production roadblocks. ''Shifting the paradigm to Pharma 4.0 and focusing on the issues, specifically, surrounding pharmaceutical priorities, will lead to improvements in productivity, quality and security of the supply chain.” said Mr John Bournas, ISPE CEO and President. “The conference will explore the effects of this shift and how the industry will prepare for this next generational challenge.” Readmore


Europe Finland Strongly Condemns Kidnap of Finnish National and Related Extortion


|| August 20: 2017 || ά. A further video has appeared in social media concerning the Finnish national kidnapped in Kabul, Afghanistan in May. Finland strongly condemns the kidnapping and the related extortion and urges immediate release of the kidnapped Finnish national.

The videos uploaded to the internet are tools used in committing a crime. The Finnish authorities request that no videos or other material related to the abduction be released or shared. Publicity of any kind, may, place the kidnapped individual’s life in danger and hamper efforts to resolve the situation. The Finnish authorities are doing everything they can to secure her safe release. Reaadmore

Europe Barcelona Terrorist Attack: Condemnations











|| August 17: 2017 || ά. In the terrorised hearts and souls of Barcelona and across Spain are the reverberations flowing out from the hyenas, barbaric and cowardly terrorist attack, once again, in Europe, unleashing the horrors against innocent, ordinary people, enjoying a summer evening; the world gathered together, in this time of holiday seasons.  According to The Guardian, the latest is: ''A van has been deliberately driven into pedestrians on one of Barcelona’s most popular boulevards, killing 13 people in what Spanish police called a terrorist attack. Here’s what we we know so far: Thirteen people have been killed in the attack that happened shortly after 5pm local time on Thursday, Catalonia’s interior minister Joaquim Forn has confirmed. More than 80 people are reportedly injured and 15 are in serious condition. Three Australians were injured, one seriously.''

As with the entire United Kingdom, all of Europe and the world, The Humanion family is one with the people of Barcelona and of Spain, in these most horrendous of times and we send our solidarity, sympathies, condolences, thoughts and prayers to all those, who have been affected by these brutal, callous acts of crime and violence against innocent people by criminals of the lowest order, darkest grade and ugliest of depravity. And The Humanion hopes that the Spanish people and the the legendary Barcelonians will form a human 'banyan tree' so to stand together, strong, tall and invincible: many to be one so to be many in ones. Condemnation is a word: not enough. But words are all we have in civilisation, with which we seek to define laws and form the fabrics of democratic culture, norms, forms and manners of our living and we use this very word to denounce these acts of the 'Jaaheliaat', that calls itself by so many fanciful names, Daesh, that claims responsibility for these barbaric crimes.

Condemning today's terrorist attack on Barcelona, Secretary-General Mr António Guterres said that the United Nations stands in solidarity with the Government and people of Spain in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism. He extends his heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of those killed and to the Government and people of Spain, according to a statement issued by UN Deputy Spokesman Mr Farhan Haq. The statement added that Mr. Guterres wished a speedy recovery to those injured and hopes that those responsible for this heinous violence will be swiftly brought to justice. According to media reports, a van ran into a crowd of pedestrians walking through Barcelona's famed Las Ramblas area, killing at least 13 people and wounding dozens of others. Readmore

North America Frost and Sullivan’s Growth Innovation and Leadership North America Summit 2017 in Texas: September 17-20


|| August 20: 2017: Santa Clara: Calif: USA || ά. By 2025, the healthcare industry is expected to look extraordinarily different from today. New treatment paradigms, which integrate elements of prediction, prevention and automation to make care more affordable and efficient are required. In addition, many new and emerging technologies and therapies are expected to appear with the convergence of stakeholders will influence each care segment in the next decade along with the demand for consumer engagement in healthcare, which has never been larger.

From September 17-20 Frost and Sullivan’s Growth Innovation and Leadership North America Summit 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Austin, Texas, will provide the insight to fuel sustainable top-line revenue growth, create customer value and develop long-term competitive advantage. During the Transformational Health Think Tank, taking place in the afternoon from 13:45-15:45, a phenomenal group of healthcare pioneers together with Frost and Sullivan’s global team will provide their perspectives on how to overcome key market challenges and be ready to shape the future of Healthcare. Readmore


The Humanion










The Humanion Grassroots Community Sport











For I had come to this Earth to see Humanity: Humble Laalon Shaah: Folk-Poet-Philosopher from the past, from a region of the Mother Earth, called, Baangla, which now resides in two countries: Baangladesh and India










August 19: 2017


The Humanion Grassroots Community Sport

No Brand: No Club: No Corporation: No Money: No Celebrity Seeking Self-Promotion: No Product or Brand Promotion: Simple Grassroots Community Sport That People Families Small Community and Voluntary Groups and Communities Organise and Run  Together Just to Be Human and Just for Fostering the Human Bonds and Connectedness Community and Social Spirit with a Particular Focus and Emphasis on Celebrating Humanity Including All That the People with Disabilities are Seeking to Do in Sport. Please Send Your News Events and Organisings to Share with the World: to editor at thehumanion dot com. But Please Note Materials Must Be Sent Following The Humanion Guidelines Found on the Contact Page. Otherwise The Humanion Can Not Use Your Story.

Yes: We Can: 1,500 Everyday Superheroes Take on the Dorney Lake Triathlon


|| August 19: 2017 || ά. After an epic summer of elite sport, it was the turn of the Paralympic champions, including, Jonnie Peacock, Team Npower, Kadeena Cox, Team Kadeena, David Weir, Team Barclays and Georgina Hermintage, Team Stoneage to be blown away by the Everyday Superheroes, who unleashed their inner superpowers, trailblazing around unique solo and team Superhero Tri. One of the highlights was the Celebrity Superhero Tri, where more than 20 Celebrity Team Captains, including, Npower’s Jonnie Peacock, got to take part alongside their inspiring and determined competition winning teammates from around the UK.

The teams fought strong winds, ice cold open waters and chilly temperatures on the day to show off their passion and strength. The series, with lead partner Npower, is on its own mission to find Britain’s Superpowers and they were spoilt for choice! Npower super-charged the series by recruiting Paralympic gold medallist Jonnie Peacock as their Team Captain. Discussing his team’s success in the Superhero Series, Jonnie said, “I’m so honoured to be a part of the Superhero Series, it was such great fun and really inspiring to see so many people, who had never, even considered, taking part in a sporting event like this before. Readmore


Only Education Will Set Women and Men Free Only Educated Humans Will Not Accept Anything Less Than Equality Between Men and Women: For Only Than When They are Equal They Will Know What Humanity Truly is















|| August 21: 2017: University of Helsinki News: Pekka Rautio Writing || ά. Martin Luther’s theological thinking, as it worked to shape the Lutheran world in the centuries following the Reformation, has had a decisive impact on the creation of the Nordic social-democratic system in the twentieth century, argues Professor Robert H. Nelson in his new book. Religious and cultural Lutheran values have shaped Nordic societies for centuries. But instead of encouraging capitalism as in Calvinist Europe, Lutheranism promoted a social-democratic welfare state in the Nordic world. As this year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this issue is highly topical. Professor Robert H. Nelson, a professor of economics at the University of Maryland, develops these arguments in Lutheranism and the Nordic Spirit of Social Democracy: A Different Protestant Ethic.

He probes the large role a Lutheran ethic played in the development of the Nordic welfare state and the Nordic social-democratic political and economic system during its golden years from the 1930s to the 1980s. There is a book launch event, taking place on Wednesday August 23, where Professor Nelson will hold a presentation about his book at 16.30 at the Faculty of Theology, Faculty Hall, Vuorikatu 03, 5B floor. Mr Kimmo Ketola, Researcher at the Research Institute of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland will be there as a commentator . There is free access to the event. Everyone is welcome to join in to hear the 'cry' of the book, being out onto the world and in all that light. The event is organised by the Co-operation in Care Project at the Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki. Readmore

VI London Poetry Festival 2017: October 14-17: London Notting Hill St John's Church

Glad to report that London Festival has found a home at one of the Most Beautiful Churches in London, Notting Hill St John's Church, so that in October 2017 during 14-17, Saturday to Tuesday, between the hours of 19:00 and 23:00, you all are invited to join us to celebrate the word; the word, is like the human soul for it has neither shape nor colour. It exists allwhere and people say it's in the sound, it's in the records or in the video or it's in the books, it's in the dictionaries, it's in the memories, it's in the arts, in culture, it's in poetry and so on. But it exists nowhere but in a domain of its own, that cannot be got hold off and put in a cup or plate to be shown: look, this is the word! The existence of word is the validity of the existence of our soul: a shapeless, colourless, boundless infinity unfolding itself.

This beautiful church is a place where light prays, paints and writes poetry. Unless you have been inside the Church you would not know what is meant by 'where light prays, paints and writes poetry'. If you would like to 'see' peace' alive you ought to get inside the solemnity of this Church and see how peace looks like, feels like. And therefore, we are happy and you are all invited to join us in the celebration. Look forward to hear from you poets, musicians, singers and songwriters, authors, artists, cultural folks and all the science and research workers working away in many a field of wonders who are into poetry and music are welcome, too, from all over the UK, Europe and the wider world. Readmore

The Elleesium Is A Poetry Festival









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|| August 21: 2017: Tokai University News: Hiratsuka City: Japan || ά. Researchers at Tokai University describe in Advanced Materials how wrapping biological tissue in a nano-sheet of a particular organic material results in high-quality microscopy images. Application of the wrap prevents the sample from drying out, and hence, from shrinking, enabling larger image-recording times. In order to fully understand how biological cells function, it is important to be able to visualise them in their environment, on long-enough timescales and with high-enough resolution. However, typical setups for studying a biological tissue sample by means of optical microscopy do not prevent the sample from drying out, making it shrink during observation, resulting in blurred images.

But now, a team of researchers, led by Yosuke Okamura from Tokai University, has discovered how to overcome this problem: wrapping the sample in a fluoropolymer nano-sheet preserves its water content and the sheet’s strong adhesion makes it mountable. The researchers, who were inspired by the use of plastic food wrap, investigated the wrapping properties of a fluorine-containing polymer known as, CYTOP, a stiff but stretchable and highly optically transparent material. They first confirmed that due to its high water-repellency, a nano-sheet of CYTOP floats on water, even after adding a surfactant. Scanning-electron-microscopy observations showed that the nano-sheet is flat and free of cracks or wrinkles. Readmore














Dorset Bestival 2017: Unless You Take the Magic to the Forest There is None There: September 07-10

|| August 18: 2017 || ά. Hidden in the depths of the Lulworth Estate’s verdant canopy of trees, the Ambient Forest is Bestival’s treasure trove of avant-garde amusements and outlandish adventures. An eye-opening thicket of unexpected wonder, there are bounteous attractions to explore. From deeply wonky beats and divining your fortune, to paint-based mayhem or a cuppa and a sing-song, myriad pleasures await you deep in the woods. Rob da Bank says, “The Ambient Forest has slowly become my favourite afterhours spot at Bestival… freedom to roam under ancient trees, some patches of calm, some moments of madness and the chance to get Lost in the Woods… spot on!” And all that is taking place on September 07-10.

And, despite, what the promoters are saying about magic in the forest, be rest assured, there is none there; it is you, who must have the magic to take it with you to the forest and make it now enchanted. And what is that magic: humanity: heart, connectedness and community: being human and connecting. Make sure you throw all the 'gadgets' into the depth of the forest or better still, throw them into the ponds or puddles or streams and speak with people, hear what they say, shake people's hands as if you are writing poetry with your handshake. Look at people's eyes, see how their eyes speak as they speak. Hear, sea, reach, feel and join in sharing that human oneness. No, do not blog, do not comment, do not upload or down load. Just be there and do. If you wander in among the tress of the Ambient Forest you’re sure to find deep downtempo sound system thrills with an array of cosmic crusaders, including, Chris Coco, Mixmaster Morris, Pete Gooding and Flying White Dots. Readmore

Books Charlotte Salomon: Life Or Theatre: Or What the Nazis Could Not Have Ever Destroyed


|| August 20: 2017 || ά. A poignant and personal record of the years of Nazi occupation in France, Life? Or theatre? is comprised of hundreds of exquisite gouaches, drawings, texts and musical annotations, candidly detailing the life of German-Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon. In 1936 Salomon had been admitted to the State Art Academy in Berlin, however, when the persecution of Jews intensified after the Kristallnacht, she fled to her grandparents’ home, living as a refugee from Nazism on the French Riviera. There, she witnessed her grandmother’s suicide and discovered that seven other members of her family, including, her mother, had, also, taken their own lives.

With this traumatic revelation in mind, she arrived at, what she, called, 'the Question': whether to take her own life or to undertake something eccentric and mad. She vowed to 'create a story so as not to lose my mind'. Consisting of 781 gouaches and hundreds of drawings, this singular work of art is that story. Completed in a single year, 1941-1942, Life? Or Theatre? portrays both her everyday and interior life as an intimate visual diary, startlingly foretelling the modern biographical graphic novel. Readmore

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|| August 21: 2017 || ά. Daniel Raphael Gallery is holding the Artificial Now, a powerful and vibrant joint exhibition of new photographic works by renowned artist Ms Carolina Mizrahi, alongside new paintings by abstract artist Mr Morgan Ward. Brazilian artist Ms Mizrahi will be showcasing celebrated retrospective works placing emphasis on her latest series, while Mr Ward has created a series of new works specifically for the show. The complementary works are thematically linked through their use of colour and construction.

The suggestiveness and manner, in which both collections are fashioned further lends to the undercurrents of artificiality, that run throughout the show. The Artificial Now at Daniel Raphael Gallery, 26 Church Street, London NW8 8EP, September 20-October 04. Live music by Karim Kamar from 19:00-20:30. Food pairings prepared by Ethos Foods. Opening times: Tuesday-Saturday: 09.30-17:30. To coincide with the release of her latest collection, the Farewell Party, Ms Carolina Mizrahi has created a series of striking and immersive installations, that breathe additional life into these dark and sensual works. Readmore

Design Junction Calling London to Queen's Cross Creative Quarter: Do You Read: September 21-24: But Where is Queen's Cross: Because of Queen Elizabeth's Reigning King's Cross is Reflecting the Monarch Being Queen's Cross


|| August 20: 2017 || ά. Well, to begin with, King's Cross must use two names: when a King is reigning it should be called King's Cross and when the Monarch is a woman, it should be Queen's Cross. Therefore, until we have a King in the UK, again, The Humanion calls on The Elleesinians to call King's Cross, Queen's Cross, in celebration of the reign of the current Queen: Elizabeth, the Longest Serving British Monarch. And here is the Design Junction, presenting King’s Cross Creative Quarter:KXCQ,  on September 21-24 is a celebration of cultural, culinary and creative activities during the London Design Festival:LDF. Or rather, the Queen's Cross Creative Quarter:QXCQ.

Now in its second year, KXCQ brings together a vibrant collection of pop-up design events, exhibitions and stunning architectural installations, as well as, all the best places to eat, drink, shop and stay at King’s Cross during the LDF. Mr Will Sorrell, Event Director of Design Junction said, ''Following the success of the King’s Cross Creative Quarter during last year’s show, we’re thrilled that the celebration returns this September, bringing together visitors from all over the globe. With the plethora of inspiring design, architecture, culinary delights and retail hot spots that are on offer it’s a great location to be, and even better that it’s all situated within just a one-mile radius of King’s Cross.” Readmore









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What a piece of work: is a 'man'! How noble in reason! how infinite in: faculties! in form and moving, how express and: admirable! in action, how like an angel! in: apprehension, how like a god! the beauty of the: world! The paragon of animals: Hamlet: William Shakespeare







One Without Frontier

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At Home in the Universe  The Humanion One Without Frontier: There can never be an app that will replace a surgeon doing the surgery nor there can ever be a bridge built, symphony composed, epic written, painting painted by a machine. Reading is such a vital thing in pursuit of knowledge for without reading knowledge is rudimentary. The Humanion is for Readers to Read. The Humanion is not for anything else but for Readers to read so to be encouraged to think and ponder about things. The Humanion is a Human Enterprise which is an idea in which no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for others as others create and work for them, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty that establish a true civilisation. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. So, join us: Join The Humanion Team


|| August 21: 2017 || ά. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence:NICE has published draft guidance calling for local councils to make it as easy as possible for people with limited mobility to access public transport and to move around streets and open spaces in their area. The guideline was originally published in 2008 and aims to help people become more active through improvements and changes to the built environment and access to the countryside.

Among a number of recommendations, it advises authorities to encourage people to visit their parks and local open spaces, where they, may, currently feel unsafe, uncomfortable or excluded. The updated guideline has new recommendations for people with reduced mobility. This includes disabled people and others, who may, struggle to get around, such as, parents using prams. The draft recommendations, published for public consultation, address the changes, that could be made to improve the outside, physical environment to make people more active. Readmore


How to Save a Life: Birmingham Medical Students Aim to Double Their Delivery of CPR Training at the V Festival

|| August 20: 2017: University of Birmingham News || ά. Students from the University of Birmingham are doubling their efforts to deliver CPR training to festival-goers this summer, teaching people life-saving techniques at both V Festival sites. The V-Shocks team is building on its initial success at last year’s V Festival at Weston Park, in Staffordshire, teaching over 1,500 people CPR and raising awareness to over 3,000, covering Hylands Park in Essex on the same weekend.

University of Birmingham students have been at both festival sites from August 18-21 August, following their success in 2016, aim to double the number of music lovers, who learn more about CPR. Ms Axie Finch, medical student and V-Shocks Project Student Lead, said, "We had a really successful debut at last year’s V Festival; by covering both festival sites this year, we’re aiming to raise CPR awareness still further. We want to provide the public with life-long skills they can take away from the festival, that could, one day, enable them to save a life.” Readmore


|| August 20: 2017|| ά. In a statement Friends of the Earth said: Mr Greg Clark MP still has to give final consent before the controversial hydraulic fracturing process can begin. With support for fracking at an all-time low and local opposition increasing, Friends of the Earth has said it’s not too late for the government to admit it has 'got it wrong' on fracking and is calling on the government to put a stop to this costly mistake before it begins.

Drilling at the Preston New Road site will take place 24 hour a day, seven days per week, causing noise and disruption to the local community. Councillors in Lancashire voted to reject fracking in their area in 2015, but the decision was overturned by the government in Westminster. A spokesperson from Preston New Road Action Group, has said, “Preston New Road Action Group is bitterly disappointed that Cuadrilla has  reportedly commenced drilling at the Preston New Road site, despite a legal challenge still being in progress. Readmore


United Kingdom

The Mythology of How Rich the People of the UK Are: Out of 63,181,000, 2011 Census, 40%, That's About 25,272,800, of the Working Age Population Has Less Than £100 in Savings and More Than 01.7 Million People in the UK Do Not Even Have a Bank Account.


New Government Measures to Protect Savers From Pension Scams

|| August 20: 2017 || ά. The government has today, August 20, confirmed new measures to protect private pension savers from the threat of unscrupulous pension scammers. The measures will include a ban on cold calling in relation to pensions, including, emails and text messages; a tightening of HMRC rules to stop scammers opening fraudulent pension schemes and tougher actions to help prevent the transfer of money from occupational pension schemes into fraudulent ones. The cold calling ban will be enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office:ICO.

The government is, also, tackling scammers by ensuring that only active companies, which produce regular, up to date accounts, can register pension schemes. Limiting transfers of pension pots from one occupational scheme to another will mean trustees must check their receiving scheme is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or has an active employment link with the individual or is an authorised master trust. The announcement comes as new figures released today show almost £05 million was obtained by pension scammers in the first five months of 2017. Readmore


University of Southampton Chancellor Dame Helen Alexander Passes Away

|| August 20: 2017: University of Southampton News || ά. The University of Southampton President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Christopher Snowden, has paid tribute to Dame Helen Alexander following the announcement of her death. Dame Helen, who was 60, had been Chancellor of the University since 2011. Sir Christopher Snowden said, “It is with deep regret and sadness that I have let members of our University community know that our Chancellor, Dame Helen Alexander, passed away peacefully on Saturday night. She had been battling cancer for some time and succumbed to a final aggressive stage.

Dame Helen was very popular across the University, especially, at graduations, where her friendly and caring character was most evident. She was always keen to help the University and its members and would regularly ask me about news of our successes. We will all miss her enthusiasm and personal warmth and our thoughts are with her family at this very sad time.” Dr Gill Rider, Chair of the University of Southampton Council, said, "Helen was a wonderful role model to a generation of men and women, who followed her career and was always approachable, happily, offering her support and mentoring. It was a delight and privilege to know her." Readmore


Jeremy Corbyn Writes to Theresa May Calling for Further Action on the Grenfell Inquiry

|| August 17: 2017 || ά. Following the publication of the Terms of Reference of the Grenfell Inquiry, Mr Jeremy Corbyn MP, the Leader of the Labour Party, has written to Mrs Theresa May, calling for further action. In the letter, Mr Corbyn raises concerns about the 'decision to exclude the broader social and political issues raised by the fire from the terms of reference of the inquiry'. Focussing criticism on the Government, Mr Corbyn says that there is a fear that its 'priority is to avoid criticism' for policy failures 'rather than secure justice for Grenfell survivors'.

In order to learn the lessons of the Grenfell fire, Mr Corbyn calls on Mrs May to 'immediately set out a clear, independent and thorough process for identifying and addressing the broader failings, that led to the Grenfell fire'. Continuing his calls for the Inquiry terms to be broadened, Mr Corbyn seeks guarantees that Sir Martin Moore-Bick’s assessors 'will include people from minority backgrounds in order to introduce a broader range of experiences and perspectives into the inquiry, as many residents have demanded'. Following Sir Martin Moore-Bick’s request that the Government reassure survivors on their immigration status, Mr Corbyn, also, urges Mrs May to 'grant indefinite right to remain in the UK to all survivors, who need it, on a discretionary basis'. Readmore

University of St Andrews











The UK Upper House: The House of Lords Must Be Renamed to End the Discrimination Against Women as the Name Not Only Fails to Acknowledge and Accept the Existence of Its Female Members But Also Denies the Very Fact That They Exist as Part of This House 





















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Tuesday: August 22: 2017:  The Humanion: We are One









Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis







The Humanion Online Daily Universana from the United Kingdom for the World

The Long Walk to Humanics: There can never be an app that will replace a surgeon doing the surgery nor there can ever be a bridge built, symphony composed, epic written, painting painted by a machine. Reading is such a vital thing in pursuit of knowledge for without reading knowledge is rudimentary. The Humanion is for Readers to Read. The Humanion is not for anything else but for Readers to read so to be encouraged to think and ponder about things. The Humanion is a Human Enterprise which is an idea in which no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for others as others create and work for them, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty  that establish a true civilisation. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society.......But in the meanwhile...And thus, The Humanion believes we should seek to ensure that all citizens of a nation have: a: Guaranteed Universal Income; b: A Guaranteed Home; c: A Guaranteed Education Up to College and Guaranteed Subsidised Route to Degree-Level Education; d: A Guaranteed Job; e: Guaranteed Access to Free for All Healthcare at the Point of Need and f: A Guaranteed Universal-Child-Income-Protection Where Every Child is Guaranteed Equal Financial Support from 0-16; g: Guaranteed Social Care and h: Guaranteed Access to Equitable Pension:Provides a living income. So, join us: Join The Humanion Team

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The Window of the Heavens Always Open and Calling: All We Have to Do Is: To Choose to Be Open, Listen and Respond




Imagine a Rose-Boat

Imagine a rose floating like a tiny little boat on this ocean of infinity
And raise your soul-sail on this wee-little boat and go seeking out
All along feed on nothing but the light that you gather only light
Fear shall never fathom you nor greed can tempt nor illusion divert
For Love you are by name by deeds you are love's working-map



Only in the transparent pool of knowledge, chiselled out by the sharp incision of wisdom, is seen the true face of what truth is: That what  beauty paints, that what music sings, that what love makes into a magic. And it is life: a momentary magnificence, a-bloom like a bubble's miniscule exposition, against the spread of this awe-inspiring composition of the the Universe. Only through the path of seeking, learning, asking and developing, only through the vehicles and vesicles of knowledge, only through listening to the endless springs flowing beneath, outside, around and beyond our reach, of wisdom, we find the infinite ocean of love which is boundless, eternal, and being infinite, it makes us, shapes us and frees us onto the miracle of infinite liberty: without border, limitation or end. There is nothing better, larger or deeper that humanity can ever be than to simply be and do love. The Humanion
















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