Poverty, Malnutrition, Hunger, Homelessness, Rough Sleeping and Dying On the Streets Are High-Cruelties: Humanics Shows How All These High-Cruelties Can Be Eradicated By Establishing Building-Block Foundational Human Rights:  Wonder About Humanics For This Brutal Barbaric Ruthlessly Merciless Capitalism Is Nothing But a Killing Mechanism to Devastate, Destroy and Disfigure Humanity














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To Change the World We Need Ideas, That Challenge the Existing Desperate,  Horrendous, Brutal, Barbaric and Inhuman System of Public Affairs Management System: Capitalism, A Killing Mechanism and It Creates, Sustains and Distributes Inequality and Poverty and Sentences the Vast Majority of Humanity with a Live-In-Life-Sentence of Misery, Suffering and Agony: Time to Challenge and Change This

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|| Year Delta: London: Sunday: October 21: 2018: We Keep On Walking On The Path of Humanics ||
First Published: September 24: 2015
VII London Poetry Festival 2019: St Matthews at Elephant and Castle: Meadow Row: London SE1 6RG: October 14-15









We are more than our neurons or their combinations, co-relations, conjunctions, functions and interactions, that are conducted through their gap junctions, synapses or action potentials. We are more than the cells, tissues, organs, systems, DNAs, RNAs, genes etc and their ultimate unification into a whole mechanism and system of magnificence. We are an infinity unfolding itself in the name of the human mind which, through the physiology of what on appearance is a human physique, it becomes, dreams, imagines, creates, loves and does human: the most astonishing of all things, that we find on this Universe. All we have to do is to look at its unity off the billion plus expressions of its self and wonder about its endless expressive diversity off the same self in billion plus instances to realise that this human mind is magnificent a thing for the purpose of which the neurology is given to it as the most sophisticated, most elaborately engineered, most complexity-strewn an architecture, a most awe-inspiring bio-chemico-genetico-mechanism, that we humans will ever see in this Universe; nothing else will ever surpass this magnificence. Poetry of Neurology

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The Humanion: London: England: United Kingdom: Year Delta: Day 28: Sunday: October 21: 2018: Cogito Ergo Sum: Descartes














An Estimated 06.3 Million Children Under 15 Years of Age Died in 2017 Or One in Every Five Seconds, Mostly, of Preventable Causes: The Vast Majority of These Deaths, 05.4 Million, Occur in the First Five Years of Life, with New-borns Accounting for Around Half of the Deaths: New Mortality Estimates: The UNICEF, the World Health Organisation:WHO, the United Nations Population Division and the World Bank Group: September 18:2018: This IS the Horrendous Human Condition Capitalism in the Era of Globalisation Has Established on Earth: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Exist in Humanics to Challenge This Brutality and to Call for a Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across Mother Earth: In  Humanics in a Humanical Society It IS Possible: Support The Works of The Foundation and Read, Subscribe, Advertise, Promote and Support The  Humanion













Humanity Will Continue to Live an Inferior Life Than What is Possible Until the Two Halves, Women and Men, with All Individuals in Them, are Absolutely, Fundamentally and Jubilantly Equal at Liberty. Humanity, Therefore, Is Not and Can Not Be Free Until All Humans are Equals for Only by the Yardstick of This Equality Their State of Being Free Can Be Measured. In Other Words, There Can Not Exist Liberty Unless There Exists Equality Between and Among All Humans and This State of Equality Can Not Come to Exist So Long There Remain Two Groups of Humans: The Powerful and The Powerless: Whereby the Former Controls the Later and Creates, Maintains and Carries Forward the Perpetual State of Inequality: Economically, Politically, Judicially, Constitutionally, Socially, Culturally and Spiritually. To Reach the State of Equality and Liberty, the Task Before Humanity is, Therefore, to Change This State by Taking Away Ownership and Money and, with Them, the Power They Generate and Confer, That Lets One Small Group of Humans, The Powerfuls, Subjugating the Vast Multitude of Humans, The Powerless, Under Their Dictatorship. For Only by Taking Away 'the Gun' of the Power of the Powerfuls, Humanity Can Bring About the State of Liberty, as Well as, Equality at Once: Equality and Liberty Can Not and Do Not Exist Separately But Together and Simultaneously. Equality and Liberty Exist as The Promethumean Fire: In Which There is the Light and There is the Heat in One Flame: The Humanion Stands Here on the Path of Humanics: A State of Liberty for All Humanity at Equality. The Promethumean: Where Prometheus is Not Seen as a Man But a Human: In Short, Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Stand for These and Exist and Work for the Promotion of This Vision of Humanics for a Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across the Mother Earth on the Mother Universana: We Invite You All for Your Support: Join Us in Telling the World and World Humanity That: An Infinitely Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across the Mother Earth IS Possible

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Editorial The Two Entities That Have the True Constitutional Power to Give the Constitutional Authority to the UK Government are the Houses of Parliament and the People: Neither Has Given That Authority to the Conservative Party Government to Get the UK Crash Out of the European Union Without a Deal: Therefore It Shall Be Unconstitutional and Therefore the Government Can Not But and Must Go Back to the People for Whether They Want to Leave the EU Without a Deal or Not
















||This Editorial was First Published on July 26: 2018: Followed a Massive Number of People Demonstrating in London for a People’s Vote, on Saturday, October 20, Reportedly to Be the Largest Gathering Since the 2003 Anti-War Demonstration, We Put It Before the Readers Today: October 21: 2018 || ά. July 25: 2018: || ά. Today both of the Houses of Parliament have had their last sessions of this sitting before rising for recess until Tuesday, September 04. All the peers and the MPs are now off to their summer holidays and there is the long and winding summer in which the country is left in a ‘white-paper-noise’ where the European Referendum keeps on brewing the same negativity and waste of all positive energy of all spheres. But one hopes that all the members of both of the Houses have set off their holidays realising that the tectonic plates of the UK landscapes spread inside each citizen of the country had been shifting all this time since the Referendum and has now reached a qualitative point of no-reversal: the House they are now leaving is not on the same earth as the people today and, thus, the people of the UK shall have their say and no politician has the power to stop this happening.

The tectonic plates have shifted and the groundwork got rearranged: it is abundantly clear that this government can not get its act together for they are unofficially two governments in an ‘agreed-hostility’, but it’s a terminal truce. This is why it is very likely that they will fail in getting to agree a deal with the European Union because they are unable to accept what they ‘can’ or ‘can not’ want because of their terminal division and they would rather have a no deal and crash out of the EU, yet, this crashing out is an outright and absolute disregard and abandonment of the duty, that a Government owes to its people, if, it calls itself a democratic one. Furthermore, what no one so far has postulated in clear terms: that a no deal break out of the EU would be clearly unconstitutional simply because the ‘constitutional authority’ in the UK law is derived from two sources: either the Parliament gives this authority by passing a law into the statute book so that the Government has the authority to do something as profound as Exiting the European Union or the people themselves give this authority directly through a Referendum or in a General Election.

In this current scenario the Parliament did not give any such consent for the Government to pursue a no deal crashing out and this Article Fifty Bill is nothing of that sort since it does not at all say that the Government could crash out of the EU, if, a deal is not agreed. Further, hypothetically, with the current arithmetic of the Houses, the Government is quite unable to pass any deal, if, it were able to negotiate one at all, pass through these Houses and in this case that deal is thrown out and then there is no deal and then what? But, most importantly, the other party, that has the authority to give that constitutional authority is the people, who did not give that authority either. The European Union Referendum merely asked the people whether they would like the UK to remain in the EU or leave. The majority, albeit, a tiny one, voted to leave but they did not clearly and surely vote to leave in which UK crashes out without a deal or with no deal. At a Court of Law it won’t require much of an argument to satisfy the Court to accept that that EU Referendum can not be taken as a mandate or authority given by the people to crash our of the EU in such an absolutely dangerous way, that will diminish the entire nation and impact seriously negatively on every single citizen of this country nor can it be difficult to establish at the same Court of Law that the Article Fifty legislation does not contain that authority given by the Parliament either to crash out of the EU with a No Deal.

|| October 18: 2018: University of Glasgow News || ά. A scientific breakthrough has showed a new way, in which, bacteria evolve, which is thought to be, at least, 1,000 times more efficient than any currently known mechanism. The insights will help scientists to better understand how superbugs can rapidly evolve and become increasingly antibiotic resistant. The research, led by the University of Glasgow and the National University of Singapore and published in Science, has found a previously unknown method of genetic transduction, the process, through which, bacteria begins to evolve into potentially deadly superbugs.

The new process has been named Lateral Transduction and now joins the two known methods of transduction: Generalised and Specialised Transduction, both discovered by the American Scientist Joshua Lederberg, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work with bacteria. Working with the bacteria, Staphylococcus Aureus, scientists were able to demonstrate that this new naturally occurring method of transduction was, at least, one thousand times more efficient than generalised transduction, the best currently known method. Bacterial transduction is a process, that involves viruses infecting bacteria. As a consequence of this mechanism, bacterial DNA moves from one to another bacteria, thereby, causing mutation and evolution, often, producing increasingly deadly and antibiotic resistant bugs.

The World The World in a Kafkaesque Darkness: Will the World Keep on Heading Towards That Monstrosity and Accept This Lawlessness of a Jungle Without Making a Stand Against It

|| October 18: 2018 || ά. ‘’The case of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi is just the latest example of a new and very worrying practice of States abducting individuals beyond their own borders.’’ said the Chair of the UN Working Group on Enforced Disappearances, addressing the UN General Assembly on Thursday. In its annual Report, presented to the UN Human Rights Council at the end of September, the Working Group on Enforced Disappearances highlighted the practice, which the Chair, Mr Bernard Duhaime termed as that, which ‘occurs with or without the acquiescence of the host state and, while, in most cases, the victims reappear in detention after a short period, in other cases they remain disappeared as in the recent shocking case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’.

Mr Duhaime reiterated a statement released on October 09, which called for an independent international investigation into what happened and the identification and prosecution of the perpetrators. He added that the Working Group had previously expressed its concerns over ‘short-term disappearances’, increasingly used in recent years, especially, in the context of anti-terrorism operations. Mr Duhaime said that it was, often, done to extract evidence and finalise the investigation outside the protection of the law and, often, resorting to coercion, if, not torture.

United Kingdom Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Or CPR Should Be Included to School Curriculum Without Delay to Help Save More Lives
















|| October 18: 2018 || ά. Ms Dawn Hargraves, a Resuscitation Officer at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, who is a critical care specialist, has called for resuscitation training to be added to the school curriculum without delay to help save more lives across the UK. Ms Hargraves said that Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation:CPR should be viewed as a life skill, which is embedded from the outset. She spoke in highlighting the Restart a Heart Day, observed on last Tuesday.

Restart a Heart Day aims to highlight the issue and urged the government to get behind training for children in full-time education. “Unfortunately, as a nation, we have never put enough emphasis on the importance of CPR.” Ms Hargraves said, speaking on behalf of the resuscitation services department. “It should be viewed as a life skill as it could be required at any time and in any situation, not just in hospitals.

Society New Report Finds Time Spent by Children Online Linked to Requests for Junk Food

|| October 18: 2018: University of Liverpool News || ά. Young children, who spent more than half an hour a day online were, almost, twice as likely to pester their parents for junk food, according to a new Report published on Wednesday, October 17. The study, which examines the associations between diet and advertising of junk food on TV and the internet, questioned children and their parents in the North West and across the UK.

Teams from the University of Liverpool and Cancer Research UK’s Cancer Policy Research Centre asked almost 2,500 seven to 11-year-olds and their parents around the UK about their eating habits and how much screen time they had, outside of doing homework. The results show that primary school children, who spent more than three hours on the web, were more than four times more likely to spend their pocket money on chocolate, crisps, sugary drinks and takeaways than their peers, who browsed for less than half an hour.

Literature Liverpool Literary Festival 2018 Opens This Weekend at the Victoria Gallery and Museum: October 19-21

















|| October 18: 2018: University of Liverpool News || ά. The Liverpool Literary Festival 2018 opens this weekend, October 19-21, bringing best-selling authors, award-winning writers, brilliant biographers and polemical poets, alongside debate, discussion and much more. And there is still time to pick up your tickets, either online through the Liverpool Literary Festival website or in person at the Victoria Gallery and Museum, the main Festival venue.

Tartan noir legend, Ms Val McDermid sets off things on Friday evening, with her Liverpool Literary Lecture Killing People for Fun and Profit. There are just a handful of tickets left for this event now. Saturday’s schedule is packed full of activity. The Saturday headline showcase with Mr Tony Robinson is now sold out as is Mr Sebastian Barry in conversation with Professor Roy Foster. But there are still a few tickets available for New Voices with Mr Alex Clark, featuring Booker nominee, Ms Sally Rooney.

Biochemistry New Researchers Set to Pinpoint When Lung Health Declines in Younger Smokers

|| October 18: 2018 || ά. Researchers in Southampton and London have launched a national study, which aims to pinpoint, when lung health starts to decline in young adult smokers. Led by Professor Tom Wilkinson at the NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre, it is hoped the project will help clinicians work towards a way of preventing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease:COPD. Funded by the British Lung Foundation, it will involve monitoring the lung function of smokers, aged between 30 and 45, over three years through check-up appointments every six months.

COPD is the name for a collection of lung diseases, including, Bronchitis and Emphysema and causes the airways in the lungs to become inflamed and narrowed, making it hard to breathe. It is the second most common lung disease in the UK after Asthma, affecting an estimated three million people, with two million of those undiagnosed and at risk of contracting a more severe form of the illness as they get older. The likelihood of developing COPD increases the more frequently and the longer an individual smokes. Although, there is currently no cure, treatment can help slow the progression of the condition and control symptoms.










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Neurology Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension: New Guidelines Aim to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of the Neurological Condition

|| October 17: 2018: University of Birmingham News || ά. Experts, led by the University of Birmingham, have produced the first internationally collaborative guidelines, aimed at improving the treatment and diagnosis of a rare condition, which causes devastating high brain pressure. Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, also, known as, IIH, is caused by high pressure in the brain with consequences from blindness to incapacitating daily long-term headaches. The condition, mainly, affects obese women in their 20s and 30s. Once regarded as rare, the disease incidence is now on the rise in line with the global rise in obesity.

There are very limited treatment options and practices vary widely around the UK and internationally and, up until now, there have been no previous guidelines for the management of the condition. Now, new guidelines have been created by a group of specialists in neurology, neuro-surgery, neuro-radiology, ophthalmology and neuro-radiology, who have had expertise in managing IIH. The patient charity IIHUK had an active role in contributing to the guideline development. The team envisage that the new guidelines, published in Journal of Neurology Neuro-surgery and Psychiatry, will revolutionise the treatment of the condition.


Oa Hackett Has Done Her Little Lifts: She Invites You to Do Yours: For Cancer Does Not Happen Only to the Human Body It Also Happens to the Human Mind: Support Oa and Her Little Lifts to Do Big Things for These Souls to Feel Supported and Strengthened










England From Norfolk to Suffolk With Little Lifts: Taking Comfort Boxes to Women Going Through Chemotherapy for Primary Breast Cancer at Ipswich Hospital

|| October 18: 2018 || ά. Norfolk’s breast cancer charity, Little Lifts, announced yesterday that it had begun spreading its wings to Suffolk to provide Comfort Boxes for women with primary breast cancer at Ipswich Hospital. Some 130 women undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Ipswich Hospital will now receive boxed bundles of goodies from the charity Little Lifts, that will not only give emotional support but will, also, help relieve some of the side effects experienced during treatment.

One of the charity’s biggest supporters is Art For Cure, which funds national research into cures and treatments for breast cancer. Set up by Ms Belinda Gray four years ago, Art For Cure has been instrumental in helping Little Lifts to expand into Suffolk with it’s roll out of boxes at Ipswich Hospital. Ms Gray said, “We knew, when we met Oa that this was a brilliant product, carefully, created by a new and passionate charity, that was going places . Oa has her own personal experience of chemotherapy and knowledge of the charity world through her professional work, which is hugely beneficial to its longevity and success.


What Happens to the Human Being, When Someone Goes Through Cancer and Goes Through the 'Living-Hell' of Chemotherapy and the Like? If, It Is a Woman, Does Anybody Notice That About Her Hair A Poet Might Write 'Her Peace-A-Radiant Hair  As If Infinite Strands of Static Electricity Colliding Into An Infinity-Solitude-Symphony Aflame? And, That Is Just Before the Chemotherapy and What Happens to That After? They Disappear and Then What? And the Violence of Vomiting and Nausea and Sickness and Being Unable to Feel Peace in the Physiology, Unable to Eat and Drink or Sleep Properly and It All Goes On and On: Little Lifts, It, May Be, But It Does Big Things About This Human Being, This Human Soul Going Through Cancer: Medicine and Doctors and Nurses Are Not Enough for Cancer for There Is the Human Physiology Fighting the Cancer But This Fight Can Not Be Fought Well Were the Soul Inside It to Be Left Alone, Unsupported and Vulnerable: Little Lifts Takes This Task and Works to Bring in Worlds of Little Big Things for These Souls: That's Our Humanity: The Humanion Invites Everyone to Think of These Little Things and Support Oa Hackett's Little Lifts to Lift Big for the Souls Striving to Beat Cancer The Humanion FREE Advertisement for Little Lifts


I Humanics Spring Festival 2019: April 06 in London


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I Regine Humanics Annual Lecture 2019: Whither to Homo Sapiens: Delivered by Dr J Everet Green: April 06 in London


October The Poetry Month: Emily Dickinson

The Brain- is wider than the Sky-
For--- put them side by side--
The one the other will contain
With ease---- and You---- beside---

The Brain is deeper than the Sea----
For---hold them---Blue to Blue---
The one the other will absorb----
As Sponges----Buckets---- do---

The Brain is just the weight of God---
For-Heft them---Pound for Pound---
And they will differ---if they do----
As Syllable from Sound----


|| October 18: 2018: University of Liverpool News || ά. A new Report finds that many existing policies and regulations aimed at tackling food marketing to children are markedly insufficient, meaning children continue to be exposed to commercial messages promoting foods high in fats, salt and sugar. The Report, prepared by researchers from the University of Liverpool and the Open University in collaboration with the World Health Organisation:WHO, Europe, found that around half of the 53 countries in the Region have taken some steps to limit marketing of high fat, salt and sugar:HFSS foods to children.

A few countries have adopted legally binding rules, which, specifically, restrict HFSS food marketing in certain media, at certain times. Others are attempting to address the challenge of digital marketing. However, many countries still report no action and an overwhelming preference for self-regulation by the food and advertising industries remains, an approach, that is, often, found wanting by independent review. In addition, the evidence suggests that the impact of existing policies on reducing children’s exposure to HFSS food marketing has been limited, something, that is exacerbated by changing media usage and the increasingly integrated nature of marketing across a number of different media and platforms.

|| October 17: 2018 || ά. The first British Energy Company, Scottish Power has made the news by becoming the first of the large energy suppliers of the United Kingdom, that has effectively and successfully called it a day for dirty fossil energy. From now on Scottish Power to supply 100% energy from clean, green and sustainable sources. The Humanion would like to congratulate the visionary leadership of this company, that understood that the future is not in the grasp of those, who are seeking to ‘frack’ their way into profiteering without regards to what the cost is: fossil fuel is dead. DEAD. Those, who can not see few centimetres away and ahead into the future are still seeking to burry their heads into their ‘fracking away’ through the dirty fossil fuel mud are doing nothing but heading towards extinction. The green energy is not only sustainable and the future but, also, it has become the most competitive in prices. No one can beat clean and green energy now. Let the competition begin.

And, we are delighted that Scottish Power has started this revolution. Within the shortest possible time frame, not decades but years, the United Kingdom’s people will show where to direct their consumption of energy needs and the dinosaurs of the field will, unless, they wake up and stop wasting energy and resources and invest fast and hard into securing green energy, disappear into oblivion, regardless of their ‘mortal grasp on consumers through horrible tariffs and contracts. It is time the energy companies wake up and realise that Scottish Power has, in effect, declared that the GREEN REVOLUTION has effectively begun as of the day it declared going 100% Green, Sustainable and Renewable energy.

It is time the United Kingdom Government wakes up and abandon this ‘madness’ about fossil fuel and fracking destruction and nuclear energy and cease the opportunity to join in this revolution. And, to go with it, it is high time the United Kingdom Government invest in stopping diesel and patrol vehicles and usher in an era of ‘turbo-charging’ the electric vehicles and to support that public transports of all manners and forms, must be, revolutionised so that it is free for every citizen. If, they ask how is it going to be funded: simply, tell them, if, they did not know how to, they better make way for people, who can. Because it can be done and it must be done. It is time, it is high time to end this debacle of air pollution, literally, choking the nation. Let public transport be free for all and declare a war against fossil fuel transportations and begin the green electrification of all transport systems.

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Political Philosophy The Building-Block Foundational Human Rights: Without Establishing Foundational Human Rights Included in It a Universal Income for All Citizens Capitalism Can Not Go On the Way It Is: European Social Survey Finds Significant Public Support for Universal Basic Income

A new European Social Survey report has found significant public support in Europe for the introduction of universal basic income and a European Union-led social benefits scheme. Using European Social Survey data collected in 23 countries during 2016:17, the authors established that people in Europe widely endorse national government responsibility to protect vulnerable people. Whilst people are in favour of welfare support for the elderly, financial support for the unemployed and immigrants is met with more opposition by a considerable share of the population.

Is this ‘considerable opposition’ not related to the consideration that these have to do with ‘personal taxation’ so that the respondents respond from a ‘personal’ view-point. This is time to put forward the entirety of why capitalism has gone on for too long and has ‘created a shark-pool’ of the rich and riches while the vast chunk of societies are left with a horrible desperation and that does not mean just the unemployed and vulnerable people. It has been widely reported in the UK press that working people are queuing at foodbanks simply because in order to pay their rents and bills they have nothing else left to feed themselves. Foundational Human Rights is not ‘social security benefits’ nor are we speaking of ‘universal basic income’: we are speaking about foundational human rights and included in it is Universal Income, not as ‘benefit’ but as a share of the entire national wealth paid to all citizens of a nation.

And this Universal Income is not paid for any taxation or insurance contribution. How can that be done: humanics has answered these questions. It is time to wake up and see what capitalism has done to the desperately ‘sentenced’ people of Greece, the severest of cases while many European Union countries people are still paying for the crash and its aftermath. Capitalism can not be sustained as it is: people can not work and line the foodbank. People can not be part of any nation without a home and with access to education and much more besides. The old books are useless: it is time to create new ideas and bring capitalism to serve the people.

These are the Foundational Human Rights: A: Absolute Right to Live in Clean, Healthy, Safe and Natural Environment; B: Absolute Right to Breathe Natural, Fresh, Clean and Safe Air;  C: Absolute Right to Necessary Nutritional Balanced Food and Drink;  D: Absolute Right to Free Medical Care at the Point of Need;  E: Absolute Right to an Absolute Home;  F: Absolute Right to Free Degree-Level Education and Life Long Learning;  G: Absolute Right to Guaranteed Social Care;  H: Absolute Right to a Universal Income; I: Absolute Right to a Job;  J: Absolute Right to Dignified Civic and Human Funeral Paid Through by Universal Income. It is time that the world’s minds, who are concerned about the Human Condition look up and out into the world and the devastating human condition capitalism has created, particularly, after the crash and another crash will happen. It is time to challenge the status quo and think what is possible so that life is made better. It is time to challenge this view that in Europe life is all cosy and rosy! It is not: capitalism distributes poverty and inequality and keeps on increasing both so that it can gather vast chunks of the wealth to the tiny minority of the population.

The percentage of respondents, that support the introduction of a universal basic income scheme varies widely, from 33.9%, Norway to 80.4%, Lithuania. Support for a universal basic income is lower in more affluent countries in Northern and Western Europe and higher in the less wealthy welfare states in the East and South. Over 60% of respondents in Lithuania, Russia, Hungary, Israel, Slovenia and Portugal support the introduction of a universal basic income.

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A  Major Clinical Study Reports: Three-D Mammography Detects 34% More Breast Cancers in Screening Than Traditional Mammography














|| October 18: 2018: Lund University News || ά. After screening 15,000 women over a period of five years, a major clinical study in Sweden, has shown that three-D mammography or breast tomosynthesis, detects over 30% more cancers compared to traditional mammography, with a majority of the detected tumours proving to be invasive cancers. The extensive screening study was conducted by Lund University and Skåne University Hospital in Sweden and the results are now published in the journal Lancet Oncology.

In traditional mammography screening, all breast tissue is captured in a single image. Breast tomosynthesis, on the other hand, is three-dimensional and works according to the same principle as, what is known as, tomography. This means that several low-dose x-ray images are taken of the breast from different angles, which are reconstructed by a computer to show thin layers of the breast. With more and improved image information and less overlapping tissue structures, the chance of detecting tumours increases. Further, the radiation dose, may be, lowered in certain circumstances.

The World’s First Trans-Atlantic Clinical Trial at the University of Southampton Offers New Hope for the Children Going Through Neuroblastoma

|| October 14: 2018: University of Southampton News || ά. Children with an aggressive form of cancer are being given new hope in a world-first trans-Atlantic clinical trial, that will test a new three-part treatment. The study, involving doctors and cancer scientists in Southampton, America and Germany, will boost the body’s immune system to kill off Neuroblastoma, one of the most common childhood cancers. The Phase One trial is funded by UK charities Solving Kids’ Cancer Europe, JACK and US charities Solving Kids’ Cancer and Band of Parents.

It will be one of many to be conducted at the University of Southampton’s Centre for Cancer Immunology, which is the UK’s first and only centre, dedicated to cancer immunology research. The centre recently opened at University Hospital Southampton, due to the University’s successful £25m fundraising campaign. Neuroblastoma affects around 100 children, mostly, under the age of five, in the UK every year and develops from immature nerve cells. It, usually, starts as a tumour in the abdomen or chest, however, in many children, it spreads to other places in the body such as, the bones and bone marrow.
Precision Medicine: Targeted Drugs for Advanced Cancer Move From Specialist Units to Community Setting: It Is Hurting All: Give Them All a Painkiller Is Old Medicine: Where Does It Hurt: How Does the Hurt Occur and How the Bio-chemical Genetic Molecular and Neural Pathways of the Mechanism of the Hurt Being Caused: Answer These Questions and Deliver the Therapies Precisely to Each Hurt That Is Specific and Individual: Saving Resources Wastes Suffering and Loss of Lives: Invest in Precision Medicine IS the Call From the Future of Medicine

|| October 10: 2018 || ά. Nearly one in four patients with advanced cancer, treated at Comprehensive Cancer Care Network:NCCN centres in the US, are receiving innovative drugs matched to DNA mutations in their tumours. This achievement, to be reported at the ESMO 2018 Congress in Munich, shows that advanced precision medicine is spreading from highly specialist cancer units to other healthcare facilities so more patients can benefit, wherever they are treated. “We have shown that we can perform large-scale tumour profiling and use the results to match patients to targeted treatment in the type of community setting, where most patients are treated in the United States.” said Dr Ricardo H Alvarez, Medical Oncologist, Cancer Treatment Centres of America, Atlanta, USA.

“At our hospitals, we can identify patients with advanced cancer, refractory to previous treatment and take tissue or liquid biopsies, which, we send to a central laboratory for analysis and get results within three weeks. If, these show alterations in tumour DNA, which can be matched to a targeted medicine, we initiate treatment, usually, with a drug, that has been approved for use against a different tumour type or through enrolment in a gene-directed clinical trial.” In the new Study, tumour DNA data were analysed from 6,177 patients with advanced cancer treated by over 50 oncologists at five hospitals of Cancer Treatment Centres of America, from 2013-2017.

Often-Overlooked Natural Killer Cells May Hold the Key to Cancer Immunotherapy















|| October 01: 2018: University of Ottawa News || ά. Immune checkpoint inhibitors are revolutionising the treatment of cancer but new research challenges the central dogma of how these drugs work. This research, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, shows, for the first time, that often-overlooked immune cells, called, Natural Killer:NK cells play a crucial role in responding to checkpoint inhibitors. T cells and NK cells can both recognise and kill cancer cells but they do so in very different ways. NK cells recognise patterns of changes on cancer cells and are the immune system’s first line of defense.

A T cell, on the other hand, recognises a single abnormal molecule on a cancer cell and initiates a more focused attack. “Checkpoint inhibitors work by waking up the body’s own immune system and unleashing an immune attack on cancer cells.” said Dr Michele Ardolino, a Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital and an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa. “For many years, everyone assumed that checkpoint inhibitors targeted immune cells, called, T cells. But our research shows that they, also, target Natural Killer cells and these cells play a key role in the how this treatment works.

Microbial World Breast Feeding Protects Infants From Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

|| October 14: 2018: University of Helsinki News: Anu Partanen Writing || ά. A new study shows that babies, that are breastfed for at least six months, have less antibiotic-resistant bacteria in their gut compared with infants breastfed for a shorter time. In addition, antibiotic use by mothers increases the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in infants. Bacteria resistant to antibiotics are everywhere. They are present in the human gut, regardless of whether a person has taken antibiotics. They are transmitted between individuals in the same way as bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms usually are: through, for example, direct contact and in food.

A recent study completed at the University of Helsinki investigated the amount and quality of bacteria resistant to antibiotics in breast milk and the gut of mother-infant pairs, resulting in three findings. First, infants, who were breastfed for at least six months had a smaller number of resistant bacteria in their gut than babies, who were breastfed for a shorter period or not at all. In other words, breastfeeding seemed to protect infants from such bacteria. Second, antibiotic treatment of mothers during delivery increased the amount of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the infant gut. This effect was still noticeable six months after delivery and the treatment.






















Pioneering Treatment to Be Given to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Patient for the First Time

|| October 10: 2018: UCL News || ά. A patient with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease:CJD, is set to be given a pioneering treatment, which has been developed by researchers at the Medical Research Council:MRC Prion Unit at UCL. CJD is a rare but devastating disease, that causes brain damage and for which there is currently no treatment. It is always fatal and most patients sadly die within six weeks of diagnosis. Researchers at the MRC Prion Unit at UCL have developed an antibody, called PRN100, for treating CJD. Laboratory testing of the antibody has been encouraging but it has not yet been used in patients.

Doctors at University College London Hospitals:UCLH will give the antibody to a patient for the first time in the world after a judge in the Court of Protection confirmed that it is lawful and in the patient’s best interests to receive the unlicensed treatment. Professor John Collinge, the Director of the MRC Prion Unit at UCL, who led the development of the PRN100 treatment, said, ‘’The treatment is an artificially manufactured antibody, which has been created in the laboratory. The antibody has been designed to bind tightly to normal proteins in the brain.

Beauroblubellogenics: And Will You Not Sing For The Beautiful Blue Belle


The Humanion's Newest Section: Beauroblubellogenics: The Beautiful Blue Belle in poetic term and in scientific, Beauroblubellogenics: the neuro-science branch, that does nothing but studies the Blood Brain Barrier. Therefore, here, this is for Beauroblubellogenics for the Beautiful Blue Belle, the Blood Brain Barrier. Dear Reader, you, may not, have read these terms and heard of the ideas and concepts they represent, but they have been published and are part of the printed world. The printed world existed in 'imagination' and in living that imagination in learning and creating, which, then, became creative and scientific works, that, then, got into print, in which the ideas of the Beautiful Blue Belle was elaborated as part of the celebration of this astonishing 'mechanism' of the Blood Brain Barrier and, from there, arises Beauroblubellogenics.

Here, The Humanion, presents Beauroblubellogenics, the science of studying the Blood Brain Barriers: We envision that the people, who are to take forward this discipline, are not only qualified Neurologists but are practising at the Most Senior Consultant Level and they are such minds, who have developed 'the equi-competence' in that same Most Senior Consultant-Level in all the major branches of Medicine so that not only have they the knowledge, expertise, insight, experience and study in them but, also, they have developed both a 'Nano-seismic' and 'Universal' views of Medicine, in between which views there exist myriad of other views, such as, atomic, anatomic, molecular, genetic, biochemical, neurological, genetics etc, as well as, a Philosophy of Medicine so that these minds are capable of seeing, looking and understanding 'The Mechanoprincipium-View' of the subject being studied. In other words, these are the minds, that can, only, be described as 'Living Encyclopaedic Minds'.











The Home of Neurology at The Humanion












First Patient Trial Will Test New Approach to Treating Alzheimer’s Disease: Upto 100 Patients Being Recruited Now


|| October 10: 2018: UCL News || ά. The first clinical trial of a new approach to modifying the progression of Alzheimer's Disease has opened in London, led by UCL researchers. The study is being conducted at the National Institute for Health Research:NIHR University College London Hospitals:UCLH Clinical Research Facility at the Leonard Wolfson Experimental Neurology Centre at Queen Square, assisted by the Royal Free Hospital. The trial, called, DESPIAD, will test whether a drug, that removes a protein, called, serum amyloid P component, from the brain, is helpful for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common cause of Dementia and symptoms include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem solving and language. Dementia affects more than 35 million people worldwide, a number, that is expected to almost double every 20 years as populations across the developed world age. Despite multi-billion dollar investments and the commissioning of many large scale clinical trials over the past 20 years, no effective treatments have yet emerged. “After a long struggle for funding of our different approach to possible treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, it is exciting to, finally, have started the DESPIAD trial, which has been made possible by the NIHR and the Wolfson Foundation.  We now hope it can proceed as swiftly as possible.” said Professor Sir Mark Pepys, UCL Medicine, who led the development of the new drug.
New Research Gains New Insight on How Neurons Communicate With Muscles

|| October 05: 2018: University of Glasgow News || ά. New tests can diagnose ‘hidden’ heart diseases, caused by problems with the small blood vessels supplying the heart, according to research funded by the British Heart Foundation:BHF and presented at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Conference last week in San Diego. The new tests are not yet standard in the NHS because, before now, there has not been enough evidence gathered about whether they would benefit patients.

Now, researchers say that these tests should be routinely available to pinpoint the cause of chest pain. Researchers from the University of Glasgow and the Golden Jubilee National Hospital performed the new ‘small vessel’ test, which involves passing a thin, flexible wire into the heart and measuring how well a blood vessel relaxes. The research team performed the new test on 151 patients with chest pain, who could not be diagnosed using currently available tests.

Alzheimer's Society















Dramatic Drop in Public Confidence After the Dengue Vaccine Controversy in The Philippines

|| October 14: 2018: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine News || ά. The Philippines’ highly politicised response to newly-reported risks of a dengue vaccine led to a dramatic drop in public trust in vaccines overall, according to new research published in Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics. Led by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine:LSHTM, the Study measured the impact of the Dengvaxia crisis on overall vaccine confidence before and after the manufacturer highlighted a risk associated with the vaccine and the associated political fallout.

The study of 1,500 participants showed a dramatic drop in vaccine confidence, from the majority, 93%, ‘strongly agreeing’ that vaccines are important in 2015 to a third, 32%, in 2018. The researchers say that the findings highlight the importance of identifying gaps or breakdowns in public confidence in vaccines in order to rebuild trust before a pandemic strikes. Dengue is a viral infection, spread, mainly, by the bite of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which is widespread around the Southern Hemisphere. Symptoms include fever, headache and pain in joints and muscles. In some cases, symptoms can be more severe and lead to death.

Too Many Caesarean Sections for No Medically Justified Reason: New WHO Guidance on Non-Clinical Interventions Is Specifically Designed to Reduce That

|| October 11: 2018 || ά. A caesarean section is a surgical procedure, that, when undertaken for medical reasons, can save the life of a woman and her baby. Many caesarean sections are undertaken unnecessarily however, which can put the lives and well-being of women and their babies at risk , both in the short and the long-term. Worldwide, caesarean section rates have been steadily increasing, without significant benefit to the health of women or their babies. In recognition of the urgent need to address the sustained and unprecedented rise in these rates, the World Health Organisation:WHO has today published new guidance on non-clinical interventions, specifically, designed to reduce unnecessary caesarean sections.

This new guideline, WHO recommendations on non-clinical interventions to reduce unnecessary caesarean sections, incorporates the views, fears and beliefs of both women and health professionals about caesarean sections. It, also, considers the complex dynamics and limitations of health systems and organisations and relationships between women, health professionals and organisation of health care services.






















Turkey Should Seek UN Inquiry on Khashoggi: Leading Human Rights Agencies

|| October 18: 2018 || ά. Turkey should urgently ask UN Secretary-General Mr Antonio Guterres to establish a United Nations investigation into the possible extra-judicial execution of the prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders said today. The investigation should determine the circumstances surrounding Saudi Arabia’s role in the enforced disappearance and possible killing of Khashoggi. It should aim to identify everyone responsible for ordering, planning and executing any operations connected with the case.

“Turkey should enlist the UN to initiate a timely, credible and transparent investigation.” said Mr Robert Mahoney, the Deputy Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Journalists. “UN involvement is the best guarantee against a Saudi whitewash or attempts by other governments to sweep the issue under the carpet to preserve lucrative business ties with Riyadh.” Evidence collected by the UN investigation team should be preserved for use in future prosecutions. The investigation team should have complete access to travel where it needs to and to interview potential witnesses or suspects without interference. The team should, also, recommend avenues for bringing to justice anyone against whom credible and admissible evidence of involvement is found.















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New 20-Minute Test Can Diagnose Hidden Heart Condition That Other Existing Tests Can Not











|| October 05: 2018: University of Glasgow News || ά. New tests can diagnose ‘hidden’ heart diseases, caused by problems with the small blood vessels supplying the heart, according to research funded by the British Heart Foundation:BHF and presented at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Conference last week in San Diego. The new tests are not yet standard in the NHS because, before now, there has not been enough evidence gathered about whether they would benefit patients.

Now, researchers say that these tests should be routinely available to pinpoint the cause of chest pain. Researchers from the University of Glasgow and the Golden Jubilee National Hospital performed the new ‘small vessel’ test, which involves passing a thin, flexible wire into the heart and measuring how well a blood vessel relaxes. The research team performed the new test on 151 patients with chest pain, who could not be diagnosed using currently available tests.

Heart UK





Barack Obama Foundation

The Foundation is Accepting Applications for Interns for Chicago and Washington D.C: Diverse, Passionate, Mission-Oriented, Organised and Strong Writers and Researchers are Invited to Apply


The Neuroniverse













I Give You My Neuroniverse

Imagine a nano-universe beyond reach of our senses
That resides beneath the faces of things and they are
Guided and played by the same laws where the same 
Motion and statics same rises and falls and calls roll on

Imagine that as with a proper infinity there is another
Which is infinitesimal or rather a micro-infinity folded
Inside the things that form the space-time realities and
There this nano-universe goes on making its music that

No-human orchestra can play no conductor nor player
Can reach or touch or break their unfathomable bounds 
But be amazed by only their nano-seismic nanotheatrics

That science will forever bring out as glances and traces
In this nanoverse imagine this neuroniverse centrica-sun
I give you my Neuroniverse hold behold and rise a Rose

|| October 10: 2018 || ά. Chiswick Auctions is offering for sale a calligraphic work by the Qianlong Emperor, 1,711-1,799, of the Qing Dynasty. The Qianlong Emperor is, arguably, the greatest collector and patron of the arts in more than 5,000 years of Chinese history. His collection spanned Chinese, European, Japanese and Indian works. The Emperor was, also, a poet and calligrapher in his own right, having written tens of thousands of poems during his lifetime. The painting will be offered in Fine Chinese Paintings auction, taking place on November 12 and is estimated to reach a figure of £6,000-£8,000.

The present work at this auction is a poem by Wei Zhuang, 836-910, which was included in Literary Compendium, the Complete Library in Four Branches of Literature commissioned by the Qianlong Emperor in 1,772. Whilst Imperial works from the Qianlong Emperor’s reign come up for auction from time to time, works by the Emperor himself, whose official title was ‘Son of Heaven’, are extremely rare. And, it is particularly, relevant today, at least, to send a ‘message’ to the Emperor in question, in case, he was, truly, a ‘Son of Heaven’, that all humans are exactly that: children of heaven, since all came from the same Creator, meaning that he was not any different than any other human soul under his reign or since. He is welcome to rage in heaven as much as he likes!