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Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd Publishes The Humanion among doing other things: We do not and shall not accept fundings or contributions from any type, form, manner and layer of Governments of national, international, supra-national or any other type or bodies formed by them nor from rich individuals or bodies or agencies of any kind. This, to us, is as a matter of absolute philosophic principle to ensure our resolute and complete independence. The ways, in which, we invite support from the readers, members of the public and all other individuals and agencies and businesses of any kind, are: a: Voluntary Subscription Payments: b: Voluntary Contributions: c: The Minimal and Symbolic Membership Fees to Our Regineumanics Family: d: Buying a Copy of The Long Walk to Humanics: e: Contributing to Our Events and f: Advertisement in The Humanion. We say it here and invite you for your support and we do not keep asking you on every page your visit to read the materials. You make a conscious, wilful and philosophic choice to Support The Humanion and The Foundation. If, you do: thank you: If, you do not, thank you, too, for reading The Humanion. The world has, apparently, accepted that Capitalism is the High Pinnacle of All Systems and, some still dream that Marxism will rescue humanity from this Killing Mechanism Capitalism, we refuse to subscribe to that and Humanics is the Post-Marxist and Post-Capitalistic World View of What Humanity can be and what it can do and how infinitely better a human condition can be created in a Humanical Society, by eradicating ownership and money and by establishing belongingship in human enterprise, setting all humans at liberty and equality under the rule of law in natural justice with a direct form of democracy, humanics calls it, Humanicsovics, in which, each human soul is her:his own High Representative. In this, Humanics is the Minority Vision and, in this, we do not and can not expect millions and billions of people supporting our vision today but We Whole-Heartedly Believe That ONE DAY This Humanity Shall BE ALL HUMANICAL: By When: We Know Not But This: That Being a Monstrous Killing Mechanism Capitalism IS Unsustainable: But the World Shall Change One Day and Every Change Begins with an Idea, with a Vision: We invite you to Envision the Vision of Humanics and Support The Humanion and The Foundation to Keep Taking Forward the Vision of Humanics for an Infinitely Better Humanity in an Infinitely Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across Mother Earth. Thank You.

First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Humanion: London: England: United Kingdom: Year Delta: Day 209: Saturday: April 20: 2019: Cogito Ergo Sum: Descartes
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An Estimated 06.3 Million Children Under 15 Years of Age Died in 2017 Or One in Every Five Seconds, Mostly, of Preventable Causes: The Vast Majority of These Deaths, 05.4 Million, Occur in the First Five Years of Life, with New-borns Accounting for Around Half of the Deaths: New Mortality Estimates: The UNICEF, the World Health Organisation:WHO, the United Nations Population Division and the World Bank Group: September 18:2018: This IS the Horrendous Human Condition Capitalism in the Era of Globalisation Has Established on Earth: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Exist in Humanics to Challenge This Brutality and to Call for a Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across Mother Earth: In  Humanics in a Humanical Society It IS Possible: Support The Works of The Foundation and Read, Subscribe, Advertise, Promote and Support The  Humanion













Humanity Will Continue to Live an Inferior Life Than What is Possible Until the Two Halves, Women and Men, with All Individuals in Them, are Absolutely, Fundamentally and Jubilantly Equal at Liberty. Humanity, Therefore, Is Not and Can Not Be Free Until All Humans are Equals for Only by the Yardstick of This Equality Their State of Being Free Can Be Measured. In Other Words, There Can Not Exist Liberty Unless There Exists Equality Between and Among All Humans and This State of Equality Can Not Come to Exist So Long There Remain Two Groups of Humans: The Powerful and The Powerless: Whereby the Former Controls the Later and Creates, Maintains and Carries Forward the Perpetual State of Inequality: Economically, Politically, Judicially, Constitutionally, Socially, Culturally and Spiritually. To Reach the State of Equality and Liberty, the Task Before Humanity is, Therefore, to Change This State by Taking Away Ownership and Money and, with Them, the Power They Generate and Confer, That Lets One Small Group of Humans, The Powerfuls, Subjugating the Vast Multitude of Humans, The Powerless, Under Their Dictatorship. For Only by Taking Away 'the Gun' of the Power of the Powerfuls, Humanity Can Bring About the State of Liberty, as Well as, Equality at Once: Equality and Liberty Can Not and Do Not Exist Separately But Together and Simultaneously. Equality and Liberty Exist as The Promethumean Fire: In Which There is the Light and There is the Heat in One Flame: The Humanion Stands Here on the Path of Humanics: A State of Liberty for All Humanity at Equality. The Promethumean: Where Prometheus is Not Seen as a Man But a Human: In Short, Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Stand for These and Exist and Work for the Promotion of This Vision of Humanics for a Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across the Mother Earth on the Mother Universana: We Invite You All for Your Support: Join Us in Telling the World and World Humanity That: An Infinitely Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across the Mother Earth IS Possible

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You Join This Market Because You Want to Support, Nurture, Foster, Empower and Enhance Our Humanity, in Reality, in Real Life, in Real Communities, in Real Society and Because You Oppose Dehumanisation, Mechanisation, Machination and Herding of Humanity and Because You Like What Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Stand for and You Would Like to Support Us. No One Makes Or Takes Profit Out of The Foundation. Who Can Join: 01: You join The Market as a Trader, meaning that you are trading within the UK and:or International Law and are either a 'Lawful' 'Agency' of an Individual Human Being or a 'Lawful' business entity. You join The Market by paying a one-off Joining Fee. Anyone, such as, an author, an artist, a singer, a musician, an antique seller, or, a business, such as, a bookshop, a musical instrument shop, a community shop, a restaurant, a cafe, any other business. a: Individual Person; b: Small Business; c: Community: Voluntary: Charity: Not For Profit; d: Medium Business and c: Large Business. You join this Community, this Market and sell your products and services to people here online at The Humanion Community Market in addition to wherever else you are selling them. The Idea of The Market is to support all businesses, particularly, those small and medium businesses, community-based and voluntary groups and individuals, particularly, all the authors, artists, singers, musicians and other creative people to be able to sell their offerings to people and get known to and by and connected to real people in real communities and in real society and it does not have to be all dehumanised, mechanised and horrendously 'draining', desolate and desert-like and it does not cost the people obscene amount of money being cut off their sales. Join The Humanion Community Market Today

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I Regine Humanics Lecture 2019: Saturday: April 06: Dr J Everet Green

|| March 31: 2019 || ά. Our regular readers, may, have noticed that The Humanion has not been covering anything for the last few weeks and, lately, even, the dateline had not been changed. This is due to the fact that the Editor of The Humanion has been taken ill and it went downhill for some time, requiring two hospital visits. He is still unwell. We can only apologise for this disruption. Further to this, despite all our works in promoting the Humanics Spring Festival and the Regine Humanics Lecture we are forced to cancel the main event, the Festival and, since, Dr J Everet Green can not but come to the UK at this late stage we invite everyone interested in the Lecture to attend the Lecture, which now will take place in an informal setting.

The Foundation will organise the I Humanics Spring Festival on April 06, 2020. If, you are interested in attending the Lecture, please, arrive at the Green Space, just outside Old Vic Theatre at The Cut, at the Junction of Waterloo Road, in Waterloo. If, you, need any help about finding the space, call the telephone number, found in the Contact Page. We are sad that this sudden illness has caused this much disruption so that the Festival can not be had this year but this is how life is: it is not and can not be scripted. However, we are glad and thankful that we are still here and we will get back to normality as soon as Mother Nature allows.

Editorial Exiting the European Union: The First Meaningless Vote Sent to the Political Graveyard: There Is No Constitutional Crisis Because the Constitution Is Working at Its Best: But the Conservative Government Is in a Mighty Mess That Its Leader the Prime Minister Has Been Making Since the European Union Referendum: This Prime Minister Can Not Keep on Taking This Country on This Ruinous Reckless and Dangerous Path

|| March 18: 2019 || ά. Why: because the Government wanted to use Royal Prerogative to pursue Exiting the European Union: it was challenged at the Judiciary of the country. The judiciary deliberated and declared its verdict, which forced the Government to bring about legislation for that exit. The Government wanted so many things about this exit, most of which, the very Houses of Parliament rejected. The Government wanted to leave on time, March 29 with or without a deal, the House has rejected all that out right. Here are the perfect examples of how the UK constitution is working as ‘text book’ expressions of how these three bodies are supposed to work, particularly, the Legislature and the Judiciary: There is no constitutional crisis going on in the UK. It is, rather, the UK Conservative Government, that has created a mighty mess for itself, from which, nothing could rescue it. And, so long, Mrs Theresa May remains Prime Minister, the Conservative Party needs no other architect to ensure the highest ruins for them.

With great melodrama and evocation of personality cult, seeking to unleash personal hatred, abuse and propaganda against a person, in the name of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Mr John Bercow MP for ruling, which is nothing but a correct interpretation of the customs, precedents and conventions of this very House, that have been developed over centuries and by which this House has always worked and should continue to seek to work: that a rejected matter can not be brought back to the MPs on the same session for another vote without substantial changes being made to it. Further, the rationale for this convention is rather simple: that it disrespects the Parliament and the MPs and it wastes rather precious Parliamentary time. The Parliament has many MPs, forming this body together and, therefore, it does not have one single voice to speak for it and this is why a Parliament has this Speaker’s position.

The Speaker is that, by default, one and single voice of the House, while all other MPs always are representing and speaking from their party positions and other affiliations; the Speaker remains committed and, must, remain committed to uphold the Parliamentary rules, customs, conventions, precedents, procedures, protocols and practices. Further, in the British system of democracy no other organ of the state is exercising the Nation’s sovereignty other than this House, this Parliament and the Executive or the Government of the day always remains with ‘authorisation’ to exercise that ‘authority’ so long it remains within the ‘scrutiny, approval and support’ of this House. If, the House ceases to support a Government it can not go on as a functioning, constitutional and lawful government. It, simply, can not. Therefore, to unleash these attacks, propaganda and abuse towards the Speaker is utterly tasteless, absolutely unnecessary and must be avoided. Mr Bercow did his job and his ruling does not just effect Government situation but applies to all other motions and amendments, that were put before the Parliament in this current session and were rejected, which, can not be put before it again.

Political Economics Fastned Has Been Given the Contract to Build and Operate Five Additional Fast Charging Station in the North East of England

|| March 18: 2019 || ά. Fastned, a charging company, which is building a European network of fast charging stations, won a second tender in the UK, led by the North East Joined Transport Committee. Fastned will build and operate five fast charging stations or hubs for electric vehicles across the region. Each station will, initially, house two 50 kW fast chargers, known as, rapid chargers in the UK, that will deliver 100% renewable electricity.

Fastned intends to build and operate these five fast charging stations in Gateshead, Blyth, Whitley Bay, Washington and Kingston Park. These stations will enable fully electric cars to fast charge their batteries and will be added to Fastned’s European network. This network currently consists of 88 stations in the Netherlands and Germany and is expanding rapidly. Two other Fastned stations are currently under development in Newcastle and Sunderland as part of the Go Ultra Low NE programme.

United Kingdom A Very Quiet British Revolution Is Taking Place Online at the Parliament Website: Were You Seeking to Get a Second European Referendum This Is the Closest You Can Get to It: Vote Now for Revoking Article 50 Notice: This Petition Has Already Amassed Almost Four Million Signatures in Just Two Days

As claimed by the organisers of Put It to the People March, that took place on Saturday and, widely reported by the press and media outlets, Central London has been turned into an ocean of humanity, where more than a million people gathered and marched peacefully in support of Revoke, Remain and Reform: for a Second Referendum while the Petition at the Parliament website kept its Silent British Revolution going in the background of the March and now it is heading towards reaching five millions of signatures: The Humanion: March 24: 2019

|| March 22: 2019 || ά. Ms Margaret Anne Georgiadou, has, unknowingly, initiated a quiet and very British People’s Revolution, when she opened an Online Petition at the Parliament’s website: Revoke Article 50 and Remain in the EU. The Petition makes the point for its reason as: ‘’The government repeatedly claims exiting the EU is 'the will of the people'. We need to put a stop to this claim by proving the strength of public support now, for remaining in the EU. A People's Vote may not happen: so vote now.’’

This is it: a second Referendum, may not, happen and this is the closest the country has come to get the opportunity to gather voices to become the representation of the people: those, who did not vote for the UK to leave the European Union, including, all those few million young people, who have become voters, since, the Referendum and those, who have changed their minds and now would like the UK to remain in the European Union, so to be counted again. This is their chance to support this Petition and take it beyond the ‘government-parroted’ the ‘will of the people’ figure of 17.1 million, who voted for the UK to leave the EU so that this new figure is larger than £17.1 million.

Culture At the Dulwich Picture Gallery: New Exhibitions Performances and Events: All the Way Till June

|| March 14: 2019 || ά. Harald Sohlberg: Painting Norway: Until June 02: The first major UK show of work by Norwegian symbolist artist, Harald Sohlberg, 1869-1935. Arguably one of the greatest masters of landscape painting in the history of Norwegian art, Harald Sohlberg: Painting Norway is timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Sohlberg's birth.

And Then The World Changed Colour: Breathing Yellow: Until June 02, part of Harald Sohlberg: Painting Norway: Neudecker's latest tank installation, Breathing Yellow, has been specially commissioned in response to the work of Harald Sohlberg: Painting Norway. A three-dimensional living landscape submerged underwater, it is inspired by the rich colour Sohlberg, used in his paintings and the intense yellow light of the Mausoleum. It will continue to change and evolve at different times of the day, responding to the light conditions surrounding it.

The Idearian Echoing Eternities Habitare Design Fair of Finland 2019 in Helsinki: September 11-15

|| March 14: 2019 || ά. Habitare Design Fair of Finland 2019: September 11-15, taking place in Helsinki. Habitare, the largest furniture, design and interior decoration event in Finland. This year’s Event will present the four new Finnish designers, Ms Laura Itkonen, Mr Kristoffer Heikkinen, Mr Hemmo Honkonen and Mr Rasmus Palmgren, whom the organisers think the design world to pay, particular, attention to.

These four Finnish designers have a strong personal styles with a proven track record, that demonstrates their design expertise. Each of the designers, selected by a jury, composed of Ms Elina Aalto, Ms Krista Kosonen and Saara Renvall of Imu Design and Ms Laura Sarvilinna, the Creative Director of Habitare, will have their own stand at Habitare Talentshop at this year’s Event. Talentshop is part of The Block, an area devoted to new design at Habitare.