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Medicine All That Can Be Done and Always There’s So Much More That Can Be Done: All About Congenial Hyper-Insulinism

|| July 19: 2018: University of Exeter News || ά. A charitable organisation is providing vital funding for people with a rare condition across the world to have genetic screening at the University of Exeter. The US-based non-profit organisation Congenital Hyperinsulinism International will fund genetic testing for babies around the world from families, who could not, otherwise, afford the testing. Getting the right diagnosis and treatment can help avoid brain damage and other severe complications. Dear Reader, wherever you are in this world, whether in Exeter or East London in South Africa or New Hampshire in the USA or in Alexandria in Egypt or in Boston, no, not in the USA but in good old United Kingdom, do tell people about this work, about this condition so that parents get to hear where and how to seek help but, more importantly, that they should gather forces.

The world is a tiny little place. Believe us not: count eight hundred billion plus stars in the little Milky Way Galaxy and among which our little nano-dot sun is literally a ‘dwarfed’ out thing and now find your earth there! It does not look that big, does it? And, yet, in this tiny little earth there are so many so called geo-political pretend-giants stomping and fretting and yelling the world how big and mighty they are with their puddle-views and by their puddlesque blindness, seeking to take the world down towards insanity. But, leaving all that aside, we can make this tiny little place even more tiny by our infinite reach! And by getting together, gathering forces and joining hands  we only enhance our abilities and reach, that allow us access to a reservoir of human strength and spirit from the fellow travellers.

A few parents from far flung corners of the earth came together to bring this agency into existence and they are now able to offer this to so many others, who, otherwise, can not have it. Tell the world that the world is not just going and being run down by insanity but that there are far better ‘insane’ people, ‘insane’ humanity out there all-where, determined to carry on with the good work. They open not their mouths with diarrhoea but they believe, act and work with goodness in their hearts and souls and in their vision a determined resolve to keep on being and doing good and tirelessly they keep on going: seeking to do: to change, to make better.

United Kingdom The Vital Things That Do Not Make Headlines are Getting Lost in the Hi-Dramatics of the Government’s Exiting the European Union Debacle: What Is to Be Done With the Membership of the European Chemicals Agency When the UK Is Out of the EU Without a Deal

|| July 18: 2018 || ά. The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee has expressed concern after hearing from Minister Ms Thérèse Coffey MP today about what Exiting the European Union means for chemical regulation in the UK. The EU's regulatory regime for chemicals is known as REACH. REACH protects human health and the environment from the use of chemicals and facilitates the trade of chemicals throughout the European Union and is managed by the European Chemicals Agency:ECHA.

The Government has stated in its White Paper that it would be seeking to participate in ECHA after the UK leaves the EU. However, ECHA itself has stated that, in the absence of an agreement to the contrary, ‘British participation in ECHA will come to an end’ after it leaves the EU. The Minister was unable to state when the Government will clarify this position, leaving the industry uncertain as to what steps it needs to take to be able to maintain trade in chemicals with the EU.


For Nelson Mandela: For The Long Walk to Farther Horizons of Oneness

For Madiba

The day like a sunny day's picnic of light spread on the table mountain
From the tiny window of his tiny cell he looks out and his eyes seize it
A butterfly in light sitting on a wild flower where it seems to have caught
Fire of moonlight on its body for it has such a colour which has a name

He is excited like a child because he knows the name of that colour yet
He struggles to remember the word and instead he finds he was holding
His first baby daughter up onto the sky looking up at her against the sun
And she appeared to have a light flowing around her as she giggled and

This light that the butterfly has caught fire on its body is the same as of
That light of his daughter and he hears her giggles that sound similar to
Happy seagulls' sounds tears roll down his cheeks and he keeps his eyes

On the butterfly that does not move and he imagines stretching his right
Arm to reach it for he wants to touch his child up in the air and suddenly
It flies up and sits on the window as he presses his palm against the glass














Paarlmadibaarg is Beautiful Johannesburg
Music A Music-Soul: A Soul-Music: Kaija Saariaho

|| July 18: 2018: Repost || ά. First Posted || February 23: 2018 || ά. The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Contemporary Music category goes, in this tenth edition, to Finnish composer Ms Kaija Saariaho on the basis of 'a contribution to contemporary music, that is extraordinary in its individuality, breadth and scope'. From her earliest works, the jury continues, Ms Saariaho has exhibited 'a seamless interweaving of the worlds of acoustic music and technology', a quality, which the new laureate remarked, after hearing of the award, had come to her quite naturally. When she started studying music at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, she was frustrated at the acoustics of the venues she would attend to hear live performances.

Wondering, if, it was possible to alter characteristics like the volume of the instruments, she began recording them and processing the sound for subsequent playback. In 1982, she moved to Paris to continue her training at the Institut de Recherche et Co-ordination Acoustique:Musique:IRCAM, where she came into contact with the leading exponents of spectralism. The spectralist technique of decomposing sound left a recognisable imprint on Ms Saariaho’s writing in the form of electronic arrangements and computer-generated sounds. The combination of synthetic sounds, classical instrumentation and elements of nature shines through in early works like Lichtbogen, 1986, inspired by the Northern lights. “Coming from Finland, of course, has made me more sensitive to nature.” she explains.

Asia Hong Kong: Proposed Ban on Pro-Independence Political Party is a Dangerous Blow for Freedoms of Association and Expression: Amnesty International

|| July 18: 2018 || ά. Responding to news that the Hong Kong authorities have initiated a procedure to ban the Hong Kong National Party, which advocates for Hong Kong independence from China, Mr Patrick Poon, China Researcher at Amnesty International, said, “This is a chilling day for freedom of association and freedom of expression in Hong Kong, with potentially far-reaching consequences. To use sweeping references to ‘national security’ to silence dissenting voices is a tactic favoured by repressive governments.

The authorities must stop using vague laws to intimidate people who hold different political views. The attempt to ban the Hong Kong National Party raises alarm bells as to what the government will look to curtail next in the name of national security. Under international law and standards, any prohibition of an organization is subject to a strict test of justification, with the burden of proof on the government to demonstrate that a real, not just hypothetical, danger to national security exists.

North America Nicaragua Must End Demonstrator Killings and Seek a Political Solution in the Wake of Absolutely Shocking Death Toll: António Guterres

|| July 18: 2018 || ά. Mr António Guterres, the United Nations Secretary-General, has called on the Nicaraguan Government to end violence against demonstrators, which has cost an estimated 280 lives and begin a national political dialogue to end the crisis, which has gripped the country for nearly three months. Speaking in neighbouring Costa Rica on Monday night, Mr Guterres said, ‘’It was an essential responsibility of the State to protect its citizens and this basic principle can not be forgotten, especially, when, unfortunately, we have a death toll, that is absolutely shocking.”

At least 12 people were killed over the weekend, mostly, as police and paramilitary supporters of the government confronted demonstrators, who had been protesting proposed reforms to the pension system across the country, since April 18. Protesters are demanding that the long-serving President, Mr Daniel Ortega, step down. Mr Guterres told reporters on Monday that it was essential that violence stopped immediately and that the political dialogue, the national dialogue, be revitalised because only a political solution was acceptable for Nicaragua.”

The World Turkey: Lifting of the State of Emergency Must Pave the Road Back to Justice: Amnesty International

|| July 18: 2018 || ά. Responding to the fact that Turkey’s state of emergency will not be renewed when it expires at the end of the day, Mr Fotis Filippou, Amnesty International’s Deputy Europe Director, said, “Whilst the lifting of the two-year state of emergency is a step in the right direction, it needs to be accompanied by urgent measures, if, it is to be anything more than a cosmetic exercise.

Over the last two years, Turkey has been radically transformed with emergency measures used to consolidate draconian powers, silence critical voices and strip away basic rights. Many will remain in force following the lifting of the state of emergency. Hundreds of journalists, human rights defenders and activists, including, Amnesty International Turkey’s Honorary Chair, Mr Taner Kılıç, have been detained simply for doing their jobs.

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New Research Finds Potential for Developing the First Lassa Virus Vaccine

|| July 15: 2018: University of Southampton News || ά. A study, led by the University of Southampton, has discovered new hope, which could support the creation of the first vaccine for the deadly Lassa Virus. This highly infectious agent is amongst a panel of viruses, which includes Ebola, that cause severe haemorrhagic fever in humans. As there is currently no effective vaccine or treatment available to combat this virus, the findings, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, will support efforts to generate a vaccine to tackle the subsequent outspread of the disease.

The Lassa Virus is commonly found in West Africa and is transmitted to humans, mainly, through handling rats, food or household items contaminated by rats’ urine and faeces. The virus can spread between people through direct contact with the body fluids of a person infected with Lassa Fever, as well as, contaminated bedding and clothing. According to figures released by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control:NCDC, the current Lassa Virus outbreak in Nigeria has resulted in a total of 444 confirmed cases, including, 111 recorded deaths to date. This is the largest outbreak of the Lassa Virus ever reported in Nigeria.
Post-Ebola Syndrome: New Study Finds Ebola Survivors Suffer From Severe Neurological Problems

|| July 14: 2018: University of Liverpool News || ά. Researchers have shed new light on the psychiatric and neurological problems, that Ebola survivors can suffer from and call for more specialist support for the most severely affected patients. A new report, published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, details a broad range of disorders among Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone, including, stroke and debilitating migraine-type headaches. Some survivors are left unable to care for themselves.

The observational study was led by researchers at the University of Liverpool and King’s Sierra Leone Partnership of King’s College London, based in Connaught Hospital, Freetown and in collaboration with the Ebola Survivors Clinic at Military Hospital 34, Freetown, Sierra Leone, as part of an ongoing effort to better understand Post-Ebola Syndrome:PES and improve on-going patient care following the 2014-2016 outbreak in West Africa.

Biomedicoengineering Researchers Develop a New Method for Turning Skin Cells Into Pluripotent Stem Cells

|| July 15: 2018: University of Helsinki News: Päivi Lehtinen Writing || ά. Researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland and Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, have, for the first time, succeeded in converting human skin cells into pluripotent stem cells by activating the cell’s own genes. Our bodies consist of many different kinds of cells, each with their own role. The Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka had made the discovery, earning the Nobel Prize in 2012, that cells from adult skin can be converted to cells typical of early embryos, so-called, induced pluripotent stem cells:iPSC. This process is called reprogramming.

Up till now, reprogramming has only been possible by introducing the critical genes for the conversion, called, Yamanaka factors, artificially into skin cells where they are not normally active at all. Professor Timo Otonkoski at the University of Helsinki and Professor Juha Kere at Karolinska Institutet and King’s College London, with their teams of researchers, have now, for the first time, succeeded in converting skin cells into pluripotent stem cells by activating the cell’s own genes. This was achieved by using gene editing technology, called, CRISPRa, that can be directed to activate genes.

The Eyeonium New International Multi-Disciplinary Research Project to Understand How to Better Predict Blindness in Patients with Age Related Macular Degeneration

|| July 15: 2018: University of Southampton News || ά. A University of Southampton eye specialist is leading research using advanced imaging to predict which patients with early Age Related Macular Degeneration:AMD are at more risk of blindness. Professor Andrew Lotery, of Ophthalmology in the University’s Faculty of Medicine and Institute for Life Sciences, is leading an international research team, which has received nearly £04 million funding from the Wellcome Trust to explore what makes early AMD progress towards visual loss.

The innovative study brings together experts in ophthalmology, genetics, statistics and computer science to collaborate on the project. AMD is a very common cause of blindness with 200 million people expected to be affected by 2020, increasing to nearly 300 million by 2040. It is a complex, inherited and diverse disease, that affects the macula, the central retina, that is responsible for detailed central vision. Doctors currently don’t know who will develop the sight-threatening stage of the disease; some patients progress slowly or not at all, while others quickly deteriorate.























Beauroblubellogenics: And Will You Not Sing For The Beautiful Blue Belle

The Humanion's Newest Section: Beauroblubellogenics: The Beautiful Blue Belle in poetic term and in scientific, Beauroblubellogenics: the neuro-science branch, that does nothing but studies the Blood Brain Barrier. Therefore, here, this is for Beauroblubellogenics for the Beautiful Blue Belle, the Blood Brain Barrier. Dear Reader, you, may not, have read these terms and heard of the ideas and concepts they represent, but they have been published and are part of the printed world. The printed world existed in 'imagination' and in living that imagination in learning and creating, which, then, became creative and scientific works, that, then, got into print, in which the ideas of the Beautiful Blue Belle was elaborated as part of the celebration of this astonishing 'mechanism' of the Blood Brain Barrier and, from there, arises Beauroblubellogenics.

Here, The Humanion, presents Beauroblubellogenics, the science of studying the Blood Brain Barriers: We envision that the people, who are to take forward this discipline, are not only qualified Neurologists but are practising at the Most Senior Consultant Level and they are such minds, who have developed 'the equi-competence' in that same Most Senior Consultant-Level in all the major branches of Medicine so that not only have they the knowledge, expertise, insight, experience and study in them but, also, they have developed both a 'Nano-seismic' and 'Universal' views of Medicine, in between which views there exist myriad of other views, such as, atomic, anatomic, molecular, genetic, biochemical, neurological, genetics etc, as well as, a Philosophy of Medicine so that these minds are capable of seeing, looking and understanding 'The Mechanoprincipium-View' of the subject being studied. In other words, these are the minds, that can, only, be described as 'Living Encyclopaedic Minds'.











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|| July 08: 2018: Karolinska Institutet News || ά. People, who carry the genes, that make them more susceptible to developing Multiple Sclerosis:MS are at much greater risk of developing the disease, if, they have been exposed to paint, varnish and other solvents, according to a new study from Karolinska Institutet published in the journal Neurology. If, they have, also, been smokers, the risk of developing MS is increased.

The study shows that people, who have been exposed to paint or other solvents are 50 per cent more likely to develop MS than people with no exposure. People with exposure to solvents, who, also, carry certain gene variants, that make them more susceptible to MS are ten times as likely to develop the disease as people with no solvent exposure, who do not carry the MS genes.

Alzheimer's Society















New Research Initiative to Improve Surgical Outcomes Across the Globe

|| July 17: 2018: University of Birmingham News || ά. The University of Birmingham is leading on major health research projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America to help develop surgical research, that will have the potential to improve the quality of surgery. The National Institute for Health Research:NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery is launching a number of initiatives to improve care for surgical patients in low-middle income countries.

Presently, the Unit is launching a range of health improvement initiatives, including, a clinical trial of interventions to prevent surgical wound infection:FALCON; a study to measure outcomes from cancer surgery and a study to evaluate access to healthcare for patients requiring surgery. Launched by Universities of Edinburgh and Warwick with partners from low and middle income countries, the Unit aims to establish independent and sustainable research ‘hubs’ and:or trial centres in partner countries.
Teen-Age High-Intensity Exercise Could Ward Off Heart Disease

|| July 12: 2018: University of Exeter News || ά. New research published in Experimental Physiology has indicated potential differences in heart health benefits of differing levels of exercise intensity in teenagers. Teenage years form an important stage of life, with research suggesting it is a time during which heart diseases start to develop. These findings indicate that teenagers, who participate in high-intensity exercise have lower blood pressure.

This, may, lead to a lower risk of developing heart disease later in life but this requires confirmation with further research. This study, conducted by researchers at the Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre at the University of Exeter, recruited healthy male teenagers, mostly 13-15 years old, who underwent testing on four separate occasions across three weeks. In the first visit, participants performed an exercise test to calculate the exercise intensities reflective of vigorous and moderate intensity exercise.



































The Sanctum Mayakardium








We Need to Focus on Our Whole Diet Rather Than the Use of Supplements of Individual Nutrients to Ward Off Heart Disease: The British Heart Foundation

|| July 18: 2018 || ά. The British Heart Foundation:BHF has responded to the New Cochrane health evidence challenging the belief that Omega Three supplements reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke or death. New evidence published today shows there is little or no effect of Omega Three supplements on people’s risk of experiencing heart disease, stroke or death.

Ms Victoria Taylor, Senior Dietician at the British Heart Foundation, said, “Supplements are no replacement for a healthy diet. Guidance, which was updated a few years ago, is consistent with this study in that Omega Three  supplements are not recommended to prevent heart and circulatory diseases. However, this doesn’t mean that oily fish or vegetarian sources of Omega Three, such as, walnuts or rapeseed oil should be taken off the menu.’’
Nine in Ten Heart Patients Live with Other Long-Term Conditions That Increase Their Risk of Early Death

|| July 17: 2018 || ά. Nine in ten people with coronary heart disease in the UK are living with at least one other long-term condition, such as, stroke, dementia and high blood pressure, according to figures released by the British Heart Foundation:BHF. The charity warns that a growing number of people living with inter-related health conditions or multi-morbidities, represents a grave challenge for a health system focused on treating individual illnesses.

An analysis commissioned by the BHF, using the THINTM dataset from IQVIA, showed that 90% of people living with coronary heart disease have, at least, one other long-term condition, while six in ten have, at least, three, 57%. Numerous studies have shown that living with multiple conditions significantly increases the risk of early death. There are 02.3 million people with coronary heart disease in the UK.
New Study Finds LDL Quality is a Modifiable Cardiovascular Risk Marker

|| July 15: 2018: University of Helsinki News: Päivi Lehtinen Writing || ά. A recent study, conducted at the Wihuri Research Institute and University of Helsinki, shows that the presence of sticky, aggregation-prone LDL in circulation is an independent predictor of cardiovascular death. This finding indicates that in addition to LDL-cholesterol levels, the quality of the cholesterol-carrying LDL particles, also, needs to be considered when estimating the cardiovascular risk of a person.

Scientists at the Wihuri Research Institute and the University of Helsinki, Finland, developed a method, that can be used to monitor the quality of circulating LDL particles by measuring the susceptibility of the LDL particles to aggregate. The LDL aggregates have a tendency to accumulate in the arterial wall, where they induce the formation of cholesterol-rich plaques. LDL aggregates can, also, induce local inflammation in the plaques. An inflamed plaque can, then, rupture and cause myocardial infarction.

Heart UK





Barack Obama Foundation

The Foundation is Accepting Applications for Interns for Chicago and Washington D.C: Diverse, Passionate, Mission-Oriented, Organised and Strong Writers and Researchers are Invited to Apply


The Neuroniverse













I Give You My Neuroniverse

Imagine a nano-universe beyond reach of our senses
That resides beneath the faces of things and they are
Guided and played by the same laws where the same 
Motion and statics same rises and falls and calls roll on

Imagine that as with a proper infinity there is another
Which is infinitesimal or rather a micro-infinity folded
Inside the things that form the space-time realities and
There this nano-universe goes on making its music that

No-human orchestra can play no conductor nor player
Can reach or touch or break their unfathomable bounds 
But be amazed by only their nano-seismic nanotheatrics

That science will forever bring out as glances and traces
In this nanoverse imagine this neuroniverse centrica-sun
I give you my Neuroniverse hold behold and rise a Rose



























Political Economics










The Humanion does not do and will not publish any news item of any company, regardless of how 'giant' they are or might be, if, their 'website' does not have any 'humanity' expressed, presented and celebrated on them. They might say that they are a 'Team' but there is not a single mention of any human being in that company. No, thank you.  A company must show this, as well as, display a valid address, contact details and telephone numbers on their website. A company must show its commitment to gender-equality and diversity. Bombastic, replicated terms, excessive abuse of clichés and meaningless expressions are all 'good', they might think but it all put and drive people off. The Humanion does not do 'mechanistic, it does not do machine: it exists to celebrate and foster humanity. The Humanion exists to fight dehumanisation. That is why here we have Recycle Technologies and here are the humanity, that is the company and this company does not have any better and more worthy 'resources' than this: this very humanity. Here is another Company and see how they have presented their human face:  ABIVAX. Or Here is another Organisation: Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust:RAFT, that shows that it is not run by machines but humanity.

|| July 12: 2018: Oulu: Finland || ά. Bittium expands its medical remote diagnostics service offering to Switzerland by investing in Evismo AG, a Swiss medical remote diagnostics service provider. Bittium and Evismo will jointly provide customers with full-scale remote diagnostics service, that, at this stage, includes remote diagnostics service platform, monitoring the electrical activity of the heart, wireless measurement data transfer and analysis and diagnostics of measurements.

The investment will be carried out by subscribing new shares in Evismo AG, the subscription will be carried out in two phases. After the share subscription on July 11, Bittium’s holding of Evismo is 17.4 percent and, subject to certain commercial terms by March 31, 2019, Bittium’s holding would be 25 percent. The purchase order does not change Bittium's financial outlook for the year 2018, published on February 22, 2018 in the Bittium Corporation’s Financial Statement Bulletin 2017.

End Homelessness All Citizens Must Have a Right to a Home for Life So That They are Proper Citizens of the Country They are Part Of to Which They Have No Connection Stake Ownership or Relations Without That Home: Tackling Homelessness is About Making This True for Every Citizen: Now the Vast Majority of the People of This Country Do Not Have a Home of Their Own Including Those Who are Homeless of Various Kinds: Because Right to a Guaranteed Home for Life for All Citizens is a Foundational Human Rights

|| July 17: 2018 || ά. Housing First:HF is an alternative homelessness intervention strategy, aimed at people with complex needs, particularly, rough sleepers. This House of Commons Library paper describes the principles behind Housing First and outlines some of the evidence behind it. The paper, also, sets out how Housing First has developed in the UK and what support it has been offered by the governments of the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Traditional homeless interventions for people with complex needs usually require them to complete a series of steps to make them ‘housing ready’ before moving into their own accommodation. Proponents of HF argue that there is a high drop-out rate from these schemes; users can struggle to meet their strict requirements and, thus, risk becoming chronically homeless. Advocates of HF support the early provision of permanent housing, which provides a stable home from which it is easier to deal with other underlying issues, such as, substance abuse.
























New Research Identifies the Genetic Link for Prostate Cancer

|| July 15: 2018: Cardiff University News || ά. New research has uncovered insights into the mechanisms, that underlie prostate cancer, providing potential targets for new cancer therapies. Prostate cancer is the third most common cause of cancer-related deaths in the UK and researchers from Cardiff University have identified a genetic alteration, that is linked to poor prognosis for patients with the disease.

Advanced prostate cancer patients initially respond well to hormonal therapies but nearly all will, eventually, develop an aggressive form of the disease, called, castrate-resistant prostate cancer. Previously, genetic mutations in a tumour suppression gene, PTEN, have been shown to activate the cell signalling pathway, PI3K, which gives prostate cancer cells their ability to grow uncontrollably.