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First Published: September 24: 2015
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An Estimated 06.3 Million Children Under 15 Years of Age Died in 2017 Or One in Every Five Seconds, Mostly, of Preventable Causes: The Vast Majority of These Deaths, 05.4 Million, Occur in the First Five Years of Life, with New-borns Accounting for Around Half of the Deaths: New Mortality Estimates: The UNICEF, the World Health Organisation:WHO, the United Nations Population Division and the World Bank Group: September 18:2018: This IS the Horrendous Human Condition Capitalism in the Era of Globalisation Has Established on Earth: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Exist in Humanics to Challenge This Brutality and to Call for a Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across Mother Earth: In  Humanics in a Humanical Society It IS Possible: Support The Works of The Foundation and Read, Subscribe, Advertise, Promote and Support The  Humanion













Humanity Will Continue to Live an Inferior Life Than What is Possible Until the Two Halves, Women and Men, with All Individuals in Them, are Absolutely, Fundamentally and Jubilantly Equal at Liberty. Humanity, Therefore, Is Not and Can Not Be Free Until All Humans are Equals for Only by the Yardstick of This Equality Their State of Being Free Can Be Measured. In Other Words, There Can Not Exist Liberty Unless There Exists Equality Between and Among All Humans and This State of Equality Can Not Come to Exist So Long There Remain Two Groups of Humans: The Powerful and The Powerless: Whereby the Former Controls the Later and Creates, Maintains and Carries Forward the Perpetual State of Inequality: Economically, Politically, Judicially, Constitutionally, Socially, Culturally and Spiritually. To Reach the State of Equality and Liberty, the Task Before Humanity is, Therefore, to Change This State by Taking Away Ownership and Money and, with Them, the Power They Generate and Confer, That Lets One Small Group of Humans, The Powerfuls, Subjugating the Vast Multitude of Humans, The Powerless, Under Their Dictatorship. For Only by Taking Away 'the Gun' of the Power of the Powerfuls, Humanity Can Bring About the State of Liberty, as Well as, Equality at Once: Equality and Liberty Can Not and Do Not Exist Separately But Together and Simultaneously. Equality and Liberty Exist as The Promethumean Fire: In Which There is the Light and There is the Heat in One Flame: The Humanion Stands Here on the Path of Humanics: A State of Liberty for All Humanity at Equality. The Promethumean: Where Prometheus is Not Seen as a Man But a Human: In Short, Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Stand for These and Exist and Work for the Promotion of This Vision of Humanics for a Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across the Mother Earth on the Mother Universana: We Invite You All for Your Support: Join Us in Telling the World and World Humanity That: An Infinitely Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across the Mother Earth IS Possible

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Editorial The Last Syllable of Recorded Time: This Conservative-Party-Invented and Imposed Royal Political Protocol Must Come to an End That Says: Buy One and Get the Second or the Third or Even the Fourth One Free: The Conservative Party Must Go Back to the People: A General Election Must End the Country’s Continued Paralysis Dysfunction and Deadlock and Release and Reset the Nation to Go Forward with a New Mandate for a New Government

|| Friday: May 24: 2019 || ά. In British democracy people do not elect political parties to form the government; they do so with this proviso that a party has a leader, under whose leadership, it has created a programme of actions, that it wanted to pursue were the people to elect it into government. Therefore, the party is identified with that leader and that programme of actions without which there is none and can not be any accountability of whoever is running the government. A leader came and got elected and, then, he changed course, leading the country to the path of self-destruction and, then, he leaves and another person, who was not elected to be the Prime Minister, took over and, then, devastating the country for another three years, she leaves and leaves the stage to others to wrangle out another to come in to carry on with this mighty and terrible mess of an absolute and utter quagmire, which is, increasingly, looking like a farce, stretched to the point of becoming an utter and absolute absurdity. It is, as, if, the people went to the market and they wanted to buy something and they got into an unwritten bargain, that no one told them about at the time of buying the thing and that bargain was: buy one and get up to the second, third, even, fourth on the free!  

Mr David Cameron went to the people to be the Prime Minister and he made a mess but, at least, he was seeking to be the Prime Minister and he went to the people and got elected twice. But then, he left. Then, without any say of the people, Mrs Theresa May came and claimed the job and three years were splashed down the drain and now she leaves and by now it appears clearly that the Conservative Party has invented and declared this ‘Royal Political Protocol’ by which, with about a little more than 100,000 people, its members, it has, effectively, become the ‘powerhouse’ to enforce that Royal Political Protocol’ in deciding who should be the Prime Minister and run the country. There are more than 63 million people in this country and these tiny number of people in the Conservative Party has been given the power, taken away from these 63 million plus. It is not acceptable to a functioning and healthy democracy. People have no clue as to who is running the show and what they stand for and these tiny fragment of people, membership of the Conservative Party, now have become the kingmaker, except, even, they had hardly any say as to who they elect. This can not go on and it must not be let to go on.  

Further, the country is divided and deadlocked so are all the political parties and all other agencies and organisations affiliated to them, so are the entire Houses of Parliament, particularly, the Commons, in such a way, that in the last there years nothing much has shifted but, in actuality, everything and everyone, got to an even-more-hardened up place and hardly anyone changed their standing or position. This utter paralysis, this absolute deadlock, resulting in a state of continual dysfunctions can not be expected to, suddenly, give way into reaching a majority state or standing in relation to where they stood before. In this the Conservative Party and its membership are gearing to implement their self-invented ‘Royal Political Protocol’ and impose another person into becoming Prime Minister! This has gone beyond absurdity and what is, increasing, looking likely is this that they are going to impose another extreme anti-european as their leader and, thus, Prime Minister, who is determined to drag the country out of Europe without a deal, which is nothing but a catastrophe for the national interest for which the Conservative Party had neither sought nor received the mandate from the people. The people voted to leave with a fragmentary majority, which is, almost, as, if, as many people voted to leave as those, who voted to remain; however, what is absolutely crystal clear that no one asked the people whether the UK should leave the EU without a deal. The European Referendum neither asked the people that question nor received that mandate. The Conservative Party and its Government do not have that mandate to take the UK out of Europe without a deal. Were someone or some organisation to take this to the Court of Law, it is, hypothetically, possible to get it established quite easily.

Editorial The Last Syllable of Recorded Time: Who Else Can Speak for the Country Other Than the Good Old William Shakespeare: Or We Can Call Onto Christopher Marlowe to Rise and Speak for the United Kingdom Recalling the Injustice Done to Him

|| Thursday: May 23: 2019 || ά. The Guardian has published a little story, that should be splashed with the largest font and headline on each and every newspaper of the United Kingdom: ‘’UK suffers crushing defeat in UN vote on Chagos Islands’’ The piece is about the most desperate expression of the most painfully obvious devastation, desecration, tearing apart and an ultimate diminishing, total vanishing and becoming a complete irrelevance as a country among the assembly of world’s countries and nations. The United Nations General Assembly has ‘’overwhelmingly backed a motion condemning Britain’s occupation of the remote Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean. The 116-6 vote left the UK diplomatically isolated and was also a measure of severely diminished US clout on the world stage. Washington had campaigned vigorously at the UN and directly in talks with national capitals around the world in defence of the UK’s continued control of the archipelago, where there is a US military base at Diego Garcia.’’ The Guardian report points out.  

The Guardian further elaborated on the desperate state: ‘’The US, Hungary, Israel, Australia and the Maldives backed the UK in the vote and 56 countries abstained, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland and Romania. Other European allies including Austria, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland voted for the UK to relinquish sovereignty.’’ In this story two countries of the world are portrayed as to how desperately they led themselves to become, yes, America First and United Kingdom First. One would be first were one to be in a tiny band of people, making single figures! But our little piece is for the desperate state of the United Kingdom. The country has been led into a state of complete and utter de-fabrication or total tearing apart throughout the last two-bouts of Conservative:Libdems and Conservative government, particularly, since, the debacle of the European Union Referendum, which had been used and sought to be taken over by many obnoxious forces with the leading ones failing to make a stand against those forces and that gave impetus and fuel to them and out of which, then, was created a festering environment, in which all sorts of far right groups and parties were brought out of the woodworks and into existence and those already in the field started to realise there was political capital to be had so that they changed their tones and tunes and officially went onto declaring the grounds for the United Kingdom first kind.

On this path the Conservative Party’s anti-European segment dog-whistled their way into creating an atmosphere of nothing but extreme form of raw, low, base, crass and vulgar nationalism, obnoxious sentimentalism, toxic and revolting nostalgia, cringing and abhorrent singsong about the ‘perfect days of the colonial empire’ and the legitimisation of the neo-nazi and neo-fascist forces in the country. Along this politics entered an atmosphere of incivility, intolerance, hostility, viciousness, violent fury, brewed anger and threats of violence, verbal violence or the abuse of expressions and rhetoric, cruelty, disrespect, baseless accusations and importing of medieval terminology, such as, betrayal, enemy of the people etc, which created a state in the public spheres, that are akin to seeing the fascisomisation of democracy. And in this ‘new bonfire’ fell jumping with great enthusiasm much of the media without realising the desperate, deadly and irreversible damage these inflict on society, that help create. The country’s ecology chillingly smells, sounds and feels like the people of the United Kingdom are forced to live in pre-Hitler Germany, just before he was making his way up to win the election soon! This should send a chill down the spine of every citizen of this country because this country and its people, with and alongside Europe and the world as a whole, paid the highest of prices in fighting and defeating Hitler and his monstrosities! There is nothing so rosy, cosy and cuddly in Nazism or fascism or white supremacy but desperate and ultimate wipe out of all humanity!  

The absolute dangerous level of increase of hate and intolerance related criminality, violence, attacks and abuse taking place against all the minorities and anyone, that stands against the brutal, violent fascisomisation of the cultural, political, socio-cultural and socio-political spheres of public discourse by all those, who claimed a ‘biblical high ground’ because they voted or supported the leave campaign are now getting beyond healthy functioning of a healthy society. This way the anti-European Conservatives created and done all the ‘paperwork’ for an official white supremacist party, declaring itself as a mainstream political party by some name or other, coming out of the current Conservative Party, when it gets to, finally, break apart, only, they will ‘duck speak’, ‘dog-wink’ and ‘dog whistle’ so that they did not have to officially say it. In this demise of this current Conservative Party, anyone in it, who claimed to have some connection or relation to modern outlook and relation to, what they would call the centre ground of British politics, will have to get a life-time supply of anti-sickness medication, were they to force themselves to remain part of this kind of white supremacist kind of obnoxious, reactionary, self-loathing, self-hating or racist, xenophobic, extreme nationalist, Chauvinistic, masochistic, misogynistic and hatred-breeding and violence-fed party and politics.